"Geyser Bio 321": description, specifications and reviews

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"Geyser Bio 321": description, specifications and reviews
"Geyser Bio 321": description, specifications and reviews

Video: "Geyser Bio 321": description, specifications and reviews

Video: "Geyser Bio 321": description, specifications and reviews
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The quality of drinking water directly affects the he alth of every person. Modern devices allow you to purify running water from impurities and harmful substances at home. One of the best filters is Geyser Bio 321. Thanks to its simple application and compact size, this device has become indispensable in everyday life.


The Geyser Bio 321 filter is a three-stage system for water purification. It allows you to change the composition of water to ideal levels. It can be drunk with little or no boiling.

The filter works on a unique technology developed by Geyser. For water purification, a special cartridge "Aragon Bio" was created with a special biocidal additive. It destroys viruses and bacteria that can live in running water. After passing through the filter, the water is safe even for small children.

The cartridge provides long-term protection against viruses, which has not yet been possible with other cleaner manufacturers.

The Geyser Bio 321 system has been certified according to the GOST system, which confirms 100% removaldangerous microorganisms.

The filter effectively purifies water from viruses, nitrates, heavy metals, active chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, and also normalizes the amount of s alts and minerals.

geyser bio 321
geyser bio 321

Technical parameters

Let's get acquainted with the characteristics:

  1. The pressure in the system is 1.5-7 atmospheres.
  2. Cleaning speed - 3 l/min.
  3. Resource of a mechanical cartridge - 6 thousand liters.
  4. Productivity of Aragon Bio cartridge – 7 thousand l.
  5. Operating temperature - up to 40 degrees.
  6. The weight of the device is 6.5 kg.
  7. Filter life is 10 years.
  8. Mount type - under the kitchen sink.

The complete set of the system differs significantly from analogues of other manufacturers. The device uses cartridges developed according to the latest scientific achievements. They have a high sorption capacity and are characterized by a long service life. Geyser cartridges also use additives that affect the smell, color and taste of water.

The filter uses a chrome-plated faucet, made in a modern design. The body is made of durable wear-resistant material.

filter geyser bio 321
filter geyser bio 321

Cleaning steps

Geyser Bio 321 purifies water in 3 stages.

The first stage is mechanical filtration. Provides for the removal of sand and various kinds of particles that do not dissolve from the water. They are assembled in a mechanical PFM cartridge. The particle size that the filter can remove is from 5 microns.

Second cleaning stage– water filtration through the “Aragon Bio” cartridge. During this stage, the concentration of calcium and magnesium s alts in the water decreases. Special substances contribute to the complete degreasing of water.

Third step - run through the MMB cartridge. In this cycle, water passes through a special carbon fiber developed by Geyser. The use of fiber significantly increases the life of the cartridge.

If necessary, the device can be completed with inserts with ion-exchange resin and carbon. This possibility is provided by the design of the filter.

geyser bio 321 reviews
geyser bio 321 reviews

Installation features

The Geyser Bio 321 system is designed for stationary use in kitchens. The design of the cleaner makes it easy to install the device in a kitchen cabinet under the sink. Then the system will be close to the water supply.

Installed filters do not take up much space and are completely invisible.

Only a specialist or a representative of the manufacturer should install and connect the Geyser Bio 321 water filter. The connection of all parts should be carried out strictly according to the instructions.

Cold water must be turned off before installation. After that, remove the filter from the packaging and remove the transport plugs with a screwdriver. Then you need to check whether the filter flasks are well tightened. Cut the tube that is included in the kit into 2 parts and connect them to the inlet and outlet of the filter. Install the filter in the selected location.

To connect to the water supply, you must install in the linecold water adapter tee and screw a ball valve into it. Seal all connections properly.

Connect a washer with a plastic tube to the ball valve fitting. This tube is connected to the cartridge system. The purifier is connected to the faucet with the same connecting tube.

The assembly and installation of the crane is carried out according to the instructions.

water filter geyser bio 321
water filter geyser bio 321

Recommendations for use

The filter should be thoroughly rinsed before first use.

For ease of maintenance, it is recommended to fix the filter at least 15 cm from the floor.

Forbidden to untwist factory connections without the need.

In order for the Aragon Bio cartridge not to crack, it must always be kept moist.

If the filter is not used for a long time, periodically add water to the housing.

After each replacement of cartridges, the filter must be washed for 5 minutes.

bio geyser filter 321 reviews
bio geyser filter 321 reviews


Most buyers highly appreciated the Geyser Bio 321 filter. Feedback on this model is extremely positive. Users noted the high performance of the cleaner and a long service life. The filter serves for years, performing its functions qualitatively.

Many noted the taste of water purified by the Geyser system. Filtered water is safe to drink raw.

Reliability of parts is another important argument why customers choose the Geyser Bio 321 filter. Reviews are often about build qualitysystems and no breakdowns. The purifier is easy to maintain, and replacement cartridges are much cheaper than other well-known analogues.