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Maypole is an attribute of a fabulous holiday

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Maypole is an attribute of a fabulous holiday
Maypole is an attribute of a fabulous holiday

There are many holidays in the world. Each country has its own special days. Some states adopt traditions from each other, and then the red day of the calendar is celebrated on half of the globe. The Maypole Festival is one such occasion. The ancient Greeks and Romans began to celebrate it. And over the years, this holiday has spread throughout Europe. Now it is merrily celebrated in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Slovakia. The traditions and customs of this day are very interesting and varied.


In ancient Rome, May Day was called Mayuma. The culprit for this is the goddess Maya. From the very early morning, people went out into the forests, groves and collected young branches and shoots there, with which they decorated their houses. Cheerful music sounded in the streets, giving everyone high spirits.


For all European nations, May 1 is a holiday of greenery, flowers and the awakening of nature. The Maypole is a mandatory attribute that was installed in city squares and in the homes of residents. Then the most interesting began - decorating and decorating. The main role was played by a peeled birch trunk orpines. There was a crossbar in the middle. Garlands of flowers and ribbons were hung from it. Each inhabitant of a city or village could contribute to the decoration of the trunk. When the Maypole was ready, dancing and dancing began until the morning!


There are many customs associated with this holiday. In Germany, putting a decorated tree under the window of a loved one is still considered the highest manifestation of feelings. Every girl is waiting for such a romantic confession.

In Hungary on this day, comic auctions of brides are held, but many receive real marriage proposals.

maypole festival

In small villages, customs are not so sentimental at all. If the inhabitants are at enmity among themselves with entire settlements, they need to steal a stuffed rooster from their enemies, which they put on a maypole as a decoration. Then crop failure and disasters are provided for their enemies all year round.

In some countries, May 1 is the day of payment of wages to ordinary hard workers. They waited for this day with bated breath. To receive their hard-earned money accumulated over the year. It was believed that the shepherds should not sleep, otherwise the dark forces would take away the cattle. They kindled bonfires and arranged a holiday right in the middle of a field or grove. If all the heads were intact in the morning, the farmhand received a salary.

Ah, lilies of the valley

In sophisticated France, May 1st is called the feast of lilies of the valley. The whole city is fragrant with the delicate aroma of these flowers. In ancient times, girls came to dances around the maypole with a bunch of lilies of the valley. If they handed this set of flowers to one of the guys,This means that they expressed their consent to enter into a legal marriage with him. That evening, hearts in love united, everyone rejoiced, tried delicious treats and danced until the morning to cheerful music.

maypole photo

In Germany in ancient times, people on this day wove wreaths of lilies of the valley and had fun until the flowers withered. As soon as the lilies of the valley lowered their heads down and withered, they were thrown into the fire together and made a wish.


The Maypole Festival has roots in paganism. But with the advent of Christianity, the interpretation of this day has changed. It is believed that the Virgin Mary on this night appears in a wreath of lilies of the valley to those who are destined for unexpected happiness. Every person is looking forward to such a vision.

Christian priests wanted to eradicate this holiday, because it fell right on Easter. But nothing came of it. The Maypole is a symbol of fertility, the rebirth of nature from hibernation, life, he alth. Despite everything, it is decorated every year. The pillar itself - the trunk, symbolizes the axis around which the Earth rotates. And ribbons and garlands are a symbol of the creation of the world. Some interpret this differently: the post and ribbons are like a man and a woman who will always be together.

There is another version of the origin of the holiday. It is preceded by a night of revelry of sorcerers and witches - Walpurgis Night. And in the morning, a dressed-up tree or a pillar says that good has won!

dancing around the maypole


One of the fun traditions is to contrive and steal a maypole at night in a nearbylocality. There are strict rules for this action. If, when the thieves appeared, the guards of the tree managed to touch the trunk, the tree remains in place. But if they managed to distract them and the kidnapper touched the ground under the tree three times with a shovel, you will have to say goodbye to the attribute of this holiday. The tree is taken to a neighboring town and placed next to their own. The festivities around the elegant trophy begin.

Some people have never heard of such a holiday. They will be helped to plunge into this atmosphere and look at the Maypole photo. In each country, the symbols of the holiday look different. There is a beautiful, skinned post hung with red ribbons. There is also just a stick, on top of which a wreath of young green twigs flaunts. Each of the "trees" is unusual and creative.

Traditions and ways of celebrating are different for everyone. But this holiday brings joy and unity to people, wherever they live. Therefore, it has been celebrated for many years, and no one is going to refuse such a noisy festivity!

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