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Riddles about trees for children and their parents

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Riddles about trees for children and their parents
Riddles about trees for children and their parents

Trees are majestic and mysterious. So similar to each other and at the same time different. They are easy to recognize by their common features: trunk, branches, roots and leaves. Maybe that's why kids love tree puzzles.

It's a bit more complicated for those questions that are answered by specific trees. Now you need to know their distinguishing features. Therefore, the guys first need to be introduced to them in the forest or park.

Poems about trees and forest

You can start with such quatrains, because children see different types of such plants from a very young age. The following are two riddles about trees and one about the forest.

1. This slender fellow

Every year gets higher.

His age consists of rings, Which you can't see until you cut it down.

2. In spring, young leaves please the eye, Gives coolness in the shade of foliage in summer.

In autumn, its leaves fly around, putting on colored outfits, In winter they burn it to make it warm.

riddles about trees

3. This wonderful house and huge

No walls or doors at all.

He covers the whole summer with a roofreliable

Wild shy birds and animals.

Quartets about deciduous trees

There are a lot of them. There are many verses about each specific one. Below are riddles about trees with answers: bird cherry, maple, birch, mountain ash.

1. In the spring she dressed in white, It's time for her to bloom.

Turned black at the end of summer, On each branch of the berries of the brush.

tree puzzles for kids

2. This tree has big leaves

Shape like an open hand.

In autumn it is more beautiful than all the trees

Shines like a rainbow torch or fire.

3. Her outfit is always the same:

White with black dots.

She is the heroine of many pictures, She even smells like home.

4. In spring, like all trees, I put on a green dress.

And summer has come to the middle

I put on red beads.

The following riddles about trees: aspen, oak, chestnut.

1. Although the tree is not afraid, But its leaves seem to tremble.

And if someone is afraid of something, Trembling like her leaf, they say.

2. This formidable giant is strong, tall, powerful.

He touches the clouds with his powerful head.

Don't think that my fetus is unprepossessing and very small, But it will feed everyone around who just got into the forest.

3. In the spring, when evening comes, White candles open.

They are held in the palms of one giant, You guessed it…

Solving such riddles, there will be a desire againwalk through a park or forest to collect a herbarium and look at it when you want to remember the past summer.

Poems about coniferous trees

Of course, it's pine and spruce. The latter is especially close to children, because it is always decorated for the New Year. Therefore, the following riddles are about trees from a coniferous forest.

tree riddles with answers

1. Its needles are longer than those of a Christmas tree.

But her bump is much smaller.

She always grows taller than the tree, But there are also fewer twigs.

2. What a wonderful girl

He lives in the forest. Not a craftswoman.

Even though she doesn't sew for anyone, Wearing pins and needles all year round.

3. These trees are all our people

Always decorates for the New Year.

No one is afraid of her needles, Everyone knows what's best…

It is worth noting that tree riddles for children do not have to be in poetic form. You can simply collect in one or two sentences all the most significant features of a particular tree. The kid will still be interested in solving them.

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