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Which hair brush do you need

Which hair brush do you need
Which hair brush do you need

Hairbrushing is a professional tool used by hairdressers for styling. Now this word is increasingly heard in the vocabulary of fashionistas who carefully monitor their hairstyles. And rightly so. If you want the styling to be like in the salon, you should buy brushing one day. The purchase will be really worthwhile, as it will be useful for both daily styling and evening hairstyles.

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About Meanings

In general, the term "brushing" is used in two senses. The first is the hair styling process, and the second is a special comb that is used for this purpose. With its help, you can add extra volume to the hair at the roots, tuck the ends, or you can stretch, straighten the curls. This is the best tool for conquering naughty curls. In addition, it is much safer for the he alth of the hair than an iron or curling iron. As a hair brushing tool, this is a round brush. It can be regular or thermo (with small holes forair circulation), that is, intended for styling with a hair dryer. The holes allow hot air to pass through the comb without overheating or drying out the hair.

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What are brushes, who needs them and how to choose them?

Brushing for hair can be made on a metal, wooden or plastic base. The bristles also come in different materials: natural, mixed or nylon. It is better, of course, to choose natural, which polishes the surface of the strands and gives them shine and a he althy look. Now even thermal brushes with ceramic coating have appeared, which, due to saturation with negative ions, have antistatic properties. This protects the hair from breakage and delamination. Many models have strand dividers. Brushing for hair can be of different diameters: small, medium and large. The shorter the hair, the smaller the diameter required for styling. That is, a small diameter is optimal for creating hairstyles with short haircuts. The bristles are not glued, but compressed, so they are resistant to high temperatures and do not deform.

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It is much more convenient than just a comb and has many useful features. When heated, the device emits ions - negatively charged particles, the presence of which in the air stream provides an antistatic effect. Hair is styled better, more elastic and shinier.


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Perform all manipulations using hair brushing, you need to clean,slightly damp hair. For the best effect, you need to apply a little fixing agent on them. You need to start creating a hairstyle from the occipital zone, then move on to the temporal ones. It is best to first divide the hair into strands and process them one by one, layering new ones on already processed ones. Dried in this way, they will not lose their shape. First, a root volume is created. To do this, the comb starts under the strand at the base and goes up. Each strand is processed on both sides, then the result is fixed with cold air.

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