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Sports and pregnancy: expert advice
Sports and pregnancy: expert advice

How to maintain your shape during the period of bearing a child? Is it possible to play sports during pregnancy? Yes, you can, but the purpose of the classes is now different. A woman at this time should worry about how to physically prepare for childbirth and make it easier to endure the recovery period. This is what the set of exercises should be aimed at. There are specially designed programs for classes with pregnant women. Find out exactly where these classes take place in your city.

But physical activity is not useful for all pregnant women, many of them need to be extremely careful, try not to move abruptly. We will discuss in this article in which cases sports during pregnancy are useful, and in which they are not. And why?

Risks and contraindications

Sport during early pregnancy is perfectly acceptable. But if a woman isgive birth to twins or triplets, then classes are still contraindicated. The burden on the body and the likelihood of complications in such pregnancies is much higher. Training in the first trimester is prohibited for those who have a high risk of miscarriage or simply feel unwell due to toxicosis. In any case, before engaging in any type of physical activity, be sure to consult your doctor.

In a normal singleton pregnancy, sport is even useful. It is good if the expectant mother was engaged in fitness or yoga before pregnancy. Then during pregnancy, you can continue training. However, some asanas will need to be excluded. Which ones, the coach will indicate.

Pregnant women in the first trimester should not be allowed to overheat the body. When you feel that you start to sweat, immediately stop exercising. Another serious taboo in the first trimester regarding physical activity is cardio. However, those who regularly experienced heart stress before pregnancy do not need to completely abandon them, but from now on they will have to reduce the frequency and halve the time of each session.

It has already been proven by gynecologists that an apathetic woman lying on the couch for all 9 months will give birth much worse than the one who was actively engaged in exercises.

What sport is useful?

Useful for a woman will be those exercises that are aimed at stretching the muscles of the legs, arms, which improve posture and train the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Recommended activities:

  1. Swimming is the best sport for pregnant women. During swimming, the load onthe spine is reduced, so the woman feels better at this time. This sport is suitable for all women at any time. The only thing not allowed is ski jumping in the pool.
  2. Fitball. A special ball was designed so that pregnant women can relax a little by doing simple exercises on this fitball.
  3. Yoga for pregnant women. Allows you to prepare the breath and mind for childbirth.
  4. Pilates. Attention should be paid during Pilates to the pelvic muscles. Be sure to choose perinatal Pilates, general does not fit.
  5. Perinatal water aerobics is the best sport. In the water, a woman does not feel her weight and can easily perform all the exercises until almost the 9th month.
fitball exercises

Sport during early pregnancy is even needed if there are no contraindications. You always have to be smart about things. You can do stretching exercises without fear, help your lower back with various exercises, develop the muscles of the pelvic floor. But don't stress too much.

Principles of safety in the classroom

Is it possible to exercise during pregnancy? If a woman has been exercising for a long time, expects to continue to give considerable strength and time to training, then she will have to be disappointed. There are some principles of physical education for pregnant women, ignoring which a woman bearing a fetus risks losing a child. Especially in the first trimester, when the fetus still needs to gain a foothold in the uterus.

set of exercises

What principles shouldobserve in any activity?

  1. Don't overstress.
  2. Stop immediately when you feel any discomfort.
  3. Do not allow a strong increase in heart rate.
  4. Don't overheat as the baby can't regulate its temperature yet.
  5. Don't make sudden movements.
  6. Don't jump.

In fact, nature takes care of pregnant women. And usually they have increased elasticity of tendons and muscles, more hormone of joy is produced.

When is it contraindicated to play sports?

If a woman has already acquired a bunch of diseases, was born with heart defects, then she should not be engaged.

What he alth problems are contraindications to exercise?

  • uterine bleeding;
  • placenta previa;
  • toxicosis;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • kidney problems;
  • cardiovascular disease.
doctor's observation

Even if there are no contraindications, it is definitely forbidden to engage in equestrian sports, ski down the mountains, lift the bar, skydive and pump the press in the gym. You can not do a birch tree in the morning or a handstand.

Stages of charging. How to properly distribute the load

So now we know it's okay to exercise early in pregnancy. But not for everyone, but only for those pregnant women who were allowed by the gynecologist. If in the first trimester a woman could not exercise due to poor he alth, then in the second trimester you need to start with the lungs.workouts for 10-15 minutes.

morning exercises for pregnant women

A pregnant woman should avoid those exercises that involve the abdominal muscles, where there is a risk of losing balance and falling (refers to the bike).

Those who have a fairly good shape and feel cheerful in the first trimester, you can exercise every other day for 30 minutes. Take some time to practice breathing techniques after each charge.

If you work out at home without an instructor, try to distribute the exercises in this way:

  1. Exercises to warm up the whole body. Shallow hand movements, turns. But not strong.
  2. Spine stretching. Since the spine of a pregnant woman suffers a lot, you need to stretch a little, then the sensations in the back will not be so unpleasant.
  3. Stretching all muscles and tendons.
  4. Compulsory breathing exercises.

Classes should be arranged in this order and follow, as already mentioned, so that the pulse does not rise too much. If a woman prepares her body correctly and competently, childbirth will go smoothly and quickly.

First trimester

Sports in the first trimester of pregnancy in most cases do not give up professional athletes - biathletes, cyclists, figure skaters; but after the 5th month and they stop training with loads and fighting for medals. But for those who are not associated with professional sports and cannot boast of excellent he alth and physical endurance, it is better to beware and abandon traumatic sports. These are skis, roller skates in summer, bicycles.

Yetsome take the risk because they love cycling in the morning and are quite good at cardio.

cycling and pregnancy

Also during pregnancy, many women have to give up the step. This is a very energetic dance and jumping is too dangerous.

However, you need to continue the kind of activity that you were doing. If the doctor does not forbid you, you can develop further in your sport, but by reducing, of course, the level of loads. After all, sports, as you know, cheer up.

So many pregnancy programs are designed by fitness trainers. Simple dances are also suitable, where they teach smooth movements and develop muscles. For those who have previously done little physical exercise, light gymnastics is suitable, aimed only at relieving unpleasant symptoms. Sports and pregnancy go well together.

Some physical activity is needed. If a woman does not train her body a little, the pain during childbirth will be unbearable. Control of the mind, emotions and body is very important during labor.

2nd trimester loads

The second trimester is safer in terms of the risk of miscarriage. And a woman can do a little more. It is allowed to do light push-ups from a kneeling position, raise dumbbells to chest level, but not more than 2 kilograms in weight.

exercises in the 2nd trimester

It's great to start practicing yoga for pregnant women at this time, as instructors at the yoga school teach you to focus on the body, feel the degree of stress. After all, all womenhandle it differently.

Yoga and pregnancy. What asanas to exclude?

Many asanas from classical yoga are not suitable for pregnant women. It's also a hard sport. And pregnancy can be at risk. In this regard, a woman should be responsible for her condition.

yoga in 1st trimester of pregnancy

What not to do when pregnant?

  1. Twisting the abdomen. All asanas with twists are done very easily, only the shoulders move, and the stomach remains motionless.
  2. You can't do a headstand.
  3. Cobra pose and other asanas with prone positions are prohibited.
  4. Exclude jump transitions.
  5. Exercises to work out the abdominals are also excluded. This is, for example, the pose of a boat.
  6. Strong backbends and lunges are contraindicated. Also, you can not perform the "fiery" frequent breathing popular in yoga.

Seated butterfly pose and garland pose are useful. All movements must also be measured. The session should be stopped if shortness of breath, dizziness, or cardiac arrhythmia appears.

Kegel exercises in the 3rd trimester

The famous obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Kegel created a training system specifically for the development of pelvic muscles in pregnant women. Although these muscles are little used in everyday life, they need to be developed during pregnancy.

After all, during the birth itself, they just work. And during pregnancy, it depends on them whether a woman can normally bear a heavy fetus.


Breathing properly is very important during childbirth. And childbirth, and sports, and pregnancy without proper breathing will only bring pain and problems. The body needs oxygen, and it is important to learn how to properly “supply” it to the lungs. It should be noted that during pregnancy it is necessary to breathe evenly. You can not allow long pauses between inhalation and exhalation, you can not breathe rapidly. Any breathing technique is performed only 3 hours after eating. The temperature and humidity in the room should be as comfortable as possible.

The spine is extended during exercise. You can not slouch, sit crookedly while breathing. It is recommended to start with 4-5 minutes. Deep breathing can cause dizziness. Then you need to stop the technique.


So, what will we answer the question about sports - is it possible to practice? Can I play sports during pregnancySports during pregnancy? Of course, it is useful to do this regularly, but preferably with a trainer. If there are no contraindications from gynecology, there are no heart diseases, ordinary exercises will bring only joy and good physical he alth.

Constant stress on the muscles of the pelvic floor and leg muscles will help to better cope with labor pains. Therefore, right from the 1st trimester of pregnancy, experts recommend forcing yourself to work on the body.

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