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Drug "Pirantel" for cats: dosage, instructions, analogues and reviews

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Drug "Pirantel" for cats: dosage, instructions, analogues and reviews
Drug "Pirantel" for cats: dosage, instructions, analogues and reviews

Any cat that "walks by itself", occasionally visiting the summer cottage and absolutely at home, should be given anthelmintic (anthelmintic) drugs. One of the most effective such funds today is Pirantel.

Worms in cats

Why do we need anthelmintics like Pirantel for cats? Its dosage, by the way, is easily calculated. In order for helminth eggs to enter the body of an animal, it is not necessary for him to communicate with street cats, eat prey or smell excrement. Parasite eggs can easily get into the apartment on your shoes or clothes, things, and then it's a matter of chance. Animals mainly suffer from nematodes (roundworms), tapeworms and a class of flat parasites. "Pirantel" for cats (the instruction fixes this) helps to remove all these varieties of helminths.

pyrantel for cats dosage

Ignoring the problem is fraught for the animal:

  • causing serious harm to the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys;
  • the possibility of parasites entering the lungs, brain, heart of a cat, which will lead to its death;
  • at riskinfecting people.

Drug action

"Pirantel" - a suspension for cats, the dosage of which must be correctly observed, or a plate of tablets. The medicine causes in helminths:

  • muscle paralysis;
  • violation of metabolism in cells, which leads to their destruction.

The drug blocks the impulses of the nervous system, the contraction of the parasite's muscles, so that they cannot get out of the animal's body on their own, but are excreted naturally.

pyrantel suspension for cats dosage

When using Pirantel for cats, the dosage must be correct, even though the safety index of the drug is moderate (LD=170 mg/kg). Low toxicity is associated with poor solubility, which is deadly for helminths, but causes minimal harm to the cat's body. Only a sevenfold excess of the dose leads to serious consequences.

The main striking force of "Pyrantel" is aimed at mature individuals of round helminths, it affects larvae and eggs less intensively. For parasites in the lungs, as well as for trematodes and cestodes, the remedy is not harmful. Therefore, only a veterinarian should prescribe the drug after determining the type of worms. It is necessary to choose the remedy to which they are most unaccustomed. If several types of parasites have settled in the animal's body, then the therapy should be combined.

"Pirantel" for cats from worms: dosage

The medicine is produced in the form of a suspension (20 ml) or tablets (three pieces perpackaging). 1 tablet=5 ml solution=0.25 g active ingredient.

pyrantel for cats from worms dosage

How is Pirantel prescribed for cats? The dosage in tablets (250 mg of the active element) is 5 mg / 1 kg, and suspensions - 1.15 ml / 1 kg. Before the procedure, the cat or cat must be weighed. An average adult animal is given half a tablet or 2.5 ml of solution (a measuring spoon is included). Kittens after three weeks of age are shown a quarter of a tablet or scoop.

pyrantel for cats dosage in tablets

The remedy is recommended to be administered in the morning, one hour after breakfast. If the animal vomited the medicine, then the procedure should be repeated again. A new intake of the drug "Pirantel" for cats (the dosage in tablets and suspension must again be observed) is carried out after 10 days.

Proper use of "Pyrantel"

To administer the drug, the animal is tightly swaddled (so as not to injure the owner and harm itself during the procedure), clamp it between the knees, tilt its head back and press two fingers on both sides of the muzzle between the jaws to open the mouth. Then, using a syringe without a needle, the suspension is injected behind the cheek, and the powdered tablet is injected onto the root of the cat's tongue. In order for her to swallow the medicine, the swallowing reflex is stimulated by lightly tickling the throat.

"Pirantel" for cats (the dosage does not matter here) is not prescribed as a means of prevention for either kittens or adultsindividuals, since its sphere of influence is only worms in the digestive tract.

pyrantel for cats dosage in tablets 250

Means effective when:

  • non-cathorose;
  • trichocephalosis;
  • hookworm;
  • ascariasis (single entry);
  • Enterobiosis (single entry).

Veterinarians advise changing the type of anthelmintic drug used every year, as parasites mutate constantly, and old remedies become less effective against them.

Side effects, contraindications

After taking the drug, you can observe in a cat:

  • allergy;
  • vomit;
  • diarrhea;
  • indigestion.
pyrantel for cats instructions

It is not allowed to take the drug for:

  • pregnant or nursing cats;
  • kittens up to three months old;
  • animals suffering from infectious diseases;
  • animals that have recently experienced a serious illness or surgery.

Means analogues

An equivalent replacement for "Pyrantel" (mg/5 ml) is shown in the table.

"Nemocide" in tablet form 250 mg (3 x 1)
250 mg (3 x 10)
suspension 250mg, 10ml bottle
250mg, 15ml bottle

tablets, film coating

250 mg (3 x 1)
125 mg (6 x 1)
suspension 250mg, 15ml vial
"Polpharma" suspension 250mg, 15ml capacity
"Vishfa" suspension 250mg, 15ml capacity

Pet owner reviews

Advice and feedback on the drug "Pirantel":

  • Many people use the "human" baby suspension from a regular pharmacy. By the way, it is the leading component of many anthelmintic drugs. The dosage is 10 mg/kg. It is important not to confuse milligrams (mg) and milliliters (ml)! In 1 ml - 50 mg. Animal breeders are advised to calculate the dosage for a pet with a veterinarian. The medicine does not have an unpleasant taste, so the animals swallow it without problems - just inject the solution into the cat's mouth using a syringe without a needle.
  • Pet owners who have small children in the house once a year give their animals anthelmintics as a preventive measure. Many choose Pirantel for this, because this tool is inexpensive, but quite effective. Although veterinarians strongly recommend that you first consult with a specialist.
pyrantel for cats instructions
  • Some animal lovers say that before Pirantel they tried and rejected a lot of anthelmintics. There is only one reason - severe allergies in pets. "Pirantel" is the only drug that does not give such side effects. Determining if your cat has parasites is easy.- she is restless, rides on the pope. In addition, they are clearly visible - the worms crawl out of the anus. The dosage of the drug is usually observed as follows: 1/4 of a tablet for an average adult cat. After a week - ten days, the reception must be repeated. What is better - tablets or suspension, pet owners cannot determine, since both forms of the drug are quite effective.
  • Veterinarians advise those who have recently acquired a kitten, be sure to "deworm" the baby, regardless of where you got it - bought it on the market or from well-known breeders. Weigh the kitten, calculate the dose based on 5 mg / 1 kg. Do not be afraid if it vomits - the drug is not toxic, it is a reflex to the ingestion of a substance into the throat in an unnatural way. If this happens, repeat the procedure. Schedule your next appointment in 10 days. For easy injection of medication, experts recommend using an insulin syringe.

"Pirantel" is one of the economical and effective anthelmintic drugs for cats. Since this remedy is a serious medicine, do not administer it to a cat without a prescription from a veterinarian and "by eye" without observing the dosage.

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