Curtains for the kitchen: ideas, features of choice
Curtains for the kitchen: ideas, features of choice

Video: Curtains for the kitchen: ideas, features of choice

Video: Curtains for the kitchen: ideas, features of choice
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It is not wrong to say that the kitchen is a place of attraction for the whole family. Often this can be observed when a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort is created in it. Indeed, at all times, it was near the hearth that the family gathered, and now it is the kitchen that is such. Warmth and comfort in this room are created by paints and decorative elements, and additional comfort will be provided by properly selected curtains for the kitchen, the variety of which may even surprise you a little. After all, they are distinguished by length, width, texture and style. The main thing here is not to get confused and make the right choice.

Roman, short and long curtains. Description, Features

There are a huge number of species. Some of them are suitable only for rooms and interiors in a classic style, and some are in perfect harmony with the hi-tech and rustic style. Thus, the following options for curtains for the kitchen are distinguished:

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony
Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony
  1. Roman. Very popular as kitchen curtains. They are attached to the opening or even the window sash. By their principle, they are similar to blinds. But unlike them, they do not fully add up,but only partially, thereby providing access to the windowsill. This is especially convenient if curtains are selected for a small kitchen. True, and here there are some peculiarities.
  2. Long curtains for the kitchen on the window are good when the room is spacious enough, the ceilings are high. In this case, the window is located in the dining area. Most often, for such cases, combinations of tulle and curtains for the kitchen are chosen. Such combinations bring notes of lightness and airiness. The tulle can also be combined with various decors to suit the interior.
  3. Short curtains for the kitchen are more common in interiors that are close in style to the rustic. They look especially gentle when the colors used are softer, pastel tones. Short curtains for the kitchen are good because they do not reduce the space and do not block the light.

Roller blinds. What is better to combine with?

Another novelty is roller blinds, which are similar to Roman blinds by the method of fastening. They are made from fabric. Such curtains can have any texture and color. Their advantage is that they can either completely close the window or to a specific height. When fully folded, they are removed in a special box. Such curtains can also be combined with curtains, protecting the latter from fading and fading.

Curtains in the form of threads and blinds. Description of each species

Curtains in the form of threads that can be made from anything: beads, fabrics, bamboo and other materials. Their length is as diverse as the texture. And if you are not satisfied with the length in the set of curtains for the kitchen from threads, you canto correct independently without the master. Which is actually very convenient.

Short curtains for the kitchen
Short curtains for the kitchen

Now you can often find such an option when blinds are used as curtains for the kitchen on the window. The thing is that they are very easy to use. Caring for them is simple, they do not absorb dirt or smell, while the service life will be more than one year. Regarding the price, color and texture, the choice here is very large and is designed for different social groups of buyers.

Pelmets and eyelets. When and why are these elements used?

Pelmets are often used to add zest to the interior. This approach is more appropriate if the curtains are for a classic kitchen, although their use can often be found in styles such as Provence, Country and Art Deco.

Grommets are often used as fasteners for curtains. These are special rings integrated into the fabric and loops. In both cases, they look stylish and beautiful. It is also very convenient when there is a need to remove the curtains for cleaning.

As you can see from the presented variety, each housewife will be able to choose the very set of curtains that will look best in her interior. True, there is one “but” - what to do if the kitchen has a balcony. More on this later in the article.

Kitchen with a balcony. What should I look for when choosing curtains for such a room?

Given that most of the population in cities lives in apartment buildings, the question of how to deal with a balcony door when choosing curtains for the kitchen is very acute. After all, it is not only necessaryclose the window, and do it so that there is light access to the room and directly to the balcony itself. That is, curtains for a kitchen with a balcony should not interfere with the opening of the door. As a solution to such problems, experts advise:

  1. Use only light and light shades.
  2. Choose a combination of different types of curtains.
  3. If long tulle is chosen, then tiebacks and holders must be used.
  4. For ease of use, grommets are more suitable as fasteners, and more durable cornices should be chosen. Since they will be under increased load.

If you take into account the above recommendations, the curtains you choose will be more durable and comfortable. After all, curtains for a kitchen with a balcony get dirty much more often than in the rest of the house, especially when there is a stove next to the window and door.

What is the color of the curtains and what should I pay attention to when choosing?

The choice of curtains cannot be limited to one length and type, it is also important to choose a color that will best fit with the overall style of the room. Given the number of shades that exist, we can highlight the features of the main ones, that is:

Curtains for a classic kitchen
Curtains for a classic kitchen
  1. The choice of white for curtains is not the most practical. But at the same time they give lightness to the room and create a special comfort. Pair them with bright accents to make them more interesting.
  2. Red curtains will be good in an interior that lacks colors and brightness. Most often it is modern hi-tech. Such curtains are good for a white kitchen. So it will be possible to dilute the uniformity of color. For complete harmony, you can choose red curtains with a white pattern.
  3. If there is a lack of sunlight in the room where the kitchen is located, this problem can be solved by using orange curtains.
  4. When choosing a yellow color, you need to give preference to its lighter shades so as not to bring aggression into your interior. This color will be especially good for rustic style.
  5. If you really want to add warm coffee flowers to the kitchen, then it is better to choose curtains in such colors. Otherwise, similar shades of the walls will make the kitchen gloomy and even dark. And this is absolutely unacceptable. When choosing curtains for a small kitchen, you can opt for very light coffee tones.
  6. Lilac and purple colors combined with white will emphasize the luxury of a modern interior and create a summer mood.
  7. When adding bright shades of green, do not be zealous. It is better to introduce them into the interior in minimal quantities and in combination with white. This color is well suited for Roman or roller blinds that do not carry the main color load.
  8. Blue and blue curtain colors are good if the kitchen is located on the sunny side. They will create a feeling of coolness and freshness on a hot day.

Additionally, we note that the color of the curtains must be combined with the color of the furniture and walls so that there is no congestion.

Curtains tailored to the interior style

When considering different ideas for kitchen curtains, it is important to consider interior styles. After all, everything should be harmonious and beautiful here. And forTo achieve such a result, every little thing is important. Therefore, each interior style has its own recommendations. So:

Tulle for the kitchen
Tulle for the kitchen
  1. The classic style of the kitchen will suit the same classic set of curtains, consisting of three components: tulle, curtain and lambrequin. The problem with these elements is that they are very inconvenient to use. Since the curtains in the kitchen require more frequent care. Their use is advisable if the room is zoned to the working and dining area.
  2. For a Provence-style kitchen, simple curtains with a minimum number of patterns are good. Simplicity and naturalness give a special charm to such an interior. Therefore, diligence with colors and shapes will be inappropriate.
  3. For a modern style kitchen, functionality is a must. Roller blinds are suitable for him, which are also good for a small room with a balcony, tulle and threads. The most important thing is practicality, functionality and convenience
  4. If the kitchen is made in a rustic style, then curtains with lace, frills and wild flowers will be most appropriate. The length can be selected based on the characteristics of the room, it does not matter here.

When considering different ideas for kitchen curtains, remember that they should be in harmony with the mood and style that was originally conceived. If you want to mix several styles into one, then it is very important to do it carefully.

Features of fabrics for making curtains

Whatever curtains are chosen for the kitchen, they are all sewn from different materials. The modern market can offer themhuge variety. Moreover, they have increased resistance to external influences, retain their attractiveness and fresh appearance for a long time. The most popular curtain fabrics used in the kitchen are:

Kitchen curtain set
Kitchen curtain set
  1. Organza, which has almost no weight and looks great in any interior. In addition, it is very resistant to external influences. And thanks to its lightness, care is very simple.
  2. Tulle. Using this material for kitchen curtains will help diversify this room. This fabric can be found in different designs and from different materials (synthetics or natural fibers). Tulle can transform any curtain. It is easy to create different shapes from it, including lambrequins.
  3. Linen. If, when choosing curtains, the main emphasis is on naturalness, then linen curtains will be an excellent option. True, they have their drawbacks, namely, they are very wrinkled and shrink when washed. But at the same time they remain absolutely environmentally friendly and attractive.

Voile blinds are great when applied to roman or roller blinds, creating a warm ambiance with the color and the light that comes through with their translucent texture.

Tulle and curtains for the kitchen
Tulle and curtains for the kitchen

Thus, you can take into account the characteristics of fabrics when choosing the final shapes, textures and colors for curtains in the kitchen. This will be especially important for those women who spend most of their time in this room.

Where to buy the perfect curtains?

To buy the perfectcurtains for the kitchen, be sure to first determine which ones will be. It does not hurt to study current trends, along with expert advice. Armed with everything you need, you can move on to choosing a place to buy.

Today, any purchase can be made without leaving home. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet. There are many online stores in the network where you can buy such things. But in this case, there are several nuances, namely:

  1. Mismatch between the characteristics and quality of the received product and its description.
  2. High risk of site fraud.
  3. Difficulties with the return of goods and money paid.

This has its advantages:

  1. In addition to the fact that there is no need to go shopping, the goods can be received directly at home.
  2. The choice will be huge.
  3. Additionally, you can get discounts, bonuses and gifts.

When choosing an online store, it is very important to be confident in it. Therefore, it is important to check the information about:

  1. The timing of its existence.
  2. Costs of goods and delivery services. They should be average in the market if there are no promotional offers.
Curtains for a small kitchen
Curtains for a small kitchen

You should also read the reviews of other users. Only after that you can make the final choice in favor of a particular online store. However, a significant drawback of such purchases is that the goods cannot be seen and touched before payment. For this reason, as before, manyhousewives prefer going to the store or to the market.

Although here you need to be careful not to meet an unscrupulous seller who will deceive both with quality and price, and in case of claims, he will not return the money either. For this reason, the best places to shop remain such malls and centers where you can get a check for your purchase and guarantees. This may save you from problems related to returns in the future.

Small conclusion

Each person has their own ideas about the ideal and how the most comfortable interior should look like, but when it comes to the kitchen, women have no equal, because this particular room is their abode.

There is no need to save on this room. The place of the hearth and the general attraction of the family should be arranged in the best way. Everything should be verified here: colors, shapes, textures. Curtains should be combined with furniture, walls and even sometimes with tableware. So you can lay down family traditions, for example, dinners, and not on holidays, but every day. After all, eating together strengthens and improves relationships, helping to overcome disagreements and resentments.

Only a careful approach to choosing curtains will make the final result the best. After all, every hostess wants her kitchen to be the most comfortable, beautiful and unique. If there is no clear confidence and understanding of how exactly you need to build the interior of the kitchen, you can always contact a specialist who will help with advice or deed.