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A house for children is an invariable attribute of games

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A house for children is an invariable attribute of games
A house for children is an invariable attribute of games

As children, playing in the yard or at home, we often built houses from all available means, and if there were none, we simply invented them. On the street, it was huts in summer and snow fortresses in winter, in the apartment - a blanket or a table thrown over the top, under which it was so cool to hide.

house for children
house for children

Girls represented magical castles in which they were mistresses, princesses, boys conquered fortresses. An ordinary house for children could be anything: a place for reading and solitude, shelter from enemies, or a secret corner where one could keep secrets.

Therefore, today, remembering how interesting it was to play in a magical house, we are happy to give them to our children to play at home or on the street. Fortunately, in the modern market you can find options for all occasions.

A house for children is the dream of every child

One of the first games babies learn is hide-and-seek, and this happens even before they reach the age of one. A little later, the child begins to form a sense of his own "I" and a desire to play with hispeers. All this is happening against the backdrop of a fantastic leap in intellectual development. The kid, who recently learned to speak, begins to fantasize and come up with simply incredible stories and games. This happens closer to the age of three.

Therefore, a house for children is one of the most desired gifts. For a kid, it will be a hiding place during a game of hide and seek, and at a more conscious age, a necessary attribute in the mass of role-playing games that he composes in large numbers on the go.

Children's toys-houses - what they are

Child psychologists, who today are involved in the development of new toys, took into account the wishes of the kids when creating this accessory. In Soviet times, there was not much choice. Children's wooden houses were the dream of the kids, and if such a structure appeared on one of the sites, it was a huge success among the kids. Parents of modern children have a huge choice: from the simplest to those that are part of entire play complexes.

children's toys houses
children's toys houses

In general, they can be divided into two categories according to their purpose:

  • for room;

  • for the street.

The home house for children is compact. Basically, so-called tents are purchased for these purposes. Sometimes they are completed with a mini-basketball basket, balls for a dry pool and other accessories. You can supplement such a house with a play tunnel made of a similar material. Its advantages are obvious: it folds compactly, is light, mobile and moreoverit's cheap.

children's wooden houses
children's wooden houses

If we talk about buildings designed for the street, here the choice is wider. The above play tents can also be used outdoors, but only in dry weather. In addition, houses can be distinguished by the type of material from which they are made:

  • plastic;

  • wooden.

It is worth noting the game complexes, which include a house.

The price of such structures is much higher than that of tents, but their functionality is wider. They can be equipped with bells, radiotelephones and other accessories. The house can be supplemented with a veranda and a set of furniture. If we talk about gaming complexes, then there is even more room for games. So, one design can consist of a house, a swing and a slide. Another benefit of outdoor models is that they can be used all year round.

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