How to make a house for a child with your own hands
How to make a house for a child with your own hands

Video: How to make a house for a child with your own hands

Video: How to make a house for a child with your own hands
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Every child dreams of having his own territory, where he is the master, the ruler. That is why the kids build imitation houses from improvised materials: in the room they cover chairs with blankets or hide under the beds, equipping there with a semblance of furniture, on the street they build huts and wigwams from branches. This creates confusion, interferes with the measured life of the family, and can cause accidents. But it's so easy to give your baby a safe and aesthetic house. For a child, it is not so important how much the realization of his dreams costs. The main thing is that he has his own little world.

Houses for children: selection rules

Adults try to make the life of the baby interesting, informative, rich. But, equipping the baby's play area, they should remember the main rules.

  1. Playhouses for children should be safe. The kid is an explorer by nature. He may decide to test the strength of the roof, the walls of the structure. Prepare for this turn of eventsin advance.
  2. Don't buy an overpriced baby house. All toys have a tendency to break. If half of the salary is spent on a playhouse, any breakdown will be met with negative emotions. So a good beginning will bring disappointment.
  3. A house for a child should be bright, give him joy. Best of all, if he reminds the dwelling of a character in a fairy tale, literary work, cartoon.
  4. Playhouse, of course, should not be a real home. But it will be great if you can not only admire it from the outside, but also sit with guests inside or even sleep during quiet hours, play board games, and decorate it with your own hands. Girls are happy to present themselves in them as caring housewives, mothers, caring for dolls. Choosing functional toys for children is another important rule for adults.

Varieties of children's houses

The play area for children will be equipped both indoors and in the yard. To do this, you can install on the street:

  • plastic house for kids;
  • frame house-tent with stretched waterproof fabric;
  • wooden hut;
  • glass bottle building;
  • dwelling made of plastic containers.

The simulated playhouse for toddlers can be portable, prefabricated or stationary.

They also install houses for children in apartments. To do this, use structures made of:

  • plastic;
  • fabrics;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • bamboo curtains;
  • plywood;
  • wood.

You can spend money on the equipment of the play area, or you can do everything yourself.

Plastic houses

This option is suitable for both the street and the apartment. You can buy a prefabricated structure in specialized stores of children's toys.

His virtues:

  • easy to assemble;
  • has a light weight;
  • folds quickly;
  • transportable for transportation to the country, to nature, to another apartment;
  • attracts with the brightness of colors;
  • washes well;
  • such houses serve for a long time.

Slides, sports equipment, swimming pools often come with houses.

Plastic house for children
Plastic house for children

The only drawback is the price, which will please not every adult who decides to please the baby. The cheapest prefabricated play dwellings cost about 5,000 rubles. Marketplaces offer to buy a plastic house for 55,000 rubles. And there are goods worth up to 520 thousand.

Tent house for kids

They are suitable for the equipment of the play area both in the yard and indoors. Tents for children are light, transportable, prefabricated. They can be removed after the game.

House-tent for children with a round base
House-tent for children with a round base

Fabric houses are sold in stores. Their prices are quite reasonable. But if you wish, it is easy to make a house-tent with your own hands. The construction will require a wire frame and fabric, best raincoat, silk, bologna.

Bottom and top make any shape. They canbe round, square, hexagonal. Spacers are installed between the bottom and top, from 4 pieces or more. If desired, a towering roof, gable or domed, is made out over the structure. It will also require wire spacers.

Then, the details of the tent are cut out of the fabric, sewn together, and the cover is pulled over the frame. In places where matter and spacers come into contact, twine is sewn for tying. Thanks to them, the case is held on the frame.

Paper house with wooden slat frame

It's easy to make such a toy house with your own hands. The manufacturing principle is reminiscent of working on Chinese screens.

  1. The frame of the house is knocked down from the slats.
  2. Voids are sealed with the remains of wallpaper - they form walls and a roof.
  3. Cut out windows and entrance.

You can make the structure collapsible.

  1. For this, narrow rectangular frames are knocked down from the rails, several for each wall.
  2. Voids in these blanks are covered with paper.
  3. The parts are fastened together with door hinges.
  4. The upper part is also made of rectangular frames, hinged together.

The screen house is installed in the corner of the room, where the play area is located. In the wall, you can make a hook with which to fix the structure. One of the frames is hinged on one side only. It serves as a door to the dwelling.

Cardboard playhouse

The remaining packaging from large purchases should not be rushed to be thrown away. In just half an hour, you can make a simple cardboard house for children out of boxes. To do this, you just needfind a large box. It is enough to cut out the entrance and windows in it, fold the roof from the top of the box, fasten it with tape, cut off the excess. Then it remains only to decorate the cardboard dwelling by pasting it with wallpaper or painting it with paints.

House for a child made of cardboard
House for a child made of cardboard

Creative people don't want to take the easy way. They make structures according to their own drawings. After disassembling several cardboard boxes, the craftsman cuts out each detail, assembles the structure and glues it together with tape, thick paper or fabric strips.

From above, the house can be painted with paints or decorated with wood-like wallpaper, brick. With the skill of construction, you can create a magnificent scale model of an ancient castle, royal chamber or noble mansion.

The disadvantages of such toy dwellings are:

  • low strength;
  • Hygroscopic material causing corrosion.

Because of this, it is undesirable to install cardboard houses on the street for a long time. And in apartments they choose a place with low humidity and no drafts.

Children's house made of bamboo curtains

Such a structure can be made extremely quickly. It is enough to attach a metal or wooden cornice to the wall with the letter P or G, if you equip the house in the corner of the room. The ceiling can serve as a roof. Although it is allowed to fix the eaves below. Then you can make a roof over it from cardboard or plywood.

Bamboo curtains hung on the ledge will be an excellent imitation of walls, which, if not needed, can be easily lifted. Inside the housea children's bed, a table, a high chair, shelves for toys are installed, a lamp is hung. It's good if there is a real window in the corner separated in this way.

Bamboo curtains do not have to be bought in the store. It is possible, according to this principle, to make walls from narrow wooden planks or plastic ceiling curbs, twisting into rolls with a rope. For strength, fabric can be used as a base. Wooden planks or pieces of plastic curbs are glued onto it, leaving gaps of 1-2 cm between them.

Plywood houses

Compared to cardboard, this material is more durable. And, of course, the structure will last longer. But plywood still does not like high humidity. On the street, houses are built from it only on clear days.

House for a child from plywood
House for a child from plywood

But in apartments such structures are widely used. They equip not only playing areas, but also sleeping places, building towers, palaces, village huts around the beds. If bedding is removed from the house after sleeping, children can be allowed to play inside.

Huts and houses made of logs and boards

Wooden houses for children, the photos of which are presented below, are environmentally friendly and durable. They are installed both on the street and in the apartment. It all depends on the size of the building and the area of the apartment.

Wooden house for a child
Wooden house for a child

Building such dwellings is quite difficult. This is where real skill is required. Any builder's mistake can cost children he alth, injure the baby.

Wooden playhouse for children
Wooden playhouse for children

A hut or a mansion for children to play is a miniature copy of a real residential building. It is best to install the street version on the foundation. The roof is covered with roofing material, slate, the walls are treated with refractory impregnation.

House of glass bottles

Today, such structures are erected even for the permanent residence of the whole family. Without a lot of bottles on hand, you can build a children's playhouse.

House for a child from glass bottles
House for a child from glass bottles
  1. To build a building, you need to make a foundation.
  2. The bottles are placed with their necks inside in a checkerboard pattern.
  3. Cement mortar acts as a fastening compound.
  4. Strong racks and logs are used as guides for the walls.
  5. The ceiling and floor are made of wood.
  6. If desired, the walls can be plastered.

Such a house will serve not only for children's games. It is nice to arrange a family tea party. And in the dacha in the winter, when there are no children there, the building will become a tool storage.

House of plastic bottles

The accumulated rubbish in the garden or in the country can be used to good use. For example, plastic bottles will serve as walls for an original summer house. Children will be happy to play there, receive guests.

Children's houses for beteys from plastic bottles
Children's houses for beteys from plastic bottles

Houses from plastic containers are made in several ways:

  • filling the bottles with sand and fastening them togethercement mortar, similar to the method of building glassware buildings described above (the foundation for such structures will not be superfluous);
  • putting them on the wire, piercing from the side;
  • with duct tape.
Playhouse for children from plastic bottles
Playhouse for children from plastic bottles

In the first two options, you must first install a frame made of wood or metal corners.

A house made of bottles held together with tape is not durable. But you can make it very quickly, and then collect and hide it just as soon.

When deciding to build a playhouse for a child, each craftsman will surely choose the most convenient option for him. And a creative person will even come up with his own, unique and creative.