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LED table lamp with dimmer: model reviews

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LED table lamp with dimmer: model reviews
LED table lamp with dimmer: model reviews

Now you can do needlework, read books or make something at any time of the day thanks to modern lamps. Dimmable LED table lamp provides high-quality lighting in the work area. And a wide variety of models makes it possible to choose the right option.

Lamp features

The dimmable LED table lamp is a small luminaire designed to illuminate a limited area of a room. LEDs are used as light sources in this lamp. During operation, they almost do not heat up and consume little electricity.

The main feature of the LED table lamp is the ability to change the brightness of the lighting. This allows you to create soft light, if you need lighting for simple household tasks, or maximum brightness for work that requires precision. Brightness control function saves energy.

Depending on the model, the LED lamp may have additional features:

  1. Rotary stand - allows you to change the direction of the light.
  2. The presence of a shutdown timer.
  3. Touch control - the user can turn the lamp on and off with the touch of a hand.
  4. Availability of connectors for recharging mobile devices.
LED table lamp with dimmer
LED table lamp with dimmer

Selection rules

The range of modern LED lamps for local lighting is quite wide. When choosing a device, you should consider for what purposes the lamp is selected. It is equally important to decide on the necessary functions that the lamp should have.

It is recommended to buy a lamp with a movable structure, which allows you to change the tilt of the light panel and adjust the height. This will allow you to customize local lighting depending on the work being done.

For schoolchildren, a LED table lamp with a dimmer on a long, unbending stem is suitable. The simple design will not distract the child when doing homework.

When choosing a lamp, you should also consider the size of the workplace where it will be placed. If the area of \u200b\u200bthe table or cabinet is large, there are no restrictions on the choice of model in this case. With a limited workspace, it is better to choose a lamp with a small base.

The quality of the device largely depends on the brand of the manufacturer. Good lamps are produced by Supra, Orient and Maxion.

table led lamp withdimmer feedback
table led lamp withdimmer feedback

Supra table lamps

Lamps of this brand are of high quality and durability. They are made using the latest technology using durable materials.

The Supra dimmable LED table lamp is an innovative device for children and adults. The manufacturer produces a number of models with the following functions:

  • touch on/off;
  • 5 brightness levels;
  • presence of a timer/clock/alarm/calendar;
  • built-in thermometer;
  • touch backlight control;
  • presence of a stand for stationery.

Supra Benefits:

  1. The fixtures use high-brightness LED lamps.
  2. Low power consumption.
  3. Lamps operate without flicker, which is safe for the eyes.
  4. Ability to rotate the cover in 4 directions.
  5. Service life - 30 thousand hours.

Lamps "Supra" have an original design and fit well into any interior.

dimmable led table lamp
dimmable led table lamp

Orient table lamp

One of the best LED table lamps with dimmer Orient L 022 USB is considered. The duration of one LED is 50 thousand hours. The peculiarity of the lamp is powered by a USB port or by batteries.

The design of the lamp is made of durable colored plastic. Bendable chrome leg allows you to adjust the height of the lamp and change the anglelight.

There is a built-in switch/dimmer on the lamp platform.

The lamp uses 8 white LEDs.

LED table lamp with dimmer orient l 022 usb
LED table lamp with dimmer orient l 022 usb

Benefits of the Maxion LTK 1600 lamp

Optimal lighting is provided by the Korean-made Maxion table lamp. The luminaire uses high quality Korean LEDs.

The Maxion LTK 1600 dimmable LED table lamp is able to work for a long time without tiring your eyesight. The device is suitable for long reading or computer work.

Lamp specifications:

  • 3 lighting levels;
  • the presence of a diffusion filter;
  • LED lifetime - 6 years;
  • flexible metal tripod;
  • touch control panel.

The plafond consists of 3 transforming elements that can be moved. By changing the position of the luminous blocks, you can adjust the intensity of illumination.

The stable base ensures that the lamp will stand in any position.

supra dimmable LED table lamp
supra dimmable LED table lamp

Diy dimmable LED table lamp

You can make your own LED table lamp. To make a compact USB powered device you will need:

  • high brightness LED;
  • resistor - 0.5W;
  • switch;
  • microphone;
  • USB cable.

During work, you will need tools: a soldering iron, a needle file, a drill, mounting wires.

First you need to disassemble the microphone and unsolder its main part. The microphone wire can be used to power the LED. Then solder the LED. After that, cut off the end of the USB cable so that only the wire with the connector remains. Remove part of the insulation from the red ("plus") and black ("minus") wires and place inside the lamp.

For the USB wire and cord, drill holes in the microphone stand with a drill. Mount the switch and fix it with screws. Solder the red wire to the central terminal of the switch. Solder a resistor to the remaining wire.

To the second end of the resistance, solder a wire connected to the "positive" contact of the LED. The wire leading to the "minus" of the bulb must be fixed with the black wire of the USB cable.

To increase the safety of the device and protect the wires from breaks, it is recommended to make an additional bottom made of textolite for the lamp stand.

The current source for such a lamp is a computer.

], LED table lamp with maxion ltk 1600 dimmer
], LED table lamp with maxion ltk 1600 dimmer


Many customers liked the dimmable LED table lamp. Reviews are mostly positive. Basically, such a lamp is bought by parents for their children in order to improve the quality of desk lighting.

Most of the buyers appreciated the benefits of LED table lamps. They liked that the lamps are economicalelectricity and do not harm the eyes. The only moment that affects the decision of buyers to purchase a lamp is the price. A dimmable LED table lamp is more expensive than conventional lamps.

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