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Congratulations to teachers - your gratitude

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Congratulations to teachers - your gratitude
Congratulations to teachers - your gratitude

Agree, teachers give us a lot of knowledge. They teach us not only certain disciplines. They teach us about life. They make a huge contribution to our future. And if any holiday is suddenly approaching, do not forget to prepare a beautiful congratulation to the teachers. Give them this gift. Believe me, they will be very pleased.

congratulations to teachers
congratulations to teachers

Congratulations to teachers with words of gratitude

Each holiday, whether it's the New Year, March 8 or some other solemn event, is a great occasion to say "thank you" to your teachers, wishing them all the best. Beautiful congratulations to teachers is a great way to express your gratitude. Tell the teachers that we are developing thanks to them. It is they, teachers with a capital letter, and not some random people, who seek to pass on their knowledge and life experience to the younger generation. Of course, this deserves great respect.

Congratulations to teachers are spoken on behalf of the whole class. Although, of course, nothing can prevent you from congratulating the teacher separately. This gesture to the teacher will definitely be remembered for a long time. The work of a teacher is priceless, and therefore deserves a decent reward. Unfortunately,teacher salaries are unfairly low. Accordingly, he will be extremely pleased to receive your gratitude in the form of good wishes.

New Year's greetings to the teacher
New Year's greetings to the teacher

Add a postcard

Congratulations to teachers are best accompanied by a festive newspaper. Or a postcard. Of course, it should be beautiful and thematic. New Year's greetings to the teacher, for example, can be written on a postcard with the image of Christmas trees, balls, snowy landscapes, etc. A card with flowers is suitable for March 8th. It can be purchased at the store, or, even better, do it yourself. The main thing is to prepare sincere warm words.

congratulations to the teacher in prose
congratulations to the teacher in prose

Be sure to remind teachers that they invest their experience and skills daily in their pupils, instilling in them the ability to think creatively, take a responsible approach to making various decisions, act in a realistic way perceiving the world. So wish them that every next day opens new horizons for them professionally, human happiness and grateful students.

Remember that you are not always obedient and diligent students, you are not always attentive in the classroom and listen to the instructions of teachers. Say that you appreciate their work and care, thank them for everything they do for you.

Try to make your postcard original. Add some fantasy. Use, for example, your teacher's favorite colors. Postcards-collages also look very original. ATyou can put clippings from magazines or photos with wishes as a basis.

Don't forget the flowers

New Year's greetings to the teacher, or kind words for any other celebration, just need to be supplemented with a beautiful bouquet. It will become an unforgettable gift if you prepare its original presentation. The main thing is that the flowers, as words of gratitude, be sincere, from the bottom of the heart.

poems congratulations to the teacher
poems congratulations to the teacher

By the way, a bouquet can also be made non-standard - for example, from toys or sweets. But the most memorable option will be a bouquet of stationery - pencils and paperclips!

And one more thing. To accompany your gift and congratulations is also the so-called "homework". On the day of the holiday, prepare interesting information on the topic for each lesson. Work hard as you should. For each teacher it is necessary to choose a suitable surprise. For example, give a "writer" a scene from a work assigned for reading at home, role-played, and for a "geographer" - a home-made album with photographs and pictures of exotic countries, with wishes to visit there sooner or later. For a teacher of foreign languages, congratulations in English, German or French are suitable. The teacher, of course, will be very happy with the desire to teach his subject.

And if a festive concert is added to this … Prepare it for the entire teaching staff, not forgetting anyone and leaving no one behind. Come up with a nomination for congratulating teachers. Involve as many volunteers as possible and, properly, think overscenario.

Poetry and prose

And finally. You can choose to congratulate the teacher in prose or in verse. It all depends on your talents and imagination. In the first case, it will sound something like this:

"Our dear teachers! We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday. We sincerely wish you good he alth, immense happiness, success in work and all endeavors. May your students never upset you, but only delight you with their achievements. Everything this is your merit. We are grateful to you for your love and patience. Peaceful and clear skies over your heads!"

Poems-congratulations to the teacher will definitely please. For example:

How many years have passed already, We can't stop them.

And all the time you tried

To teach us something.

We say "thank you" to you

Thank you for your hard work!

Let both happiness and he alth

They will come to your house for the holiday!

Or like this:

Dear our teacher, We really like you!

Only you at any moment

Give us a quick fix!

You are fair, kind, You are an example for us!

Congratulates you today

Your favorite class!

However, whatever congratulations you choose, the teacher will be pleased anyway. He will feel your love and respect. And this, mind you, is very important!

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