How to fill Zippo? detailed instructions

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How to fill Zippo? detailed instructions
How to fill Zippo? detailed instructions

Video: How to fill Zippo? detailed instructions

Video: How to fill Zippo? detailed instructions
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If the lighter runs out of fuel, then surely you have a question: "How to fill Zippo?" The fact is that in addition to how to do it correctly, there is also the problem of choosing the fuel itself. After all, if you use low-quality, then you can easily lose the lighter itself. This article will help you learn not only how to fill a Zippo, but how to choose fuel.

A bit of history

In 1932, George Blaisdell opened a Zippo lighter factory. For 86 years of operation, Zippo has released thousands of different models. The main features of these lighters are durability, wind resistance and a lifetime warranty. By the way, even today the plant and its intermediaries around the world exchange broken lighters for new ones. Thanks to these advantages, Zippo gained worldwide fame and grew from a small factory with only six people to a full-fledged factory with a large number of employees. All lighters are madeonly one factory located in Pennsylvania in the USA.

How often to fill up

Surely you are worried not only about how to refuel the Zippo, but also how often you need to do it. Of course, this depends on how often you use the lighter. But there is one feature: petroleum distillate - this is what fuel is made of, gradually evaporates. It follows that if you do not use a lighter at all, you still have to refuel it. To reduce fuel evaporation, keep the lid tightly closed at all times and protect the Zippo from excessive heat and sun.

If you use a lighter actively, then on average there will be enough fuel for one week. It also depends on how long you keep the flame lit.

How can you fill a Zippo lighter

The design of these lighters is designed to use highly refined gasoline and butane. Therefore, if you are thinking about how you can fill the Zippo, be sure to consider this. Use only original fuel - Zippo Premium Lighter for petrol and Zippo Premium Butane for butane lighters. With it, the lighter will light up the first time and keep a steady flame, such fuel has less smell and the lighter does not smoke with it. If it is not possible to buy the original, then purchase only premium third-party fuel. When using cheap analogues, the cotton filler is quickly contaminated with burnt resins, and the wick itself burns out just as quickly. There is another point why you should not use cheapfuel. The factory reserves the right not to do warranty service in case of detection of such a fact.

how to fill a zippo
how to fill a zippo

How to fill a Zippo lighter with butane

If you have a gas lighter, then use this instruction:

  1. Turn the lighter over so that the filling valve is up.
  2. Insert the spout of the gas bottle firmly into it.
  3. Squeeze the balloon twice.
  4. Then turn the lighter back and wait a few minutes.

It is important that the contents do not come into contact with the skin during refueling, as liquefied gas has a low temperature, which can cause burns.

If you figured out how to refuel the Zippo and did everything according to the instructions, but the Zippo does not ignite, then a vapor lock has appeared. Air just got into the tank. This happens if you did not turn the lighter over before refueling. In order to correct this circumstance, turn the lighter upside down and press the inlet valve with something sharp, then refill.

How to fill Zippo with gasoline

  1. Remove the inside of the lighter from the case.
  2. Turn it over. On the bottom you will see a felt lining with "Lift to fill" written on it.
  3. how to fill a zippo
    how to fill a zippo
  4. Pull the felt pad around the corner so you can see the cotton balls inside.
  5. Open the gas can. If it is original fuel,then you need to pry off the spout of the canister with something sharp. Many make it with the body of a lighter.
  6. how to refuel a zippo lighter
    how to refuel a zippo lighter
  7. There is a hole in the middle of the lining, insert the spout of the canister there.
  8. When the cotton balls are saturated with fuel, refueling can be completed.
  9. There is a second way, in this case you lift the edge of the felt lining and pour fuel directly.
  10. how to fill a zippo lighter with gasoline
    how to fill a zippo lighter with gasoline
  11. After that, fill the corner back and, turning the lighter over, insert it into the body.

In order to understand that the lighter is full, just count to 10 while filling the fuel. This time is enough for the tank to be filled.

But this is if the lighter was empty before. If some amount of fuel is present inside before refueling, then determine the fullness by how saturated the cotton balls are.


Besides the question: "How to fill a Zippo lighter?", You may be interested in changing the wick and flint. This is easy to do, just follow the instructions below.


Replace silicon every few weeks. This is done like this:

  1. Remove the inside of the lighter and turn it over.
  2. Remove the screw next to the felt pad.
  3. There is a spring inside, take it out. After that, lightly tap the lighter on a hard surface. If there is still silicon left, it will drop.
  4. Insert new one firstsilicon, then spring into the hole.
  5. Retighten the screw.


If you see blackness on the wick, do not rush to change it. To get started, just cut. This is done like this:

  • take any tongs and pull up the wick until a clean part appears;
  • then cut off the tip at the top where the windshield starts.

You can do this twice, after that the wick will need to be changed.

How it's done:

  1. Remove the inside of the lighter from the case.
  2. Turn over and remove the felt first, then remove the cotton balls.
  3. Then insert a new wick through the top.
  4. Lay it in waves, gradually filling the lighter with cotton filler.
  5. how to fill a zippo lighter
    how to fill a zippo lighter
  6. Reinsert the felt.

Now you know how to fuel a Zippo. If you follow all the instructions, the lighter will serve you for a very long time.