Comic win-win lottery for the holiday
Comic win-win lottery for the holiday

Video: Comic win-win lottery for the holiday

Video: Comic win-win lottery for the holiday
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If you decide to refuse the services of a professional host during a festive event, a win-win lottery will come to your aid. The article offers not only tips on its organization, but also examples of lots, as well as options for their presentation in a playful way.

Organization of a lottery for the anniversary

This is a holiday where everything should be subordinated to honoring the main person at the celebration - the hero of the day. The very organization of the lottery should be special. We offer you the following option suitable for the occasion.

A win-win lottery for the anniversary is being prepared in advance. The organizers print colorful tickets, each of which has a special series. Its numbers indicate important dates in the life of the hero of the occasion. Guests purchase tickets for money, their cost may correspond to the age of the hero of the day.

win-win birthday lottery
win-win birthday lottery

Already at the festive table, the "draw" begins. Ticket holders are invited to name the event encrypted in the series. If they fail, they drop out of the lottery. Their ticket is resold, with the costsare not reimbursed. All this happens until the last deciphered series. If technically possible, you can illustrate the milestones in the life of the hero of the day with photographs displayed on the big screen.

Why is it a win-win lottery? For the anniversary, you can prepare souvenirs related to the events being told. They will be awarded as the main and consolation prize: a pen with which the hero of the occasion wrote in the first grade; a bow woven into braids on the first of September; a copy of the tag of a newborn son or daughter.

Free Birthday Lottery

If guests are invited to an annual event, this does not mean that it should be held exclusively at the festive table. One of the entertainment moments can also be a win-win lottery. Tickets for it must be prepared in advance and numbered. Guests purchase them for money that should justify the expenses of the birthday boy for prizes.

Win-win lottery, prizes
Win-win lottery, prizes

In this case, the hobbies and hobbies of the hero of the occasion are important. A travel lover can prepare souvenirs from the places he has visited as prizes, a master of needlework - the results of his work, and a skilled confectioner - sweet gifts. During the draw by ticket numbers, the presentation can be accompanied by humorous verses.

Variants of playful quatrains

We offer several options when really needed items are awarded. A win-win lottery in verse must necessarily carry a touch of positive.

  1. To shave more thoroughly, this tool will come in handy. (razor orblade set).
  2. If you have a first aid kit at home, then you need a candle. (Set of candles).
  3. So that from now on you can drink strong tea with your friends, now get this mug as a gift.
  4. Our holiday is already in full swing, courage begins. This item will come in handy to fix your makeup. (Mirror).
  5. Have fun and don't be bored - get Ceylon tea.
  6. You shouldn't get excited, mustard will instantly calm you down. (Seasoning package).
  7. In the age of expensive technology, you still listen: computer, cell phone, tablet… But a fountain pen is better!
  8. After a pile of snacks, it's really important. Sleeve substitute - paper napkin. (Set of napkins).
  9. According to our advertising, there is no more important tool now than this toothpaste. Your teeth will be whiter!
  10. For those who constantly lose their keys, but there is a very strong lock, an object that solves problems - a huge and bright keychain will help.

Children's birthday

Joint games unite the family, make holidays and family evenings unforgettable, filled with positive emotions. In addition, they develop abilities, form creative skills, and develop the ability to understand each other. A win-win lottery may include, in addition to valuable gifts, unexpected surprises and playful pranks. It is easy for parents to think about how this can be rotated during the game.

Win-win lottery at the party
Win-win lottery at the party

Here are examples for real gifts:

  • For those who want to be rich, you don't know - you need the first wallet for money. (Toywallet).
  • For close people, we do not feel sorry for anything - being in sports will help you in an instant … jump rope.
  • Get your favorite toy, but only ride all your friends on it. (Car).
  • For your beautiful eyes - as a gift to you the best … fairy tales. (Book of fairy tales).
  • A yacht fell out on this ticket, you can go around the world on it. (Ship).

But the joke win-win lottery also offers laughable prizes:

  • Don't you dare get angry with us - carnations will come in handy in the household. (Nail).
  • Make a smart face if you win… an egg.
  • This item will help you lose three years. (Empty).

There may be unexpected surprises:

  • Your win is ahead, others are playing, and you… look! (Additional number).
  • You are very lucky: hug the neighbor on the right! (Additional number).

New Year in the work team

Before the holiday, it is customary to give small souvenirs to your colleagues. You can agree in advance on how much gifts will be made, and arrange delivery using the game. A win-win lottery for the New Year requires minimal preparation. Tickets can be made in the form of snowflakes, and congratulations can be organized by an employee dressed as Santa Claus.

Win-win lottery for the New Year
Win-win lottery for the New Year

Given the numbering, it is easy to turn the lottery into an association game. Whoever guesses the lot first wins the prize. Here is an example for a lipstick prank:

  • If the wife finds traces of this item on her husband's clothes, herembraces anger.
  • Each lady prefers her own.
  • She's awkward to kiss.
  • She will adorn absolutely any woman.

New Year Party

If at a corporate event the prizes are purchased by the employer, you can pack the proceeds from the sale of the lottery in a beautiful bag and turn it into the main lot. Be sure to make some of the most expensive gifts so that guests can really test their luck. It can be expensive champagne, a set of Christmas decorations, concert tickets, fireworks or a New Year's souvenir.

Among the prizes should be both useful little things and comic lots, in which the main thing is the spoken text. The subject itself should also cause a smile. Win-win lottery for the New Year may include the following prizes:

  • Lucky you, my friend! Here is your piece of bread. Crumbs are not left here, all products are becoming more expensive.
  • There is simply no more practical prize than a garbage bag.
  • Keep this gift tenaciously, do not yawn at the party. We are handing you a clothespin - hook a woman to you.
  • Hold out your hand quickly - get an onion head!
  • The prize was very rare - three paper napkins.
Win-win lottery in verses at a party
Win-win lottery in verses at a party

Prank jokes

If a joke win-win lottery is part of the New Year's program, it is necessary to include "empty" lots, while allowing you to purchase an unlimited number of tickets. As a consolation prize, the opportunity to orderdance track, hosting a competition, or the right to receive another ticket for free.

A win-win lottery in verse is the best option for "empty" or activity-related lots:

  • To win a great prize, sing an encore song.
  • You didn't get anything, because there are no prizes left. Do not be sad and do not grieve, kiss your neighbor on the forehead!
  • Pour vodka into a glass and drink for free!
Joke win-win lottery
Joke win-win lottery

Additional recommendations

If there are many guests and lots, a win-win lottery can be held throughout the evening and become the link of the event. But this is not always appropriate. Then cheerful dance and entertaining pauses will come to the rescue. They are easy to accompany with lottery style rhymes:

Who is our main music lover

And a little Don Juan?

Invite everyone to the dance floor, Light it under the lambada!

And for dessert we have

There is champagne for you.

Pour it into glasses, Congratulations continue!

All jokes must have a friendly character and a positive attitude. So that no one remains offended, it is always necessary to have several spare tickets and prizes in stock, especially when holding a festive event with children.