Plaquette: what is it? Good choice for a holiday gift
Plaquette: what is it? Good choice for a holiday gift

Video: Plaquette: what is it? Good choice for a holiday gift

Video: Plaquette: what is it? Good choice for a holiday gift
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The end of the year is coming. Many people are starting to think about how to recognize those who have achieved a lot this year. It is important for someone to encourage employees. Someone is looking for an original gift for an anniversary or wedding. And there are those who received new certificates and diplomas in a year, which they want to tell their clients about. In search of a solution, you can stumble upon an offer to make a plaque. What it is? What options exist? How to choose the right plaque?

Plaque. What is it and why is it needed

Popular in the business sphere, a plaquette is a type of certificates and diplomas. What distinguishes it from the classic type of awards is a wooden base with a metal or acrylic sheet on which the text is engraved.

Looking for a way to thank an employee? Order an award plaque made in a classic style. It will meet the standards of the usual diploma, but at the same time it can be hung on a wall or placed on a table.

Do you want to congratulate a person on their anniversary in an original way? Create your own design or choose from a catalog and replacepaper card present something that will delight for many years.

Do you want to add presentability and sophistication to your office? Provide evidence of your qualifications and merits. You no longer have to talk about how much experience you have, how many peaks you have conquered. Plaquettes with certificates and diplomas will tell you better and faster.

plaque what is it
plaque what is it

What to write on the plaque

The text on the plaque can be anything. You can put a congratulation, certification data, nice words or a philosophical expression. Even the image of a beloved pet can be recreated. Anything you want to put on a plaque can be done thanks to modern technology.

It is popular in the business environment to place certificates, diplomas and diplomas on a plaque that reflect the qualifications and achievements of a company or firm. Foreign educational institutions issue their diplomas in this form. Perhaps you have one or more variants of the plaquette that already fit into the interior. Look, maybe they do not reflect the whole picture and you need to add your other achievements and merits to them?

award plaques
award plaques

Do I need to develop the design myself or the company can offer its own version

Modern plaque companies offer their own design services, but they can also make your version. If you don't want to spend your time figuring out what should be displayed, then you can simply choose the design you like from the manufacturer's samples.

How the cost of a plaquette is formed

Production cost depends on a number of factors:

1. What wood will the base be made of (alder, birch, oak, etc.).

2. What shape will the plaquette be (square, round or in the form of a ship).

3. Will the metal part be used to print the text or will it be printed directly on the wood.

4. What metal will the front be made of (copper, brass, aluminum, etc.).

5. How the text will be drawn. Modern manufacturers use various methods of applying text. Laser engraving, sublimation, digital printing are the most common in the creation of plaquettes. What it is, how products are created in a particular company, you can ask the manufacturer.

6. The number of plaques ordered. Most plaque makers give good discounts to those who order not one, but the whole number.

7. Production time.8. The complexity of the design and the richness of the pattern.

Each of these components is up to you.

wooden plaquette
wooden plaquette

How can you be sure that the result will suit you

The answer to this question lies in the plaque ordering algorithm itself. Before the master starts to execute your order, it will be necessary to draw up a technical task. You will be asked in detail about what exactly you want to see in the end (shape, material, quantity, etc.).

If you grant the right to develop a plaque template to a company, then according to the terms of reference, the artist will draw up a sample,which will need to be agreed. And only after the sample receives your approval, it will be sent to production. It remains only to get plaquettes and make it nice for all those you wanted to tag.

Most often they order metal plaques, they look expensive and presentable. Thanks to the brilliance of the metal, such a souvenir allows you to show a person his importance and value.

metal plaques
metal plaques

But what if you order a plaque for your own office, the interior of which, in your opinion, should not be decorated with metal? Wooden plaquettes are a great option for you.

The choice is always yours!

Does it make sense to give a person a plaque instead of an ordinary diploma

Of course, most people, when receiving a diploma, hide it in the archive a few days later and stumble upon it when looking for the necessary certificate or in a fit of nostalgia. Is it possible to hide a plaque in a folder or file? Award and congratulatory options are rarely sent by the owner for storage out of sight.

Due to their presentable appearance, they successfully fit into the interior and, evoking positive emotions, create an atmosphere of professionalism in the room. Certificates and diplomas issued in this way help to confirm your qualifications and experience without further ado.

Such a gift will please the eye for a long time and support your employees in overcoming the difficulties of work. They will feel their importance and the need for the company. After all, only a person who feels in the right place and feels the importanceof his work, is given one hundred percent to his beloved work!

You were interested in the question of plaques: what are they and how can you mark important people with their help? We hope the article helped to deal with this issue and suggested a way out of the situation.