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"Princess Celestia" - a toy for girls

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"Princess Celestia" - a toy for girls
"Princess Celestia" - a toy for girls

Princess Celestia is a toy with a set of features for the development and learning of young girls. The colorful pony is very popular among kids. The toy not only entertains the child, but also forms important skills.

Interactive horse

Princess Celestia is a unicorn pony toy. The toy is a copy of the character from the popular cartoon about princess sisters Friendship is Magic. According to the story, Celestia rules Everest and is a mentor to other ponies.

Interactive toy designed for girls aged 3 to 10 years old. It is made in full accordance with the princess from the cartoon. The white torso, long legs, luxurious multi-colored mane and large wings convey the image of the famous character as much as possible. The head is crowned and slightly tilted.

The toy comes with a comb and a set of hairpins. Playing with a pony, you can comb it and make any hairstyle. The silky and sleek purplish pink curls give the toy a magical look.

For preschool girls, Princess Celestia can be a great friend. What about childrenthe older ones use the horse to decorate their toy collection.

Princess Celestia is made of high quality non-toxic plastic. The product does not contain small parts. It is safe for children of all ages to play with a horse.

The manufacturer guarantees its high quality and long service life.

The photo of Princess Celestia's toy is shown below.

princess celestia toy
princess celestia toy

Toy specifications

  1. Moving wings.
  2. Function to play popular cartoon phrases in English.
  3. Wing illumination in several modes.
  4. Battery powered.
  5. The size of the toy is 15 cm.
  6. Weight - 150 g.
  7. Manufacturer - Hasbro (USA).


  • pony;
  • crown and necklace;
  • plastic comb;
  • 4 hair clips in pink, purple, yellow and blue.

Princess Celestia is a toy that can move and talk. When activated, the pony flaps its wings and sings songs in the original language. For this purpose, a button is provided on the body of the princess, when pressed, the toy “comes to life”.

The pony is made in an original design that meets the requirements of cartoon fans. The torso is decorated with patterns.

The toy comes in a colorful cardboard box.

photos of princess celestia toys
photos of princess celestia toys

Pony constructor

Toys "My Little Pony Princess Celestia" are available in another no less interesting version. Hasbrocreated a pony in the form of a constructor. The toy is a horse with a set of detachable tails and manes.

Collecting a toy is within the power of every girl. First you need to connect the two parts of the body and attach the wings to it. Then choose one of the two tails and manes and fix them on the horse. To decorate the pony, the kit includes stickers and a marker.

toys my little pony princess celestia
toys my little pony princess celestia

Torso and wings are made of high quality plastic. The mane is made of soft purple fabric.

Parts, accessories and figures from other My Little Pony construction sets are compatible with the Princess Celestia set. The toy is intended for girls from 4 to 8 years old.

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