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Wedding hairstyles with braids: photo options for hair of different lengths
Wedding hairstyles with braids: photo options for hair of different lengths

Wedding is the happiest day in the life of any bride. It is at this time that she wants to be the most beautiful in order to be remembered by her husband in her best image. To do this, she not only carefully chooses a dress, does makeup, but also spends a lot of time styling her hair. The most successful is considered to be wedding hairstyles with braids. They are always relevant, able to complement any image and look advantageous in photographs.

Weaving braids for medium hair
Weaving braids for medium hair

Weave a beautiful braid a la waterfall

The braid has always been in fashion, was considered a sign of good taste and became a permanent attribute in the hairstyles of women from all over the world. But braiding is not all. It is necessary to make it beautiful and unusual. In this case, the hairstyle will be marked by others and ex alt the girl in the eyes of people who love her. There are many options for weaving hair, among which the leading place is occupied bybraid a la waterfall.

You can make such a wedding hairstyle with braids by gradually weaving individual strands. But unlike an ordinary hairstyle, such a braid is braided using only two strands. In this case, the third part of the hair is fixative. With its help, you can control the length of the entire "flowing stream" from the hair.

Interestingly, such a braid looks great on any length of hair, because it can be done even on one bang. According to stylists, this type of braid always looks advantageous. You can braid it from one temple to another or diagonally.

It is noteworthy that this weaving is performed on loose or gathered hair. In the first case, loose and falling strands are left loose and only slightly twisted. And in the second - they are fastened in a tail, fixed with hairpins or a themed hairpin in the shape of a flower. In any case, it turns out a very beautiful wedding hairstyle with a scythe. A photo of one of the options can be seen below.

Back view: braid for medium hair
Back view: braid for medium hair

Creating a Greek hairstyle

The most spectacular hairstyles are obtained by girls and women with long thick hair. But if you are lucky only with the length, and not the density of the hair, this is also not bad at all. It just means that it is much easier for you to find the right wedding hairstyles. Braids for long hair are much more spectacular and brighter. For example, you can do a side-braided Greek braid.

The weaving of such a hairstyle begins with the classic division of hair into three strands. AtIn this case, during work, the stylist, as a rule, slightly pulls loose curls, moving from the center of the pigtail.

During weaving, the thickness of the hair is taken into account. In any case, a braid made in a free style looks more advantageous. And to make the hairstyle sparkle with bright colors, ribbons are woven into it, decorated with pearl-like beads or neatly decorated with small and large flowers.

It turns out an original styling that makes the bride a real Greek goddess. Here are some elegant wedding hairstyles. Braids with bangs in this case are not too combined. Greek weaves look perfect on hair with long bangs, which are easy to introduce into the main hairstyle. Girls with short bangs are more suitable for other hairstyles designed specifically for them.

Braid and hairstyle for short hair
Braid and hairstyle for short hair

Long hair and bangs: which hairstyle to choose?

If you have short bangs, this does not mean at all that you cannot make a wedding hairstyle with braids. For example, you need to make a beautiful voluminous styling and fix it with styling products. And since a short bang cannot be woven into a braid, it is usually twisted or left completely straight.

When the bangs reach the length to the tip of the nose, they are also twisted and laid on their side. In this case, the braid will be laid on the opposite side. Or it can be fixed with invisibles, gracefully curled with waves and decorated with artificial flowers. Slightly elongated bangs are also curled with tongs, creating the effect of a light corrugation. Despite its length, such bangsfits perfectly into the overall context of a wedding hairstyle with braids.

Moreover, if desired, the bangs are easy to frame with a separate oblique running along the entire upper part of the head. At the same time, it can resemble a hoop and go only along the top of the hair or gently move into a new braid that fixes a high bun at the crown.

Braid for medium or long hair, side view
Braid for medium or long hair, side view

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair: braids

If your hair is medium length, you always have a chance to experiment a lot. These can be Greek-style weaves, airy and light cascades, romantic and mysterious braids-crowns with separate and main hair bundles. If you are not a fan of something extraordinary, you can always decorate your head with a small openwork braid. It is done according to the following principle:

  1. Comb your hair well.
  2. Divide them into three strands.
  3. Braid a tight regular braid.
  4. Secure it with a dark solid color elastic band.
  5. Starting from the end, start gently fluffing the strands on both sides.
  6. Move up and keep fluffing.

As a result, you will get a pretty beautiful wedding hairstyle on a medium braid. At the end of the work, if desired, it is decorated with small light flowers, butterflies and other wedding decor.

Besides this, you can always beat the direction of the braid and parting. It can be on the side or in the center. A diadem or a beautiful hairpin with rhinestones and stones, artificial flowers of different sizes is placed over the hairstyle.

Who suitscrown braid or headband?

This styling option is perfect for girls with long and medium hair. It goes perfectly with flowers, ribbons, hairpins and even a veil. It is always easy to combine with short straight bangs or loose, but slightly curled curls.

Such a scythe-rim or crown begins to weave from one temple, beautifully lined just above the forehead, gently transferring to the second temple. And if you do everything right, it is completely invisible where such a braid begins and ends.

The remaining hair, depending on its length, can be styled in the style of "romantic disgrace", braided into a separate ponytail or formed into a new braid. If the braid is weaved around the entire perimeter of the head, creating a kind of crown, then the problem with where to put the curls not involved in weaving will disappear by itself.

Braid-crown or hoop for long hair
Braid-crown or hoop for long hair

Short hair: sentence or reason for fantasy?

If you have not long, but short hair, this is not a reason to fall into despair. Even with such a long hair, you can become a real queen. And any stylist will easily confirm this to you. Short hair, complemented by long bangs, can always be pulled up, made a little bouffant, and braided bangs with an elegant French or Greek braid.

Complete the problems arising from the missing length of hair will help you veil. You can always put it down and hide the bride's too short hair. Surprisingly, with the use of this festive attribute,stunning bridal hairstyles. A braid with a veil will look more elegant if your stylist uses overhead strands. Or a chignon and false hair are suitable for this purpose.

And if everything is done correctly and professionally, then no one will even guess that this is not your real hair length.

Greek braid for long hair
Greek braid for long hair

Side Braid Hairstyles

If you like unconventional hairstyles, you will definitely love the bohemian side braid. It goes well with feathers, retro headbands, beads and other themed accessories. Loose or slightly twisted hair can complement it. If desired, freely flowing strands can be gathered up into an elegant bun. Or twist them into an original Greek braid with flowers.

How to do a side braid hairstyle?

It is worth remembering that during this weaving, loose hair can also be laid in the shape of a shell (bun), flower or collected in a tight ponytail.

You can make a hairstyle with side weaving according to the following principle:

  • Comb and separate your hair into several strands.
  • Spray them with styling product.
  • Start French braiding from the bangs.
  • Keep moving all around the head.
  • Pull your hair to the side and secure with an elastic band.

You can decorate this hairstyle with ribbons, shiny stones, artificial flowers. Now you know how to make a side braid. This type of bridal hairstyle is perfect forlong and medium hair.

Which hairstyles go with a veil?

As we have already said, a veil is a unique wedding attribute. It helps to visually extend the line of your hair, hides unnecessary moments and perfectly completes the entire image of the bride. With its help, for example, you can hide part of the hair. This option is suitable for those who want to lengthen the neck and emphasize the expressiveness of their shoulders.

If we talk about hairstyles, then you can choose styling with loose hair, twisted curls, as well as braids and additional accessories. When the length of the hair allows, it is quite possible to create a huge voluminous flower from small ordinary braids. Then it remains to decorate it with veil elements or add a cute mini-hat with a sexy veil.

Braid-hoop for long hair
Braid-hoop for long hair

A long veil looks good with a Greek or French braid dangling from the top of your head. Short veil - ideal for medium hair and short curls.

In a word, whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that it should match the length and thickness of the hair. And always complement it with really themed accessories, a veil and other small details.

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