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Aquarium fish: comet. Description, photo and content features

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Aquarium fish: comet. Description, photo and content features
Aquarium fish: comet. Description, photo and content features

Goldfish are considered to be the most popular inhabitants of amateur aquariums. Their prevalence is explained, first of all, of course, by their beautiful appearance and unpretentiousness. This underwater living creature belongs to the Karasev family. A very large number of bred varieties is what, among other things, distinguishes these wonderful golden aquarium fish. Comet, for example, is one of the most interesting and unusual breeding forms of domestic "carp", and very beautiful.

General Description

Purely outwardly, the comet is quite similar to an ordinary goldfish. At least her standard color is exactly the same. But, of course, there is a significant difference between these two species. The body of the comet aquarium fish, the bark photos are presented on the page, is not plump, like gold, but flat and elongated. The fins of this fish are thin, delicate and long enough, and the scales are small, bright.

comet aquarium fish

The color of comets can be not only gold, but also orange, red, silver. Those are very much appreciatedvarieties of this fish, in which the color of the body differs from the shade of the fins and tail. Many lovers of the exotic also contain a black comet. An aquarium fish of this color looks really very impressive and unusual. This comet even has its own name - "Black Velvet".

What an aquarium should be like

Of course, to equip the container for this underwater living creature, as well as for any other, should be correct. The parameters of the water in the bank are determined taking into account, among other things, where the homeland of the aquarium fish is located. The comet was once brought to Europe and Russia from Southeast Asia. In this part of the world crucians usually live in stagnant, clean, not too deep water bodies. Initially, goldfish were kept in Europe only in summer garden ponds. Later, these unpretentious beauties began to be planted in aquariums.

The comet is therefore completely undemanding to containment conditions. A standard amateur bank equipped with a filter is suitable for her. The comet does not like too strong current. Therefore, the filter should be used with a sprinkler. In this case, the compressor in the aquarium does not need to be installed. It is not necessary to purchase a heater for this fish. The comet also feels great at room temperature (from 18 to 30 ° C). The optimal parameters for this fish are 19-23 ° С.

comet fish aquarium

In most Russian cities, drinking water is extracted from wells, and has a rather high hardness and slightly alkaline reaction. Such parameters for a comet are very suitablenot bad. In terms of hardness and acidity, this is a completely undemanding fish. Comets also do well in soft, slightly acidic water. The hardness parameters for this fish are suitable at 8-25°, acidity pH 6-8.

It is believed that a filter should be installed in an aquarium with a comet. The fact is that these fish are quite voracious and quickly pollute the water. Changes in an aquarium with comets are needed weekly at ¼ volume. Siphoning the soil is also worth periodically.

Aquarium dimensions

Quite large sizes - this is what distinguishes such aquarium fish. A comet at home can reach a length of 15 cm (without fins). Therefore, this fish should be kept only in large aquariums. With some stretch, a 50-liter container is also suitable for a comet. However, it is better to put this fish in an aquarium with a volume of at least 60 liters. The best option is a 100-liter jar for two individuals. You can already put 4 such fish in a 150 l aquarium, and six of them in a 200 l tank.


Comet (aquarium fish) is also absolutely undemanding to this parameter. She needs lighting. But too strong lamps should not be installed in an aquarium with comets. Due to intense prolonged lighting, the color of the fish may turn pale. In order for the comets to be bright enough, the lamp in the aquarium must be installed in such a way that some light and some shaded areas form inside.

home of the comet aquarium fish


Very calm disposition iswhat, of course, distinguishes these aquarium fish. The comet usually does not cause too much trouble to its owners. They keep this aquatic inhabitant most often in a species aquarium. But sometimes these fish are planted in the common. In the latter case, livebearers, catfish and various small things (zebrafish, neons, etc.) are usually kept together with comets. Planting these crucians in the same aquarium with very active fish is highly discouraged. Barbs, macropods, gourami can bite comets on their beautiful fins and tails.


The owner can design an aquarium with comets at his own discretion. Of course, it is worth planting in containers with these fish, including various kinds of underwater plants. Unfortunately, not all green "neighbors" are suitable for comets. It is customary to plant only plants with rather dense and wide leaves and a powerful root system in an aquarium with this fish. Camboba and comet hornwort can gnaw. In addition, this fish loves to dig in the ground. And therefore, turbidity will accumulate on small-leaved plants in such an aquarium.

aquarium fish comet photo

How to feed

Many owners of comet aquariums give them mostly dry quality sloughs. This is perfectly acceptable. Such feed, even in fairly large quantities, does not pollute the water too much. But you can, of course, give comets and natural food.

The basis of the diet of these fish should be animal feed. You can give comets bloodworms, earthworms, finely chopped sea fish. From time to time comets standpamper and plant foods - boiled carrots, large bran, etc. Vitamins of this living creature, like any other, of course, are necessary.

Repeated feeding in small portions - this technique is preferred by almost all aquarium fish. Comet is no exception in this regard. With this method of feeding, the color of these fish becomes brighter. But giving this aquarium creature, like any other, too much food, of course, is not worth it. Due to obesity, comets can have problems with internal organs, which will lead to a decrease in immunity, frequent illnesses and, possibly, even death.

comet black aquarium fish

Comet reproduction

These fish reach sexual maturity in the second year of life. Breeding comets is not too difficult. These fish usually spawn in March-April. A couple is planted in an aquarium of 100 liters. At the same time, the temperature of the water in it is raised by about two degrees. A net is placed at the bottom of the spawning ground to preserve the eggs. The fry hatch on the fifth day after spawning. They are usually fed live dust or daphnia.

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