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How to fold a transforming stroller: rules and recommendations

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How to fold a transforming stroller: rules and recommendations
How to fold a transforming stroller: rules and recommendations

Many young families prefer transforming strollers. They are easy to use and easy to transport. These strollers are especially popular in cities where most people live in apartment buildings.

When buying a transforming stroller, parents do not always remember how to fold it, and the instructions from the manufacturer are often not included. This article describes the basic tips on how to fold a convertible stroller.

What is a transforming stroller

This is a multifunctional stroller that combines the carrycot and seat at the same time. Choosing this model, parents save space and money, as there is no need to store additional blocks or buy another stroller. The ability to quickly fold and unfold is another important advantage that makes the transforming stroller very popular.

Instructions usually contain images with instructions on how touse a stroller. Some manufacturers attach only a warranty card and a small memo containing general information in a foreign language to the product. The first folding of these strollers usually turns into a long and complicated process.

In order not to damage the connecting elements and learn how to assemble a transforming stroller in a few seconds, even when choosing a model, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the folding scheme.

how to fold a stroller transformer
how to fold a stroller transformer

How to fold a convertible stroller

Most models of these strollers are folded as follows:

  1. Press the brake pedal and lower the hood as much as possible.
  2. Fix the seatback in a horizontal position.
  3. Move the pen in the opposite direction.
  4. Pull the side latches, which are usually provided in convertible strollers.
  5. Slightly pull the body forward. As a result, the stroller should fold in half.
  6. Fix the position with a special lever from accidental folding.

There is a second way to fold a transforming stroller. First you need to lower the frame, and then throw the handle in the other direction.

In recent years, many manufacturers have released models in which buttons are provided instead of locking levers. They work according to the standard folding principle.

stroller transformer 3 in 1
stroller transformer 3 in 1

Full disassembly of the stroller

There are strollers that require a deeper disassembly to fold. How to fold the strollertransformer, consisting of separate blocks, sellers usually tell. Often it is necessary to remove the cradle and then fold the frame. In this way, transforming strollers are folded, consisting of several blocks: cradles, car seats and frames.

To remove the cradle, you must press the special levers located on the sides. They hold the locking elements that connect the upper unit to the chassis.

When pressed, slightly pull the cradle so that the connecting parts come out of the grooves. This folding system is convenient for transporting the stroller in small cars. The 3 in 1 transforming stroller fits in any car if it is disassembled into separate blocks.

stroller transformer instruction
stroller transformer instruction

Bebetto Stroller Folding Rule

Bebetto strollers are one of the cheapest and most practical models. They are popular among modern moms because of the high quality. The stroller is sturdy and folds quickly.

It turns out that many young parents do not know how to fold the Bebetto transformable stroller. Models of this brand are folded according to the “book” principle in two movements. First you need to put the brakes on the stroller to immobilize the wheels. If the stroller uses a carrycot, pull the side levers at the top of the handle towards you. Then you need to drag the handle in the opposite direction until it stops. At the same time, you can push the footrest forward with your foot. You should hear a click when the chassis is properly folded. It is important not to lean too hard, otherwise the frame may be damaged.

Transforming strollers "Bebetto" infolded state is not fixed in any way. This should be taken into account when transporting the product assembled.

Unfolding Bebetto strollers is even easier than folding them. To do this, pull the handle towards you until the side latches work.

If the top of the stroller is set to the seat unit position, the seat and hood must be lowered. Then you need to lower the handle by pressing on the special buttons located under the armrests.

how to fold a stroller transformer bebetto
how to fold a stroller transformer bebetto

Features of folding Montana strollers

This is a classic 3 in 1 convertible stroller featuring a simple design. The kit includes a removable cradle with large portable handles, a roomy walking block and a chassis. The frame has a mechanism that allows you to throw the handle in the other direction.

There are small knobs on the left and right sides, pressing them loosens the chassis. Lowering the handle folds the frame.

How to fold the Montana transforming stroller is shown in the figure. It is enough to pull the handle up to activate the latches. This movement is performed with one hand without much effort.

how to fold a stroller transformer montana
how to fold a stroller transformer montana

General recommendations

Regardless of the brand of stroller, it is important to follow a few rules that will keep the original appearance of the stroller and extend its life.

Toys and other items that may interfere with folding should be removed from the stroller. If possible, it is advisable to empty the trunk. To carry thingsit is better to use the bag that is usually included.

The hood needs to be folded down. This will make the top of the stroller less bulky.

Remove the bag from the frame. Release the latches and gently move the structure in the desired direction until it is fully folded.

A folded stroller should only be carried by the frame or by special handles, if provided by the manufacturer.

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