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Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter: reviews, specifications

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Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter: reviews, specifications
Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter: reviews, specifications

Scooter is a popular means of transportation among children. It not only allows you to diversify the leisure time of kids, but also contributes to the development of coordination and strengthening the muscles of the legs and back. Choosing a scooter often takes a lot of time for parents, because it must be reliable and of high quality. The three-wheeled model described in the article meets these requirements.


"U SKU RT TRIO 120" is a folding scooter for children over 2 years old. The three-wheel system provides stable movement at any slope. The main feature of the scooter is the patented folding system. The manufacturer has developed a unique folding mechanism by moving the handle to a horizontal position. The folded scooter is easy to carry and store.

scooter y scoo rt trio 120 reviews
scooter y scoo rt trio 120 reviews

Stability is another important advantage that the Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter has. Reviews from parents confirm the safety of the device for children. The scooter of this model is ideal for kids from 2 years old who are just learningride. The model is made in a beautiful bright design. The scooter has a stylish and modern look. In terms of strength and build quality, this vehicle surpasses many well-known analogues.


The Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter, reviews and ratings of which mainly relate to design features, has excellent technical parameters. The plastic platform of the model is made of thermoplastic polypropylene and coated with fiberglass for strength. The stand has an anti-slip sticker with a bright pattern.

The handle of the scooter is made of aluminum. Holders are covered with soft embossed rubber. The handle is adjustable in height up to 66 cm, which allows you to set the required level of holders according to the height of the child. The scooter wheels are made of durable molded polyurethane. Material stiffness - 82 A. The weight of the scooter without packaging is a little more than 2 kg. The platform measures 11.5 x 29.5 cm. The child vehicle can carry up to 50 kg.

children's tricycle scooter y scoo rt trio 120 reviews
children's tricycle scooter y scoo rt trio 120 reviews

The model is available in several colors: orange, green, gray, purple, red, pink and blue. Among boys, the Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 BLUE scooter is the most popular. Most girls choose PINK and RED.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter occupies one of the first places in the rating of three-wheeled vehicles for children. Reviews of most buyers confirm this. The model has many advantages:

  • Wide stable platform.
  • Non-slip coating.
  • Big wheels.
  • The presence of a folding mechanism.
  • Light weight.
  • Low cost.
  • Quality build.
  • Compared to models of other brands, the structure of the scooter is twice as strong.
scooter y scoo rt trio 120 blue
scooter y scoo rt trio 120 blue

With all the positive ratings, there are also technical flaws, due to the presence of which the Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 scooter cannot be considered the best. Feedback from some buyers indicates such shortcomings of the model:

  • Weak axle spring.
  • Insecure fixation of the platform to the handle.
  • The wheels turn hard.


Many parents buy their kids Y SCOO RT TRIO 120 children's tricycle scooter. Reviews about this transport are mostly positive. Parents noted the high quality of the scooter and the strength of the structure. This model is most often bought for 2-year-old kids to learn to ride. The platform on 3 wheels provides stability on any road. Some parents chose this model because of its size. Even a big child can ride the scooter freely.

Negative reviews are extremely rare and mostly relate to breakdowns that occur over time. It happens that the axial spring breaks on the scooter. Less often, buyers complain about the quality of fixing parts.

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