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How to have a baby

How to have a baby
How to have a baby

When the day of childbirth is around the corner and the prescribed nine months are almost over, a period of ever-increasing excitement sets in. A woman giving birth for the first time has many questions, doubts and fears: how to give birth to a child, how to survive the pain, whether everything will be fine with the baby, and so on. All these worries are completely natural. The expectant mother needs to be well prepared and know a lot - so far only in theory.

how to have a baby

First signs of upcoming labor

How to give birth to a child, nature will tell you. Listen carefully to yourself and trust your body. The following signs will tell you that it's time to go to the hospital:

  • a day before a significant date, most pregnant women feel fever, heart palpitations, headaches, anxiety;
  • may appear the first uterine contractions. They are painless, and a woman may not pay attention to them;
  • pain occurs in the lower abdomen and back, pressure rises, disorder occursintestines;
  • noticeably increases the amount of mucous secretions. This indicates the passage of the mucous plug.

What awaits you next

The above signs may be absent or go unnoticed. In some cases, labor begins suddenly. You will find out about this when the fights begin. It's hard not to notice them. This is the process of contraction of the muscles of the uterus, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. Contractions help open the cervix and move the baby through the birth canal. When they started, all your actions should be subordinated to one thought - “I want to have a baby”, everything else is not important for you at the moment. Contractions are characterized by periodic pain, which gradually becomes more frequent and stronger. If at this time you are not yet in the hospital, then immediately go there.

have a third child

Escape of waters

How to give birth to a child, you will definitely be prompted by an obstetrician who will be present during childbirth. In addition to him, you will be surrounded by nurses who will help in a difficult situation. Either way, you won't be left alone. It is very good if all these people are nearby when the waters break. This is the process of rupture of the amniotic sac and release of the mucous plug. From now on, your child is not protected by anything. If you are still not in the hospital, then various infections can get inside and harm the baby. The water may break immediately, or it may gradually. After that, it is strictly forbidden to stand, and even more so - to walk.

The most important step

Now the question is "how to give birthchild" is the most important for you. The expectant mother already feels the baby descending down the birth canal. It is very important at this moment to do everything that the doctor says. He will tell you how to breathe and when to push.

I want to have a baby

Now almost everything depends on the woman herself. The more active and energetic it is, the faster a new person will be born. The dilated cervix contracts after childbirth, but becomes more elastic. Therefore, having a third child or even a second will be a little easier.

In the process of childbirth, women are given painkillers that help to survive the discomfort. You can talk to your doctor about this in advance.

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