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How to deprive yourself of virginity painlessly: ways

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How to deprive yourself of virginity painlessly: ways
How to deprive yourself of virginity painlessly: ways

Virginity in modern times, on the one hand, has lost its own significance, many girls are ready to get rid of it on their own, just like annoying acne or hair on their legs. On the other hand, its value has not just disappeared, but is put on display, as if it were an achievement. However, questions of morality and how exactly to relate to one's own virginity is a private matter for every young woman. For those who decide to deflorate themselves, information on where and how this can be done will be useful.

Home with improvised means

Deprives herself of her virginity - photos of shocking content with such a plot are often found in the vastness of virtual reality. As a rule, when faced with such photos or videos for the first time, young women immediately move on to watching other stories. Faced with them for the second time, they are already less conservative. And thenthird, they think about whether it makes sense to carry out independent defloration at home.

The answer to the question of how you can deprive yourself of your virginity will be the phrase - everything that is convenient. Someone does it with their fingers, others use improvised items, while others, as if having read old jokes, are looking at vegetables, mainly cucumbers and carrots.

girl on the stairs

The advantage of this extreme is saving money and no need to go anywhere specially. But the undoubted disadvantage of using food or improvised items for other purposes is the high probability of introducing any infection into your body. This is especially true for vegetables. Therefore, if you want to do something so extreme with your body, you still need to visit a pharmacy or other outlet in order to purchase artificial vaginal lubricant and condoms.

Dildo home

In the question of how to deprive yourself of virginity, visiting a sex shop and purchasing a phallus substitute will help. Paradoxically, many young women are ready to lose their virginity on their own, but stepping over the threshold of such a store is not.

Nevertheless, you need to overcome your embarrassment and still go to the store. And not just to go in, but also to chat with the seller and explain the purpose of purchasing a sex toy. Dildos differ not only in their technical device, that is, the presence or absence of batteries, but also in other parameters. They come in different sizeselasticity. Made from different materials.

For this reason, a fake phallus is a good way to deflower yourself. It is quite possible to choose the appropriate size and density, the optimal width. The advantage of this tool is the proximity to natural natural anatomical forms.

Should I deflorate myself?

When thinking about whether it is possible to deflower yourself, it is worth considering both the advantages that this action will give and its disadvantages. If you are going to conduct an independent defloration, first of all, you should clearly and clearly answer yourself the only question: why? For the sake of what will all these “absurd gestures” be committed, as they say in one of the old jokes about life in Odessa? It is necessary to clearly and clearly understand - for the sake of what.

The second question that needs to be asked is, on the one hand, easier, and on the other, more difficult. It is necessary to evaluate the globality and adequacy of the answer to the first question. That is, to distract from momentary conviction and try to imagine how important the motives will be, pushing for such an action in a few years.

The third question to ask yourself before you stop being a virgin is a little naive. And what about love? Is it possible that in the modern world everything absolutely comes down only to consumption and the mechanics that provide it? Doesn't it leave room for miracles? The thrill of first touch? Confusion and a sea of ​​balloons at sunset? Or at least for a bottle of inexpensive wine, candles and an invitation to visit a handsome classmate on a Saturday night,when will everyone in the household leave for the country?

Boy and girl

Unfortunately, most young women who are thinking about whether to deprive themselves of their virginity, and how this can be done in practice, do not worry about the ethical or moral side of the issue. And if they are worried, it is quite one-sided, they immediately turn to questions about marriage and the birth of children. The fact that in the life of young people there is a period of first feelings, unfortunately, is often forgotten, and partners are evaluated like things in a store. That is, they are guided by whether this person has sufficient experience to make a woman out of a girl. Love, passion, or at least sympathy is usually not mentioned at the same time.

Benefits of self defloration

The benefits of this way to become a woman directly depend on how to deflower yourself. You can inflict considerable pain on yourself due to inability, and besides this, inflict injuries. That is, to get everything that we would like to avoid.

Girl on the bed

The benefits of self defloration at home are:

  • convenient time and place;
  • possibility of phased implementation;
  • hygiene with a reasonable approach;
  • no risk of infection or pregnancy.

The main advantage of home defloration, no doubt, is the absence of the risk of psychological trauma, which for many years will deprive of interest in sex or give rise to endless complexes.

Disadvantages of self-defloration

To the disadvantages of such an actionrefers to the absence in actually the first sexual intercourse of the sensual side. This means that the woman herself voluntarily loses all those emotions that accompany the first sex. In life there will never be any trembling, no trembling of fingers, no embarrassment, no timidity. There will be no even a banal sheet with traces of blood that needs to be washed somehow.

first date

Not every man does not appreciate virginity. For some, this nuance is extremely important for building a marriage. Paradoxically, such conservatism still occurs. And it is not a fact that in the future on the path of life you will not meet just such a person. This possibility should also be considered.

How to do it?

The posture during classic defloration, that is, during normal intercourse, is different from how it can be done when becoming a woman on your own.

If during the first sex with a partner they mainly use the classic, missionary position, occasionally placing a pillow under the female buttocks, then this option is not suitable for self-defloration. When choosing a position, you need to understand that you will have to enter the dildo yourself. And with the same missionary position, you will have to bend, which is quite inconvenient.

The position must be chosen practically, trying different options. What is comfortable for one is unacceptable for another. As a rule, it is convenient to simply sit down on a dildo. But at the same time it needs to be fixed.

Are there any other options?

On the question of how to deprive yourself of virginity, can helpsurgeons. It's no secret that operations to restore the integrity of the hymen are carried out in almost every gynecological hospital.

Cheerful girls

The reverse procedure is also done there - removal of the hymen. This is a rather old operation. In the old days, it was resorted to for medical reasons, that is, out of necessity. Now it is available to everyone on a paid basis.

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