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How long do spaniels live? The main types of spaniel breed

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How long do spaniels live? The main types of spaniel breed
How long do spaniels live? The main types of spaniel breed

Spaniels are a group of several hunting breeds. All these dogs are endowed with a friendly disposition and have a pretty exterior. Today's publication will talk about the most important features of the character and appearance of the main breeds of spaniels and how many years these dogs live.

American Cocker

These animals were bred in the United States a little over two centuries ago. But as an independent breed, they were recognized only in 1946. Originally used for hunting game birds, today these pretty dogs are increasingly being purchased as regular pets.

how long do spaniels live
how long do spaniels live

American Cockers are miniature dogs with a compact, harmoniously built body. They grow up to 35-38 cm at the withers, and weigh between 8-12 kg. On a beautiful square head with a relatively short muzzle and strong jaws, there are expressive dark eyes and elongated soft ears. The whole body of the animal is covered with silky hair of different lengths.

How long do Cocker Spaniels live, directlydepends on their he alth. Under favorable conditions, this figure ranges from 14 to 16 years. Since these active cheerful dogs require long walks, they should not be deprived of this pleasure for a long time. Otherwise, their absence will affect not only he alth, but also the character of the animal.

English Cocker

There are many legends about the origin of this breed. According to one of the most plausible versions, her ancestors were brought to Britain by the legionnaires of Julius Caesar. According to another theory, the ancient Celts were engaged in its breeding. Be that as it may, for as long as spaniels have lived on this planet, they have always served as indispensable assistants to hunters.

how long do russian spaniels live
how long do russian spaniels live

The English Cocker is a small dog that grows up to 30-40 cm at the withers and weighs no more than 14 kg. On a beautiful head with a square muzzle and a pronounced nape, there are long soft ears and oval brown eyes. Harmoniously folded taut body with a powerful chest and a flat top line is covered with dense silky hair of different colors.

The English Cocker is a good-natured, docile dog that will delight its owners throughout its life of 12-14 years. He is endowed with a well-developed hunting instinct and lends himself well to training.


How long Russian spaniels live, so much they are considered a handful of domestic cynology. These dogs were bred in the USSR in the middle of the 20th century. They appeared by crossing English Cockers and Springer Spaniels. forthroughout its existence, representatives of this breed have been successfully used to work on upland, waterfowl, swamp and field game.

cavalier king charles
cavalier king charles

How long Russian spaniels live next to people, so many owners get aesthetic pleasure at the sight of this small harmoniously developed dog growing up to 42-44 cm at the withers. On a dry beautiful head with a rounded skull and strong jaws, there are long hanging ears and oval brown eyes. Muscular body with a strong back and a short, slightly arched loin covered with a shiny awn with a dense waterproof undercoat. As for the color, it can be one-, two- or three-color.

ROS is a fun-loving, friendly dog that lives around 12-14 years old. He loves active long walks and loves to swim in natural reservoirs. This unobtrusive and balanced animal gets along well with children and lends itself well to training.

Irish Water Spaniel

This is one of the most ancient breeds, the history of which is still unknown. According to some reports, her homeland is Ireland, and among her ancestors are Portuguese waterfowl, barbets and several other extinct breeds.

how long do cocker spaniels live
how long do cocker spaniels live

These dogs have an expressive appearance and impressive dimensions. They have well-developed sexual dimorphism, because spaniel girls are inferior in size to males. Depending on the sex, the height of these animals is 52-61 cm, and the weight varies between 21-26 kg. Harmonious body with strongboned and deep chest is covered with thick, curly coat of liver color.

The Irish Water Spaniel is an affectionate and very intelligent dog, completely devoid of aggression. Throughout his life, averaging 10-12 years, he will delight his owners with amazing performance and optimism.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed was bred in the UK. Its history began in the 9th century, and among the closest ancestors are Tibetan spaniels and Japanese chins. The first breed standard was developed in 1928, and 27 years later the International Cynological Federation officially recognized the final version.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a strong yet graceful dog that grows up to 30.5-33 cm at the withers and weighs no more than 8.2 kg. On a large head with a convex forehead and a barely noticeable occipital protuberance, there are huge expressive eyes and soft hanging ears. Proportionate body with a meek straight back and a tucked-up belly line is covered with thick, long, shiny hair in black and tan, red, white and chestnut or tricolor.

A typical representative of this breed for 12-13 years will surprise his owners with boundless devotion and high intelligence. He is very sociable, curious and not aggressive at all.

Field Spaniel

These animals were bred in the UK by purposefully crossing several breeds at once. Different types of spaniels took part in their formation.

spaniel girl
spaniel girl

Field is a well balanced, sturdy dog, growing to 45.5 cm at the withers and weighing between 18 and 25 kg. On an elongated head with a pronounced nape and an almost imperceptible stop, there are brown almond-shaped eyes and drooping ears. The stretched body with convex ribs and a straight back is covered with dense shiny coat, which reliably protects from bad weather. As for the color, the standard allows the existence of black, brown, red or roan individuals with red tan, located in strictly regulated parts of the body.

How many spaniels belonging to this species live depends on the conditions of detention. Therefore, despite the unpretentiousness of the fields, each owner is obliged to provide them with quality food, regular walks and proper care. And then these cheerful, smart and active dogs will live for at least 12-13 years.

Clumber Spaniel

This is one of the oldest breeds with unknown origins. According to unverified data, Bloodhounds, Bassets, St. Bernards and Alpine Spaniels took part in its formation. Initially, it was used to hunt partridges, pheasants and other large birds.

main types of spaniel breeds
main types of spaniel breeds

Clumber is a heavy, massive dog growing up to 43-51 cm at the withers and weighing 25-38.5 kg. On a large head with a distinct occiput, a sharp stop and pronounced eyebrows, there are large dark amber eyes and low-set ears. The stretched body with heavy bones and prominent ribs is covered with dense, close-lying coat of white with orange orlemon marks.

How long the Clumber spaniels live, they will surprise their owners with the discrepancy between massive dimensions and incredible performance. These tireless dogs are endowed with a restrained calm disposition and the ability to tirelessly accompany their master on the hunt.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

This is one of the oldest breeds, the ancestors of which are considered to be the Agassi hunting dogs, bred by the tribes of the Britons, who lived in 250 BC. e.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog that grows up to 46-48 cm at the withers and weighs 16-20 kg. On a proportional moderately long head with a square muzzle and a clearly defined stop, there are beautiful brown eyes and low-set hanging ears. The compact body with a convex elastic loin and curved ribs is covered with a silky coat of rich white and red color.

When getting such a dog, you need to find out how long spaniels live, and be prepared for the fact that over the next 12-14 years you will have a good-natured, sociable and at the same time quite independent dog who loves active walks next to you. He does not tolerate loneliness well and gets along well with the master's children.

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