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Absorbent diapers: gentle protection

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Absorbent diapers: gentle protection
Absorbent diapers: gentle protection

A newborn baby is usually swaddled in special diapers until about two months of his life, after which the baby is transferred to other clothes: diapers, vests, sliders. A new born person needs proper swaddling that will maintain an optimal and comfortable body temperature.

Always on guard of cleanliness

Absorbent diapers
Absorbent diapers

It used to be that babies should be swaddled tightly so that they move as little as possible. This opinion is not supported by modern doctors. Diapers perform protective functions and should not prevent the baby from moving his arms and legs, impede blood circulation and free breathing. They are a cover for the child's body from dust, dirt.

It is believed that absorbent diapers made of tetracloth best meet their goals: soft, warm, do not retain baby's urine. Their advantage is that you can change the diaper in a relatively clean environment: while the mother changes the baby, the changing table or sofa remains clean and dry.

In addition, absorbent diapers are very convenient at the doctor's office, when the child is massaged or kept naked for some time to take air baths. Disposable products are recommended by experts for use in diaper rash and make it easier for a mother to care for her baby.

Features and dimensions

diapers peligrin absorbent
diapers peligrin absorbent

Usually they are used as the first layer of swaddling, on which a regular cloth diaper is applied: cotton or flannel. Disposables are handy when hand or machine washing is not an option, but should be changed as often as regular fabrics. For one child, it is enough to have 40-60 pieces.

Baby pads have three layers:

  • top close to baby's body and should be anti-allergic;
  • medium absorbs moisture, which is evenly distributed inside;
  • the lower one has a protective function, that is, it prevents the flow of liquid.

Their sizes are:

  • 60 by 90cm;
  • 60 by 60cm;
  • 40 by 60 cm.
absorbent diapers for newborns
absorbent diapers for newborns

The benefits of absorbent diapers for newborns

  • High moisture absorption and liquid retention inside the product.
  • Prevent the spread of unpleasant odors.
  • Soft surface of the product does not irritate baby's skin.
  • Products are disposable and must be disposed of immediately after use.

Many well-known manufacturers produce products for baby hygiene. For example, Peligrin absorbent diapers have proven to be an excellent tool for caring for babies. They canuse as a protective layer against natural moisture, laying in a crib under a sheet.

Final part

New parents should remember that comfortable, sometimes indispensable absorbent diapers are not the only means of hygiene. They need to have and use only in cases of need: a visit to the doctor, traveling in a car, plane, massage. For normal daily use, stock up on tissue analogues. You can buy hygiene products in children's or online stores that sell products for the smallest.

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