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"Lawyer" - drops for cats from fleas: instructions, reviews

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"Lawyer" - drops for cats from fleas: instructions, reviews
"Lawyer" - drops for cats from fleas: instructions, reviews

Video: "Lawyer" - drops for cats from fleas: instructions, reviews

Video: "Lawyer" - drops for cats from fleas: instructions, reviews
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Pets often suffer from a variety of parasites: fleas, subcutaneous mites, intestinal nematodes that cause various diseases. The modern drug "Lawyer" can help your beloved animal. Drops for cats have an antiparasitic effect, are used not only as a remedy, but also for preventive purposes.

Advocate drops for cats
Advocate drops for cats

Description and action of the drug

Domestic cats in the summer quite often travel with their owners to the country house or vacation, where they can pick up fleas, any other parasites that cause various skin diseases. Therefore, the task of every breeder is to protect their pet from insects or promptly get rid of them if the infection has already occurred.

The modern and effective "Lawyer" tool will help caring owners in this, which is an insecticide and acaricidal drug, produced in the form of drops, suitable not only for cats, but also for dogs.

The action of the drug is based on the fact that it has an antiparasitic effect, actively destroys fleas, lice, withers,adversely affects various types of mites (sarcoptoid, demodectic), in addition, it fights intestinal nematodes. The drug is prescribed for diseases such as dirofilariasis, otodecosis, sarcoptic mange, demodicosis.

Fund release form

The drug is available as a clear solution that has a yellowish or brown color. The drug is packaged in propylene pipettes of various capacities, which, in turn, are packed in foil blisters. "Lawyer", drops for cats, are sold in cardboard boxes with pictures of pets.

drops lawyer for cats
drops lawyer for cats

Composition of the drug

The drug in question consists of two main components that have a detrimental effect on insects. This is:

  • Imidacloprid - has a penetrating ability in the receptors of arthropods, leading to disruption of the transmission of nerve impulses, which causes paralysis in parasites and further death.
  • Moxidectin, a semi-synthetic compound of the milbemycin group, disrupts the connection between muscle tissue and the nervous system of insects.

"Lawyer", drops on the withers for cats, contain the following additional substances: propylene carbonate, benzyl alcohol, butylhydroxytoluene.

drops lawyer instruction
drops lawyer instruction

Instructions for the use of the drug

Drops are used for external use. For the effect of the drug to be effective, the following recommendations must be considered:

  • drugdrip into the place where the animal cannot get it and lick it off, so it is recommended to apply the drug on the withers, between the shoulder blades;
  • cat's skin should not have any damage, should be dry and clean;
  • before use, the pet's hair is parted and the medicine is dripped directly onto the skin;
  • keep the pipette with the drug in an upright position, before use, you need to remove the cap and pierce the protective film on the spout.

Dosage for cats is calculated based on the weight of the animal. Drops "Lawyer", instructions for use of which are in each package, are used as follows:

  • for cats weighing up to 4 kg use a dosage of 0.4 ml;
  • Animal from 4 to 8 kg should receive 0.8 ml;
  • for a pet weighing more than 8 kg, an appropriate combination of pipettes with medicine is selected.

For the treatment of fleas and lice, the drug is dripped once a month until the parasites completely disappear. With ear mites and other skin diseases, the medicine is used once, the course can be repeated only after 5 weeks. For the treatment of sarcoptic mange and demodicosis "Lawyer", drops for cats, are used twice with an interval of 28-30 days.

remedy lawyer
remedy lawyer

It is important to remember that only a specialist can prescribe the exact course of treatment, so you should consult a veterinarian before using the drug.


The drops in question have contraindications that are important to consider beforeapplication start:

  • the drug is strictly prohibited for kittens under the age of 9 weeks, sick, recovering animals;
  • cats weighing less than a kilogram, pregnant and lactating pets can only be processed under the supervision of a veterinarian;
  • do not wet the animal for 4 weeks after applying the product;
  • it is forbidden to combine "Lawyer", drops for cats, with other medicines containing antiparasitic macrolides;
  • use only externally, you can not drip it into the ears, if it gets into the oral mucosa, no special treatment is required.

During the day, do not excessively stroke the animal, after contact with it, you must wash your hands, do not allow children to communicate with the pet.

The drug practically does not cause side effects, reactions in the form of redness, itching are rarely possible, which usually disappear within a few days and do not require additional treatment.

drops lawyer price
drops lawyer price

Medication cost

The drug in question is of very high quality, its effectiveness has been proven by many animal breeders, so its cost is fully justified. For cats up to 4 kg, "Lawyer" drops are used, the price of which is an average of 900 rubles, for an animal up to 8 kg - 1000 rubles.

The high cost is offset by the following benefits:

  • high efficiency;
  • quality guaranteed by a leading company in the veterinary field;
  • a wide range of medicalaction.
flea drops for cats reviews
flea drops for cats reviews

Drops "Lawyer": reviews of cat breeders

The drug in question has proven itself very well among the owners of not only cats and dogs, but also other pets: rabbits, ferrets.

Breeders note the following positive characteristics of such a tool as "Lawyer" (drops on the withers for cats):

  • Easy to use, the medicine is easy to apply, no force is required on the animal;
  • quick action, fleas are completely dead in a few days;
  • no bad smell;
  • complex treatment of various parasites;
  • has no side effects, does not cause allergic reactions;
  • dropper-shaped packaging allows you to correctly calculate and control the dosage.

Considered flea drops for cats, reviews of which have mostly only positive characteristics, have only one drawback - too high a price. However, breeders note that the medicine justifies its cost, it is certainly of high quality and effective.

Thus, to protect a pet at any time of the year, especially in the summer, when the animal is susceptible to infection by various parasites, the complex tool "Lawyer" will help. Flea drops for cats, reviews of which are mostly positive, are characterized by high efficiency, ease of use, and no side effects.

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