Actual hit of sales is strollers "Geoby"

Actual hit of sales is strollers "Geoby"
Actual hit of sales is strollers "Geoby"

Video: Actual hit of sales is strollers "Geoby"

Video: Actual hit of sales is strollers "Geoby"
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Chinese manufacturer Goodbaby Group for 10 years continues to take care of small children from infancy to three or four years old, as well as their parents, releasing various kinds of goods. These are baby walkers, cribs, high chairs, small bicycles, and, of course, wonderful models of strollers.

Usually Goodbaby Group does not stop at the production of the same type of models, but develops more and more new designs. To date, the wide variety of types of baby carriages produced by this company is surprising: strollers, walking sticks, universal and combined strollers and transforming strollers. However, that's not all, modern catalogs of design developments of the latest designs are updated and improved every time.

The Geoby Stroller is one of the finest types of designs, which today enjoys great popularity among buyers in many countries. In this series: "Geoby C879-CX", "Geoby B2000MG-X", "Geoby C703-H", etc. They differ from ordinary baby strollers in their versatility,portability, stylish design and successfully provide maximum convenience for parents and children.

strollers geoby
strollers geoby

Universal strollers "Geoby C879-CX" have the following technical characteristics:

  • multifunctionality - transforming stroller + basket;
  • resistance - has 4 medium sized wheels;
  • convenience - folding mechanism in the form of a book;
  • mobility - can take not only horizontal, but also any inclined position;
  • strength - can withstand weight up to 10.8kg.
stroller geoby reviews
stroller geoby reviews

Another model - universal stroller "Geoby B2000MG-X" - has the following characteristics:

  • multifunctionality - transforming stroller + bag and basket;
  • stability - 4 wheels with great tread tires;
  • convenience - book folding;
  • mobility - adjustable height and tilt;
  • strength - gravity limit up to 12.5 kg.
geoby stroller
geoby stroller

Universal strollers "Geoby C703-H" have the following characteristics:

  • multifunctionality - transforming stroller + rain cover, window, bag and basket;
  • stability - 4 large spoked wheels with tread tires;
  • convenience - book fold;
  • mobility - adjustable height and tilt, accepts horizontalposition;
  • strength - withstands weights up to 21 kg.

In all variants of "Geoby" the stroller is quite well thought out in its design and construction solution. It is quite maneuverable, thanks to wheel mechanisms and high-quality tires. Also, its design allows you to easily bring it in and out of any room. Additional accessories create even more comfort for baby and parents.

However, like any product, these strollers also have their drawbacks. How significant they are can be judged by the reviews. So, Geoby stroller, reviews:

  1. Some have noted the fragility of the metal at the base of the wheels and the frequent failure of the brakes, as a result of which the strollers quickly become non-functional. But others believe that it may be a bad batch, because they have been using a stroller for a long time and have not seen such precedents.
  2. Not everyone loves the design. Unfortunate combinations of colors are especially noted: pink with salad, gloomy steel or dirty yellow. Although, depending on which side you look at, because the choice of color is already a matter of taste, which, as you know, is different for everyone.
  3. Some complain about holes in the tires of the wheels. A very important factor! However, the causes of punctures should be considered. Because it may turn out that this reason is banal - no need to drive over nails and broken glass.