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How to choose a device for measuring air humidity

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How to choose a device for measuring air humidity
How to choose a device for measuring air humidity

We all understand how important it is to maintain optimal humidity in the room, especially where a child lives. After all, his he alth depends on it. There are too many allergens in the dry, dusty air of apartments, and a damp room can bring your baby to chronic diseases. But how do you measure indoor air humidity? That's what we're talking about today.

How to measure humidity with a glass

indoor air humidity measurement
indoor air humidity measurement

Of course, if you do not have a special device, you can use the old method. To do this, a glass filled with water must be placed in the refrigerator until the water has cooled to a temperature of -5 ° C (these are average indicators for a refrigerator). Then put this homemade device for measuring the humidity of the air in the room away from the battery and watch it. The walls of the glass will fog up, but if after five minutes they are dry, there is insufficient humidity in the room. If after this time they are still foggy, the indicators are normal. But the water flowing down the walls in streams signals that the room is toodamp.

But you understand that such indicators are too approximate. In order to set the exact numbers, you need a hygrometer. There are several types of these devices.

Instrument for measuring air humidity: thermohygrometer

This is a rather complex device that measures not only humidity, but also the temperature in the room. In addition, the thermohygrometer shows the indicators measured at different ends of the room: where the sensor is attached, and at the installation site of the device itself.

The digital thermo-hygrometer cable is 1.5m long and the range is from 0 to 90%. The wireless devices are also equipped with an alarm function in case of a critical condition of the humidity in the room.

The principle of operation of the hair and film hygrometer

wall hygrometer
wall hygrometer

The hair hygrometer is based on synthetic fat-free hair, or rather its ability to change its length depending on the state of the air. It is stretched between the end of the arrow and the spring. Fluctuations in its length cause the arrow to move along the dial. This air humidity meter is able to measure the humidity in a wide range (from 0 to 100%), it is easy to use and can be mounted on the wall.

The film hygrometer has a sensitive element made of organic film. It expands or contracts with changes in humidity. Changes in the position of its center are transferred to the arrow.

Under low temperature conditions, these two kinds of hygrometer arebasic humidity measuring instruments.

How to make the right choice

air humidity meter
air humidity meter

Which one to choose a hygrometer: wall, desktop, mechanical or digital, the buyer decides. But when buying, you must follow a few rules.

  • First of all, decide how accurate data you need, because there are models that can measure absolute numbers, and those that show relative results.
  • Think about where your humidity meter will stand or hang.
  • Check its contents: a quality device should have indicators and a psychometric table.
  • Don't forget the check. So you can always return a low-quality product.

Happy shopping!

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