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Flounder mop: description, principle of operation, reviews

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Flounder mop: description, principle of operation, reviews
Flounder mop: description, principle of operation, reviews

Standard mops for cleaning are not very in demand now, and not everyone can afford high-quality washing vacuum cleaners. But there are many other devices for sale that can be great helpers in the household. The Flounder Mop will be suitable for regular home cleaning. These products are inexpensive and durable. Read more about them in the article.


Flounder mop - an accessory for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings. It is presented in the form of a light plastic or metal stick with a length of 40, 60, 80 cm. This indicator for some devices is regulated by fasteners and a button in the middle of the holder, so that it can be folded and brought to the desired compartment in the bucket for squeezing without unnecessary movements.

mop flooder
mop flooder

On the one hand, the product is mounted on a metal handle, and on the other hand, it has a metal or plastic platform rotating around an axis and changing the angle of inclination. Flat textile nozzles, mops are attached to this platform, thanks to whichcleaning in progress.

Complete with mop-flounder there is a bucket with a compartment for squeezing mop. It has a pedal with which the nozzle is folded without the need for bending. It also allows you to squeeze the mop, which simplifies cleaning. But you have to rinse and wring it out by hand.

The manufacturers of devices are constantly updating them. For example, Spin Mop sticks have a non-standard length (15 cm higher than usual). The bucket includes 9 liters, it has a metal centrifuge for splash protection of a convenient rinsing system. You need to install the mop in a bucket, press the pedal so that the water itself washes away the dirt. The length of the handle can be adjusted, so this indicator can be chosen. Many housewives appreciated the possibility of using such a convenient product that perfectly cleans the surface.


Compared to other products, the floor washing floater has several advantages:

  1. Used for wet and dry cleaning.
  2. No streaks on the floor.
  3. Microfiber mop provides a chemical free solution.
  4. The flat rotating platform and the long handle of the product allow you to process even hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Can be used to clean the floor, as well as horizontal and vertical surfaces.
floor cleaner
floor cleaner

As can be seen from the reviews, many housewives appreciated the benefits of the product. They use it for regular cleaning of the premises. After that, there are no marks left on the floor, the surface looks perfectclean.


This mop also has disadvantages:

  1. Quite high cost.
  2. Not suitable for homes with pets.
  3. To clean the floor, remove and rinse the nozzle repeatedly.

What is a mop?

A mop for a mop-flounder is a rag that does the cleaning. Most of them have pockets - straps that are inserted into the latches and clamped by them. A low-quality fiber nozzle is immediately noticeable: its straps are short and made of synthetic material, which is difficult to fix with latches.

Flounder mop head
Flounder mop head

The wringer head is made from cotton, microfiber, mixed fibers, synthetic sponge and other materials. All mops have a different composition, length of fibers, which can serve different purposes.

Before purchasing, it is important to learn about the features of the nozzle: if you use it for other purposes, then there will be no result from cleaning. For example, acrylic products are used for sweeping the surface, but they are not suitable for washing.

Cotton nozzles for a mop-flounder are considered universal: they perfectly collect water and sweep well. But a stitched mop from this fabric has disadvantages: cotton is an organic material, so it rots and bacteria accumulate on it. Therefore, for wet cleaning they are created from synthetic materials. They do not rot, are wear-resistant, antibacterial, easy to clean from dirt, quickly absorb.

Some of the mops are treated with a product, which is why the floor is washedpossible without the use of chemicals. There are universal nozzles for the mop-flounder. Reviews about them are positive: housewives use them to clean the entire room, because the products are designed for washing and sweeping. At the same time, they are very pleased with the result of their work.

Another advantage is the ability to purchase a nozzle if it was not included. At the same time, manufacturers are improving not only products, but also additional devices. The features of "Easy Mop" include the versatility of a microfiber nozzle, which cleans surfaces with high quality, perfectly absorbs water, and picks up dirt and dust. The housewives appreciated the benefits of the product, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.

Mount types

When choosing a fiber nozzle, keep in mind that it must fit the holder. Therefore, it is preferable to buy a mop from the same company as the flooder for washing the floor. If the manufacturer is unknown or it is difficult to find the product, it is necessary to take into account the type of attachment of the mop to the stick. They are divided into 3 types:

  1. The plastic clip holder includes a quick-release latch clip to hold the stitched section of the rope mop.
  2. Rope mops are often screwed into place.
  3. Holder with latches on the extreme parts of mop. In the center of the floater there is a button needed to resize the stick. With this function, the product can be easily lowered into a bucket, moistened and squeezed out.
mop flooder reviews
mop flooder reviews

Universal mount is a fiber nozzle of the samemanufacturer, as the flaunder. Some holders create for a specific need. For example, a mop holder for cleaning in hard-to-reach places may have a stick bent at an angle of 90 degrees, so it requires a special mount. Multifunctional flat mops-flounders are in demand, which make it easier to clean.

Flounder or steam mop?

Due to the ease of cleaning, many housewives choose a flooder. Compared to steam mops and vacuum cleaners, they are affordable. In addition, devices that do not take up much space are the most functional.

multifunctional flat mop floater
multifunctional flat mop floater

Another advantage is the possibility of cleaning parquet. The device uses water sparingly. Therefore, such products are better than steam mops, because the latter spray hot water and do not completely eliminate it. Steam mops are also improving, they include many necessary functions. For example, "Mop X5" cleans and disinfects the surface with steam.

How to wash floors?

How to properly clean your home? There are some recommendations to make the job easier:

  1. All excess must be removed from the floor, the carpet rolled up.
  2. Then you should sweep the surface, removing the main dirt and dust.
  3. Wash the floors from the back of the room. First, they process the surface under the walls, eventually moving towards the center, and then towards the door.
  4. It is necessary to rinse the rag as often as possible. Mop the floor preferablyseveral times.
Flounder mop wringer
Flounder mop wringer

Thus, washing the floor is a mandatory procedure during cleaning. It is performed much more conveniently if a floater mop is used. Everyone will like the result of cleaning with it.

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