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Day of the teacher of the university. Congratulations on teacher's day
Day of the teacher of the university. Congratulations on teacher's day

The day of a university teacher is a solemn, bright, emotional event. Students are happy to congratulate their mentors, say warm words to them, give them small presents.

university teacher's day
university teacher's day

Each university prepares its own program. Future doctors, for example, the Day of a university teacher can be organized using funny sketches about doctors. At the University of Fine Arts, you can complete the concert program by presenting paintings to your favorite teachers. In military institutes, crackers can be used for congratulations, wishing the heroes of the occasion to hear only such “shots” in their lives.

Day of the teacher of the university - who to entrust the organization?

This holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. As a rule, the students themselves have to organize the Day of the teacher of the university. However, teachers can also prepare their own numbers.

congratulations on the day of the teacher of the university
congratulations on the day of the teacher of the university

But in some educational institutions they prefer to entrust the Day of the teacher of the universityprofessional organisers. Sometimes such a holiday is held not even in the assembly hall of the university, but on the stage of some Palace of Culture. Moreover, the event can also be held outdoors…

How to congratulate teachers in the assembly hall?

So, the solemn date is approaching… How to decorate the hall? How to organize a holiday? What should be the congratulations on the Day of the teacher of the university?

It is possible, for example, to arrange on the stage of the assembly hall the so-called "headquarters tables" of admissions committees in various disciplines. Behind them will sit students representing their teachers. They will "take exams" from their teachers called from the audience. Most importantly, it is interesting to design your “headquarters”.

In addition, various quizzes and competitions can be organized for teachers. Naturally, one cannot do without songs, poems and dance numbers.

teacher's day
teacher's day

The event ends with a bright friendly congratulation on the Day of the teacher of the university from all the students who took part in the festive program.

You can dilute the concert with outdoor activities

Originality was always welcome, of course. In addition to the concert program, on Teacher's Day, you can also organize a holiday in nature. At this time, it is still quite warm. Take and invite your experienced and wise mentors to a picnic!

You can just sit on the river bank, while catching fish for fish soup, or in the forest, picking up mushrooms.

university teacher's day whencelebrated
university teacher's day whencelebrated

And you can prepare a clearing in advance. That is, students can put tables with drinks and light snacks, stick posters on trees, hang balloons. The main thing is not to forget to take out the trash.

Entertainment for the holiday can also come up with a wide variety. For example, you can divide into teams, depending on departments and faculties. The aforementioned fish and mushrooms may be the target of the competition. The winners will be those teachers and students who get more food for the common table.

You can also organize sports competitions, such as relay races. And if you want, you can even play paintball. It is best to end the event by sitting with a guitar by the fire, having frank conversations about how the students' favorite teachers came to choose their profession, etc.

Add some fairy tale

And one more thing! Teacher's Day is, of course, a holiday for adults. However, none of them will refuse to “return to childhood” for a short time. Students can organize a fun masquerade ball, where only those who come in masks or costumes get the right to enter. It will also be possible to organize competitions for the most spectacular image, for the brightest couple, for the best dance, for the most active participant.

Together with their teachers, students can also sing the famous student anthem. Or you can dance a w altz by inviting your favorite teachers. In short, the program depends solely on the desires and ideas of students.

Comic skits are perfect

What else can you think of? How to cheer up the heroes of the occasion? You can congratulate your teachers on Teacher's Day, for example, using a variety of comic numbers.

Let's play a scene about history teachers. Suppose the teacher asks the children about who took Ishmael. The student replies that it may be Petrov (Ivanov or Sidorov). The teacher goes to complain to the head of the department. He claims that the children will play and Ishmael will be given back. The indignant teacher goes to the rector. He asks which group. Upon learning that this is, for example, the IUST-14 group, the rector declares: “These will not give back!”

You can come up with a lot of scenes. Have no doubt that you can handle it. It is enough just to show a little imagination, ingenuity, imagination. And it doesn't matter who you are - historians, programmers or doctors!

congratulations on teacher's day
congratulations on teacher's day

End the party beautifully

In a word, a great event is University Teacher's Day! When an event is celebrated, it is clear how to congratulate the heroes of the occasion, too. However, do not forget also about the final moments. The final song or beautiful poems will not be superfluous. Read the literature, look at sample scripts - you will definitely find exactly what you need. Show respect to your teachers, give them a beautiful evening, congratulate them brightly and in an original way! Believe me, they will not remain in debt! These people will always gladly come to your aid in any situation, not even related to study.

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