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Magnetic phone holder in the car: reviews. Car holders for smartphones

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Magnetic phone holder in the car: reviews. Car holders for smartphones
Magnetic phone holder in the car: reviews. Car holders for smartphones

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for automotive accessories for smartphones and tablets. A modern person actively uses technical innovations, therefore, he needs accessories that can create comfortable conditions for talking while driving. One of these devices are car holders for smartphones. What is it and how to use them, we will tell in the article.

What is a car phone holder?

This is a small device designed to mount a smartphone or tablet on the front of a car. The holder has a stable wide footboard, which is attached to the surface, and fixing elements for the phone. Judging by the reviews of motorists, it can be installed in any place convenient for the driver and passengers. Some devices can even be attached to the headrests of the seats.

magnetic phone holder for carreviews
magnetic phone holder for carreviews

Benefits of using holder

Users in their reviews note the many advantages of such a device:

  1. Holds the phone securely when cornering and hard braking.
  2. The phone is always at hand. The driver can carry on a conversation without holding a smartphone.
  3. Allows you to use your favorite apps while driving.
  4. Neat appearance.
  5. Compact size, thanks to which the device does not take up much space.
  6. Mobility fixture. If necessary, you can change the location of the holder in a few seconds.
  7. Universal models can hold netbooks, tablets and navigators.
car holders for smartphones
car holders for smartphones

Varieties of car holders

Today, manufacturers of telephone accessories produce different types of holders to best meet the needs of the modern buyer. Depending on the configuration and installation method, all holders for smartphones are divided into the following groups:

  • Suction cup models. These holders are mounted on a smooth surface and are usually used to place on glass.
  • Devices in the form of a telescopic rod, which is mounted on two headrests. Judging by customer reviews, this original solution allows you to move the phone along the entire length of the bar.
  • Holders with rigid placement. They are usually mounted on glass or near the multimedia system. Drivers claim that such devices are intended for stationaryuse and can withstand even a netbook.
  • Car holders for smartphones on telescopic brackets. They are attached to the skids of the front seat. Reviews from motorists indicate that such holders allow passengers sitting in the rear seats to use smartphones.
  • Magnetic car holders. They operate on the principle of magnetic attraction. Devices of this type consist of two main parts: a stand that is attached to the car, and a magnet. Using a magnetic holder is much more convenient than similar devices with pockets and suction cups.
magnetic steelie phone holder
magnetic steelie phone holder

How to install a magnetic phone holder in a car?

Reviews often testify to the ease of mounting this device. But still, many buyers have questions about the rules for installing the holder. After acquiring the device, you must first determine the place for its installation. The magnetic holder is most conveniently placed near vehicle controls. Then you need to fix the device, according to the instructions from the manufacturer. It is important to check the reliability of the installation.

Judging by the feedback from drivers, the kit for the magnetic car holder includes a magnetic disk that needs to be mounted on the back of the phone or under the case. Usually double-sided tape is used to fix it. Then be sure to put the phone on the holder to check the convenience of the chosen place. This holder is easy to use. All you have to do is put your smartphone ondevice to grab them.

universal magnetic phone holder
universal magnetic phone holder

Is a magnetic phone holder harmful?

It is widely believed that magnetic car holders can harm modern gadgets when in contact with them. Scientists have done research. They tried to find out how the magnetic holder affects the phone. Their results disproved the occurrence of interference in the operation of the smartphone when fixing it on a magnetic device. So, the designs of modern phones are more advanced than the first models of mobile phones, in which images were created in the presence of a magnetic field. Current smartphones and tablets work on a completely different technology. Therefore, an external magnet cannot affect the functioning of the screen of modern gadgets in any way.

Also, the magnet does not affect the memory of smartphones. Today's phones and tablets use flash memory to store information. It does not contain magnetic parts and does not depend on the action of an external magnetic field. Not affected by the magnet and GPS services. Location is determined by satellite, not by geomagnetic waves. The only part that works on a magnet is the speakers. Studies have shown that the magnetic holder does not interfere with their functioning either.

Is a magnetic phone holder harmful?
Is a magnetic phone holder harmful?

How to choose?

In their reviews, users give recommendations that should be considered when buying a car holder for a smartphone. First of all, they advise you to decide for which device it will bebe used. If the holder is selected for a specific phone, it is better to purchase a device model from the same manufacturer. In another case, it is recommended to buy a universal magnetic phone holder, which has a wider application. It will be possible to install a phone of any brand on it.

In addition, judging by the feedback from consumers, it is important to choose a place where the holder will be located. This depends on the type of fastening. On sale there are holders on suction cups, on double-sided tape and on bolts. The first option is considered the most practical. The most reliable fastening is screw. But it is more suitable for stationary installation of the device. Well-known manufacturers produce magnetic holders of various designs. Optionally, you can choose a device to match the color of the car or phone.

Steelie device review

Steelie magnetic phone holder is the most popular among buyers. The fixture of this brand has the following features:

  1. Universal application. The holder is suitable for tablets and smartphones of all models.
  2. Easy to use. The phone attaches and detaches in one motion.
  3. Wide base with spherical structure for easy tilt adjustment.
  4. Ability to use not only in the car, but also on any metal surface.
  5. Steelie is the most compact magnetic car phone holder. Reviews often point out that the device is small in size, which is very convenient.
how does the magnetic holder affect the phone
how does the magnetic holder affect the phone


Many motorists have already managed to try out a magnetic car holder from personal experience. In general, buyers were satisfied with this device. They praised the practicality and versatility of the magnetic car phone holder. Reviews relate to the small size of the magnetic device. It is convenient to use and easy to install. People especially liked the ability to put any gadget on the holder. Therefore, many people use the device for GPS navigators.

There are also buyers who did not like the magnetic phone holder in the car. The reviews with photos illustrate what the phone looks like when using such a holder. To keep the smartphone on a magnetic ball, you need to stick a special magnetic disk to the back cover. According to buyers, this spoils the appearance of the phone.

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