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June 12 what holiday? What is celebrated on June 12 in Russia

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June 12 what holiday? What is celebrated on June 12 in Russia
June 12 what holiday? What is celebrated on June 12 in Russia

Oddly enough, the holiday of June 12, the Day of Russia, is the youngest in our state. In fact, this is a holiday dedicated to the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia, which was signed on June 12, 1990.


We all know that in the early 90s there was a collapse of the Soviet Union. That's what the thing was about. Already in the late 80s. it was clear that the Union could not be saved. The republics fled from the USSR, the Soviet Union was living its last days.

A significant day

Today the day of Russia is given great importance, but it was not always like this, until 1994 no one particularly remembered the holiday on June 12.

June 12 what holiday

This day officially became a holiday only in 1994, when Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on the appointment of June 12 as the Day of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia, at the same time this day became a day off. The name of the holiday - "Day of Russia" - did not take root right away. It should be noted that on June 12, 1991, Boris Yeltsin became the first popularly elected president, so he immortalized not only an important date in the history of the state, but also the memory of himself.

Events for Russia Day

The main joy of the Day of Russia for ordinary citizens of the country is additional rest, because this day is a red day of the calendar. Although a few years ago, not all Russians knew on June 12 what holiday they were celebrating. Many people prefer to spend time in nature, especially if the weather favors it. If you didn’t manage to get out into nature, then you can take part in recreational activities, which are held every year on this day more and more.

Sports events

Russia celebrates its own day on June 12th. What is a holiday without folk festivals? As for Moscow, this day traditionally hosts not only entertainment shows and concert programs, but also sporting events. For example, on Pushkinskaya Square. Cultural events are held in cultural and art centers, museums, parks, for example, in the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill, in Perovsky Park. Athletes, Russian pop stars, numerous folk groups take part in the holiday. On this day, the President of Russia conducts the awarding of state prizes of the Russian Federation. The action ends with grandiose fireworks on Vasilyevsky Spusk, in Izmailovsky Park, on Sparrow Hills and other places.

Popular popularity

Despite the policy of promoting the holiday, not all Russians know June 12, what holiday. The Levada Center conducted a corresponding survey. The opinions of Russians about what is celebrated on June 12 in Russia are divided between Russia Day, DayIndependence Day, Declaration of Independence Day. Some people remember that the first Russian president was elected on that day. In general, less than half of Russians know that June 12 is the day of Russia.

Holiday June 12 Day of Russia

This data was obtained according to the Levada Center:

47% of respondents - chose the correct option - the Day of Russia;

33% - live back in the early 2000s and voted for Independence Day;

6% - remembered Boris Yeltsin;

8% - no answer;

4% - said it wasn't a holiday at all;

2% - offered options that are out of the general list.

Government level

Russians subconsciously draw an analogy between the day of Russia, calling it Independence Day, and Independence Day in the United States. This is fundamentally not true. If the United States gained independence at the same time, from the moment the Declaration was signed, then Russia has been independent for a very long time, and the date of the proclamation of Russia as a state cannot be specifically named.

What is celebrated on June 12

However, not only ordinary people do not know what holiday June 12 is, they also find it difficult to define it at the top. As deputy Nikolai Pavlov rightly noted in 2007, the beginning of the Declaration of Sovereignty declares Russia to be part of the Soviet Union. The exact text reads as follows: "Parrying, Alexei Mitrofanov generally stated that with the same success, on a par with a national holiday, June 12 can be considered the day of the Liberal Democratic Party, because on this day Zhirinovsky won the presidential elections3rd place, which secured an influential place in politics." What a mess.

History of the holiday

At the state level, this is, of course, the most important holiday today. This is the date from which the formation of a new statehood based on the principles of democracy, civil law, and federalism began.

Russia Day celebration

At first, the people were not up to the holidays. June 12 - what a holiday! The difficult situation in the country, default after default, crisis after crisis… There is no time to delve into the essence of the political situation - to feed yourself and your family. At that time, polls were also conducted, and the results were not impressive - at the mention of Independence Day, people's eyes did not light up with patriotism, they did not understand the essence of the holiday. The only thing that pleased the Russians was an extra day off, which could be devoted to rest. The authorities, of course, sought to popularize the holiday, held rallies and demonstrations, but this was somehow held without enthusiasm.

Boris Yeltsin

The same Boris Yeltsin decided to change the meaning of the holiday by changing the name. In 1998, a proposal was made to rename it to the Day of Russia, but the final decision was made only in 2002.

Today is the day of Russia - a symbol of national unity, Motherland, freedom, peace and harmony. The patriotism of the people is growing, perhaps this happened due to the successful winter Olympics in Sochi, the annexation of Crimea. Although we have not yet fully realized the importance of this holiday, we undoubtedly began to relate to it.much better. Perhaps the whole reason is that life in the country has improved somewhat.

And what happened before…

Celebrating the Day of Russia today, June 12, we must not forget about the centuries-old history and traditions of the state, because its formation did not take place in 1990, but much earlier. There were times when the glory of the state burned even brighter. And the fact that today we are independent is not the result of the signing of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia, but the centuries-old efforts of our ancestors, who earned this right at the cost of their blood and happiness.

There was an event in the history of Russia, which in its significance is comparable to the signing of the 1990 Declaration. This event is the election of Andrei Yuryevich Bogolyubsky as the prince of Rostov and Suzdal. It happened on June 4, 1157. As a result, northeastern Russia became independent in relation to Kyiv, and Andrei Bogolyubsky became the first elected prince. That's where the parallels come in.

Later, the Grand Duchy of Vladimir, in which Andrei Bogolyubsky ruled, became the Grand Duchy of Moscow. And already it served as the basis for an independent Russian state. This is how Kievan Rus collapsed, this is how the Soviet Union collapsed. Thank God that we managed to preserve the foundations of statehood at that distant time and in our recent past.

As for the date, without delving into the intricacies of the difference in dating according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, it can be noted that the election of Andrei Bogolyubsky and Boris Yeltsin happened with a difference of one day. Therefore, on this day it is worth thinking about the historical origins of Russian statehood.

What else happened on June 12

Perhaps not everyone will remember today, but the holidays and events on June 12 are not limited to Russia Day. On the same day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted, another important event took place - censorship was banned. From that day on, freedom of speech was allowed at the government level. Exactly one year later, in 1991, Leningrad was returned to its original name - St. Petersburg.

Of the most significant events on this day, it is worth mentioning the opening of a second front by agreement with England and the USA in 1942; the publication of the constitution of the USSR in 1936, called "Stalin's". In 1798, on this day, the Institute of Noble Maidens was established, and in 1648, the S alt Riot broke out. Such is the history of this day.

Celebrations on June 12

What is celebrated on June 12 besides Russia Day? Many cities celebrate City Day. As for the global practice, June 12 became the World Day against Child Labor in the UN countries, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the problems of exploitation of child labor, working children. The decision to celebrate this date was made in 1997.

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