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Which baby rompers are best? Rules for choosing diapers for newborns

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Which baby rompers are best? Rules for choosing diapers for newborns
Which baby rompers are best? Rules for choosing diapers for newborns

Rompers and undershirts for newborns are their first clothes. It is very important to choose them correctly, because at this age the child cannot yet let you know that he does not like the clothes (small, rubs the skin, unpleasant to the touch).

Which is better - rompers or diapers?

It's no secret that the word "sliders" comes from the word "crawl". Our mothers and grandmothers used to swaddle the baby tightly in the first two or three months of life, and diapers were the first clothes for the baby. Today, some mothers put on baby sliders almost from birth. So which is better? Of course, sliders are absolutely necessary when the baby begins to sit, let alone crawl. It is recommended to stop swaddling when the child stops jerking his arms in his sleep and waking up due to excessive physical activity. Everything is very individual.

rompers for newborns
rompers for newborns

Some babies sleep peacefully without swaddling already in the hospital, and some need to wrap their legs up to 2-3 months. You should also know that the baby will be warmer in the sliders than in the diaper.

How many baby rompers to buy? While you're swaddling4 pieces of warm and 4 pieces of thin will be enough. If you do not use diapers, then you will need 20-25 sliders: you will have to change them about 10 times a day, one batch in the wash, use the other. Do not buy a lot of panties at once, maybe the child will be more comfortable in a diaper. Also, first decide which model is more convenient for you and your baby.

What are baby rompers for newborns

Rompers are panties connected with socks. They are made in two models.

  • Demi-overalls. High, close the back and chest, on the shoulders there are straps with fasteners (buttons), buttons or ties. This model is warm, it warms the baby's back. High-breasted rompers are comfortable when baby starts to crawl, and the back can be quite open.

  • P rompers with an elastic band - a simple and convenient option. The band can be wide or narrow. It is important that she does not cut into the tummy.

Overalls (slips) cover the arms and legs and at the same time allow you to quickly change the diaper thanks to the fasteners in the front. They're not exactly sliders, but they also cover the legs.

rompers and undershirts for newborns
rompers and undershirts for newborns

Which model is more convenient will depend only on your preferences. You need to try both of them, and then buy the full set.


Baby rompers are sized according to baby's body length in centimeters.

  • For newborns: 50, 52, 54, 56. If they buy clothes before childbirth, they usually buypants size 56.

  • Then each size increases by six centimeters: 62, 68, 74 and so on.

At this age, the baby will add about one size every month. To make it easier to navigate when buying clothes, look at the size chart for the age of the baby.

The average sizes of sliders depending on age are as follows: from birth to 1 month - 56th, at 2-3 months - 62nd, at 3-4 months - 68th, at 5-6 months - 74th, at 7-8 months - 80th, from 9 months to a year - 86th size. At one and a half years old, children grow up to an average of 92 sizes.

Do not buy a lot of clothes of the same size at once - the crumbs grow quickly, some things moms do not even have time to put on the baby.

What to look for when buying a slider

Cheap rompers for newborns can and should be bought, but pay attention to the following details.

  • The material from which clothes are made. Avoid any inclusion of synthetics. Only natural fabrics based on cotton, linen and wool. Warm sliders are sewn from flannel, baize (footer), terry. Light things - from chintz or knitwear: this is a cooler, interlock, ribana with lace. All natural fabrics are soft to the touch, pleasant to the body, breathable, absorb moisture well.

  • Check the seams. They should be of high quality processed, soft to the touch, do not rub the skin. It is better to buy the first sliders for the baby with the seams outward - this way you protect the baby from discomfort as much as possible.

  • The fabric must be wear-resistant, goodquality, as children's clothes are washed frequently. Colors are preferably neutral, in pastel colors.

    cheap rompers for newborns
    cheap rompers for newborns
  • Fasteners should be located in convenient places, not to interfere with the child. Buttons on the shoulders are more practical than ties and buttons. Tall models should have closures to facilitate diaper changes.

  • The elastic band is elastic enough but not too tight.

Do-it-yourself sliders: sew or knit?

This piece of children's clothing has a simple pattern. Sew sliders more often from knitwear, one-piece. The pattern consists of two large parts: front and back. Feet are sewn separately. If the fabric does not stretch well, then the front part is made a little wider, and a gusset is also inserted between the legs.

rompers for newborns with knitting needles
rompers for newborns with knitting needles

You can knit or crochet baby rompers for newborns. The knitting pattern is also simple and accessible even to beginners, since clothes for small children do not require complex patterns. For newborns, yarn from 100% cotton thread is used, for children from six months and older, you can knit things from pure wool or with the addition of 10-20% synthetic thread (if you do not plan to wear such sliders on your naked body). 100% acrylic yarn, although very similar to wool, is not very hygienic.

Whether you are buying, sewing or knitting newborn baby rompers, pay attention to the quality and comfort of clothing. After all, comfortable and practical clothing will provide goodmood for both the baby and his mother.

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