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Stylish wall sconce
Stylish wall sconce

When decorating a living room, interior decor plays an important role. It often uses elements that are intended not only for aesthetics, but also for functionality. Often, for example, sconces are hung on the wall. Devices of this type can not only emphasize the overall design concept, but also illuminate certain areas, successfully delimiting the space in the room.

Design features

Most often, sconces are installed on the wall. They are small lighting devices that have a body, a lamp, a switch and a diffuse or reflective ceiling. In the manufacture, completely different materials are used, so you can choose a design for any style.

The case of modern models is made of metal. It can be stainless steel or aluminum. Rustic products are often equipped with a body made of wood and other natural materials. Plafonds are most often made of glass or plastic, but sometimes fabric or artificial leather is used instead. Others are quite possibleoptions.

Mostly wall sconces are hung on the wall with the number of shades from 1 to 3. They can be decorated with rhinestones, precious stones or mosaics. Both conventional incandescent lamps and halogen, LED or fluorescent counterparts act as light sources.

Sconce in the form of candlesticks
Sconce in the form of candlesticks

All main functions

When buying wall sconces, you need to understand what they are for. Devices perform many functions.

  • Devices are often used to provide additional lighting in a certain area of the room.
  • Decor elements allow you to divide space into zones. A room can have several functional areas at once.
  • Products are sometimes used to organize the main lighting in small rooms where the installation of a full-fledged chandelier is not possible.
  • Using wall sconces, you can successfully highlight some significant elements of decor.
  • Light fixtures are often used purely for decorative purposes, being an additional interior detail.

Design advantages

Wall sconces have a lot of advantages. The main one is in a wide range of applications. Elements complement the interiors of various rooms. They are used in living rooms, nurseries and bathrooms, offices, kitchens, hallways and corridors.

The range of products is very wide. If necessary, you can hang inexpensive sconces on the wall, saving money, or purchase exquisite models that attract the attention of an unusualbeauty. The number of options is just great.

From other pluses it should be noted:

  • compact dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • economical consumption of electrical energy;
  • convenient operation.
wall sconce lamps
wall sconce lamps

If you install a battery-powered wall sconce, you can save yourself the trouble of hiding the wires. That is why such models are highly popular with consumers today.

In the living room interior

Quite often, such rooms in modern apartments have only one window, located on the north side, so you can’t do without an additional light source. Instead of floor lamps and voluminous chandeliers, it is recommended to hang elegant sconces on the wall. With their help, you can light up all the dark areas of the room.

Most often decor elements have:

  • on both sides of a real or decorative fireplace;
  • above the lounge sofa;
  • on the sides of the window opening;
  • inside special designs in the form of decorative niches;
  • next to the wall mirror;
  • on massive columns.

There are other options for placing appliances, but they require more precise interior design planning. As for the type of decor details, they can vary significantly. The main thing is that they fit a specific style decision. In the classic version of the design, forged sconces look interesting. They are usually hung on the wall next to the basic items.interior.

In bedroom design

In this room, the devices serve as nightlights, so they are usually placed above the bedside tables. Lighting fixtures will also be appropriate at the dressing tables. A set that includes several wall elements and a stand-alone floor lamp looks very interesting.

cheap wall sconces
cheap wall sconces

If a room has south-facing windows and a light finish, then just install a couple of inexpensive wall sconces in it on the wall directly above the bedside tables. When decorated in dark colors, additional appliances can be placed at the foot of the bed. Ambient lighting for the bedroom is perfect. It allows you to create a romantic mood.

In the design of the bathroom

The peculiarity of the room is high humidity. It is for this reason that it is necessary to install moisture-resistant sconces in the bathroom. They can be hung on the wall in different places. If there is a toilet, space zoning will be relevant.

The use of such fixtures allows you to bring a breath of fresh air into the interior of the bathroom. Without them, the design may seem boring and rather the same. Appliances can be placed on either side of the mirror or directly above the bathtub.

Location in the corridor or hallway

Often such premises are closed, that is, they do not have access to natural light. In this case, the only correct option is to use additional devices. Wall sconces will be relevant,capable of not only illuminating the side surfaces, but also creating a pleasant homely atmosphere.

Lighting elements are often placed in front of the mirror or on the sides. You can also simply decorate an empty wall, then you do not have to hang additional frames or paintings.

battery operated wall sconce
battery operated wall sconce

Kitchen placement

Wall lighting fixtures in this room allow you to highlight the dining room or other functional areas. It is recommended to allocate certain areas if the ceilings have several tiers. You can install a pair of lamps, placing them symmetrically next to some piece of furniture. A set of two elements looks more interesting. When installing sconces in the kitchen on the wall, it is best to give preference to simple models that are not overloaded with a lot of additional details.

Stylistic features

In modern interiors, the design direction plays an important role. It is worth choosing a lamp, starting from it.

  • Minimalism is a fairly popular style trend in modern design. When it is used in the design, designs are acquired that have relatively simple forms and are distinguished by the absence of any decor.
  • Hi-tech is a style that is inherent in functionality. In this case, portable type devices with various adjustment methods are selected.
  • Ethnic styles include the presence of motives of the culture of certain peoples. They use lace lampshades with all sorts of ornaments andvintage ways of design.
  • Modern is characterized by uneven contours, so purchased models must have non-standard shapes. Plafonds with clear geometry are not suitable in this case.
  • Rustic style with inexpensive materials. With this design, a wall lamp with a wooden body, painted in discreet colors, would be appropriate.
  • Oriental style is starting to gain popularity. In such cases, sconces with hieroglyphs or a peculiar ornament are purchased.
wrought iron wall sconces
wrought iron wall sconces

Despite the variety of styles, in recent years there has been a trend towards smooth contours in classic design. Other areas fade into the background, but do not lose their relevance as a whole.

Design recommendations

When installing wall lights, experts suggest following certain points.

  1. Recommended element installation height is 2m. Sufficient area is covered at this distance from the floor.
  2. When hanging a sconce on the wall in the bedroom, to create subdued light, you can place the device in close proximity to the floor.
  3. In spacious rooms, lamps can be installed directly under the ceiling, then the room will be decorated with a specific light pattern. This option is most promising if there is a glossy surface on top.
  4. It is recommended to install elements in one row in the corridors to visually expand the narrow space.

Wall lamps in a modern interior do not protrude intoas necessary decor details, but they make the design harmonious and complete. Neglecting indoor lighting is not recommended.

Operation and Possible Malfunctions

Wall appliances are installed in rooms for various purposes. It is only necessary to choose the right design so that they are successfully combined with the existing interior. For bathrooms and other areas with a wet regime, it is advisable to hang LED sconces on the wall in a sealed enclosure. It is best if they are rated for 12 volts.

LED wall sconces
LED wall sconces

Over time, devices may stop functioning due to deterioration of contacts directly in the cartridge. In this case, it is replaced. The reason for the failure of the cartridge may be the use of light bulbs with a power for which the device is not designed.

Often cracks appear in structures equipped with glass or plastic shades. This is due to excessive tightening of the screws. The problem is solved by replacing the lampshades. Some models have a chain that performs the function of fastening. It can be purchased separately if necessary and quickly changed.


Famous appliance manufacturers

The trademarks listed in the table are popular.


German manufacturer of elite class lighting equipment. The combination of innovative technologies with manual work gives an excellent result. The models impress with their design, and their quality is at the highest level. ATmainly produced products decorated with crystal pendants.


The manufacturer has been manufacturing lighting equipment since 2009. Priority are models with crystal decor. The catalog contains a huge number of original design solutions so that the consumer can choose the best option for a particular room.

ST Luce

Italian manufacturer produces products with a revolutionary design. The company has been operating since 2001. In production, only high-quality materials are used. Trendy models are ideal for modern, techno, hi-tech or loft decor.

Children's room selection

The child's room is exactly the place where the baby begins to explore the world. Therefore, all elements in the room should please him and contribute to development. Even hanging baby sconces on the wall is necessary after careful planning. When choosing, you should pay attention to a number of points:

  • safety compliance;
  • presence of an adjustable switch;
  • no elements that could lead to injury;
  • security of electrical wiring and bulbs;
  • strength and reliability of the case;
  • easy to operate.

If the above nuances are taken into account, then there will be no potential danger for the child.

Connection and installation process

In the room whereit is supposed to hang a sconce, the electricity is turned off. Using a marker or pencil, the installation site is marked. Dowels are used as fasteners if the wall is concrete. Ordinary self-tapping screws are screwed into a wooden surface.

wrought iron wall sconces
wrought iron wall sconces

The power cable is stripped, after which the block with terminals for its connection is unscrewed. Wires are connected according to the manufacturer's instructions. After tightening the screws, the block with the terminals closes. Using suitable fasteners, the device is fixed to the side surface. A bulb of the required power is screwed into it and a ceiling is installed.

At the final stage, it remains to connect the device to the mains and check the operation. After switching on, the light should not blink. If necessary, the wires can be hidden in strobes or covered with decorative elements.

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