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Hossoni suitcases: customer reviews

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Hossoni suitcases: customer reviews
Hossoni suitcases: customer reviews

Video: Hossoni suitcases: customer reviews

Video: Hossoni suitcases: customer reviews
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No trip is complete without luggage. In order for travel items to arrive successfully and not be damaged, it is important to choose the right suitcase. Budget and high-quality models are produced by the Chinese manufacturer Hossoni. Suitcases, reviews of which are contained in the article, are in great demand among buyers from different countries.

Features of Hossoni products

Hossoni brand is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of suitcases and travel bags. All products of this brand correspond to modern fashion trends. The range of products is constantly updated with new products.

Hossoni suitcases are produced using the latest technology. The products are highly durable and reliable. For frames, the manufacturer uses flexible plastic and metal inserts. When pressed or hit, the plastic parts of the products bend, but do not break. At the same time, the case perfectly retains its shape and protects the contents from mechanical damage.

Each model meets European quality standards. An active traveler who appreciates practicality and comfort canbuy a Hossoni suitcase with confidence. Reviews confirm that the product of this brand meets the requirements of modern buyers.

hossoni suitcases reviews
hossoni suitcases reviews

Features and equipment

Hossoni suitcases are available in two versions:

  1. Hard plastic suitcases have a hard polycarbonate body.
  2. Soft fabric suitcases. The frame of such products is lined with a durable waterproof fabric impregnated with a solution to protect against moisture and fading.

Each model has a stiffening strip around the perimeter that provides shape and protection. Metal zippers with large sliders are easy to open and close.

Hossoni - suitcases, reviews of which are described below, have a standard design:

  1. Rectangular frame with internal compartments. All models have two compartments for small and large items. The largest compartment is equipped with x-shaped fixing straps. Small zippered pockets are provided especially for small items.
  2. Extension function. Fabric models have the ability to increase the volume of the suitcase. For this purpose, built-in zippered pockets are provided on the outer side of the frame, when opened, the dimensions of the suitcase increase by 5 cm.
  3. Side and top handle for transporting the suitcase in any convenient position.
  4. Retractable aluminum telescopic handle for moving the suitcase on the ground.
  5. Address tag.
  6. Four maneuverable wheels with bearings turn 360degrees, making it easy to move the suitcase over any surface.
  7. Support feet are provided on some models on the bottom and side for added stability.
  8. Certified built-in combination lock makes the Hossoni trolley even more secure.

Reviews and high ratings of Hossoni products testify to its compliance with all quality standards.

hossoni suitcase reviews
hossoni suitcase reviews


Hossoni products have the following advantages:

  • large capacity;
  • robust design;
  • durable and durable materials;
  • convenient shape;
  • light weight;
  • easy care;
  • affordable price.

Optimum value for money is the main advantage that many buyers choose Hossoni suitcases for. Reviews also relate to the beautiful design of some models. The manufacturer offers a large selection of suitcases in different colors and designs.

suitcase set hossoni reviews
suitcase set hossoni reviews

Suitcase models

Today, the Hossoni company produces two types of suitcases - plastic and cloth. Models made of plastic are made in a strict style without unnecessary details and elements. The design of the frames of such suitcases is simple. The manufacturer creates all models in a single-color design without drawings. Plastic suitcases are available in pink, green, blue.

Tissue suitcases are available in a larger assortment. The manufacturer offers models in one color and combinedshades. Some models have patterns or textured patterns.

For bright people with special tastes, there are colored Hossoni models (suitcases). Reviews of such models are mainly written by young buyers. Especially for lovers of colored suitcases, the manufacturer has created models from bright checkered fabric.

hossoni wheeled suitcase reviews
hossoni wheeled suitcase reviews

Hossoni Classic suitcase

Reviews of many buyers relate to this particular model. Most men from the suitcases on the market choose Hossoni Classic. The frame is made of black polyester.

The model is made in a classic design. The black frame goes well with the handles of the same color. The suitcase is ideal for business people and lovers of conservative style.

Hossoni Classic is available in two sizes. For the transportation of small luggage, the Classic Medium model has been developed with a volume of 42-48 liters. The size of this suitcase is 60 x 37 x 19 cm. Twice as much luggage fits in the Classic Large model, which has a volume of 82-98 liters.

The suitcase has side and top carrying handles. For transportation on the ground, two large wheels and a retractable metal handle are provided, which can be fixed in several positions depending on the height of the person.

There are two zippered pockets on the outside of the suitcase, which are convenient to hide things that are often used on the road.

The model has an extension function that allows you to increase the size of the suitcase by 5 cm.

The total weight of the suitcase is 3.5kg. The manufacturer gives 30days of the warranty period.

hossoni suitcase
hossoni suitcase

Model Hossoni Brand Large

The Hossoni Brand Large suitcase is very popular among buyers. Reviews with photos illustrate all the advantages of this model. The design of the suitcase is practically the same as the Classic model.

Hossoni Brand Large is available in burgundy, black, gray and brown. The frame is reinforced with metal inserts. At the bottom of the suitcase there are 2 inflatable rubber wheels.

With built-in shock absorbers, the suitcase rides smoothly over uneven surfaces. Wheels are protected from jamming and damage.

The model was successfully tested on the test panel, the results confirmed the reliability of all parts. Reinforced metal frame and dense polyester ensure a long service life of the suitcase. The suitcase is shock and drop resistant.

Upholstery is protected from fading and getting wet. It is easy to clean from dust and dirt.

Suitcase volume - 98-115 liters. Weight - 4.5 kg.

hossoni classic suitcase reviews
hossoni classic suitcase reviews


The price of Hossoni suitcases ranges from 1600 to 3500 rubles. Fabric models cost about 2000 rubles.

The price depends on the type of suitcase and its size. So, for a suitcase measuring 59 x 39 x 20 cm, you need to pay about 2100-2500 rubles. Large models cost 2700-3000 rubles.

Plastic suitcases are a bit more expensive. So, a plastic model 77 x 50 x 30 cm costs about 3800 rubles.

Much more profitable to buy a set of Hossoni suitcases. Reviews often refer to the low price of the set.

So, a set of two fabric suitcases of different sizes costs an average of 2300 rubles. Sometimes stores offer promotions and make sales, offering to buy Hossoni suitcases much cheaper. Mostly old models are subject to discounts.

suitcase hossoni brand large reviews
suitcase hossoni brand large reviews


Many buyers around the world have chosen Hossoni models (suitcases) with confidence. Reviews about the products of this brand are mostly positive. All buyers highly appreciated the quality of the fabric. It is quite durable and can be cleaned from any dirt. Buyers also noted the reliability of the locks and frame. Suitcases last for years and can withstand many trips.

The reviews also describe wheels that are highly maneuverable. They always help out when you need to transport heavy luggage. And durable handles are comfortable even for women's hands.

According to most buyers, Hossoni suitcases are worth their price. In terms of quality and characteristics, the products are not inferior to other well-known analogues.

There are people who rated the Hossoni suitcase worse. Customer reviews sometimes relate to the quality of the firmware. It happens that a new suitcase may have threads sticking out of poorly sewn lines.

The fabric may fray over time if used carelessly. Scratches may appear on the frames of plastic suitcases.

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