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Spray "Feliway" for cats: instructions and reviews

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Spray "Feliway" for cats: instructions and reviews
Spray "Feliway" for cats: instructions and reviews

"Feliway" is an excellent tool for normalizing the behavior of cats in various stressful situations. During exhibitions, trips, when a new person appears in the house, you can use, for example, the Feliway collar for cats. All products containing pheromones of this brand are completely safe.

Feliway for cats

After using them, the cat receives a kind of signal that there are no reasons for panic and concern. Her emotional state is normalized, and the instinct for marking with urine and scratches is suppressed. The animal begins to play again, his appetite improves. Feliway for cats has only positive reviews. Everyone who used it notes its effectiveness and safety. A positive result is usually seen fairly quickly.

Cat features

Before considering Feliway, you need to understand why these animals leave marks and what role pheromones play in their lives. It has long been noted that cats are territorial.animals. They are designed by nature to mark their habitat. For these purposes, they use visual tags, smells and pheromones. The latter are a natural chemical compound excreted by cats. Pheromones are very important in the communication of these animals with each other. They are also required in contact with people. For example, when a cat rubs the front of its head against its owner, it marks him, showing that he belongs to her.

Functions of pheromones

Pheromones of the facial glands perform many functions. They are responsible for the relationship of several animals, geographical orientation, normalization of the state, etc.

It is pheromones that give cats a sense of security and calm, help them settle in and adapt. Any changes that have occurred in the animal's habitat cause them to panic, as their marks disappear. Therefore, they begin to actively mark the territory, fearing that other animals will claim their rights to it. It is in their nature. That is why cats mark the home they live in.

Feliway for cats reviews

To avoid all this, there are many drugs specially designed for this purpose. One of them is Feliway for cats.


As an active ingredient, the drug contains a synthetic analogue of the pheromone of the facial glands of a cat F3 (10%). In addition, it contains ethanol (90%) as an additional substance.

Spray Properties

Feliway for cats is very popular. After all, he is able to quickly and effectively calmyour pet, normalize the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It perfectly suppresses the feeling of fear in a cat. Has antispasmodic and sedative effects.

Feliway for cats instructions

Due to the presence in it of a synthetic analogue of the pheromone of the facial glands of a cat, the animal calms down. It stabilizes the emotional state, reduces or stops stressful behavior. Feliway is completely safe for cats, owners do not need to worry about the he alth of their pet.

Spray application

In order for the positive effect to appear quickly and in full force after using this drug, it should be used according to the instructions. Feliway spray for cats should be sprayed at a distance of 10 centimeters from the object. The height of its application should be 20 centimeters from the floor. By the way, it was not chosen by chance. It is at this height that the nose of the animal is usually located.

Apply "Feliway" for cats instruction recommends no more than 2 times daily. And so for a month. If your cat starts rubbing its muzzle against an object, you should stop spraying it. Before spraying the spray, the animal should be removed from the room. You can let in no earlier than 15 minutes after the completion of the procedure.

Feliway spray for cats

Please note that only objects should be sprayed. The spray should not be applied to the cat itself. Spray "Feliway" in small quantities. Just one click will be enough.Before use, the bottle must be warmed to room temperature, and then shaken several times. It is recommended to apply the spray primarily on door jambs and furniture corners. After all, it is their cats who most often mark.

If there are electrical appliances in the room, turn them off and let them cool down. Make sure they are completely dry before turning them on.

As observations show, you will be able to notice the first positive results about a week after you start using Feliway. After you have started using this drug, you must not forget to observe the behavior of the cat. If you stop spraying and after a while your pet starts to mark the room again, as well as furniture with urine, scratches, etc., you should start using it again.

Diffuser "Feliway"

Not only the spray, but also the Feliway diffuser for cats is very popular and in demand. Such a demand for it is associated with its effectiveness. A positive result after the start of its use is noticeable quite quickly. In addition, it is completely harmless, and its cost is reasonable. It is available to every cat owner.

Feliway diffuser for cats

The use of the diffuser is quite simple. It just needs to be plugged into an outlet. After that, the substances contained in it begin to evaporate in the air of the room. Cats feel them perfectly and gradually calm down. Their emotional state is normalized. One bottle of Feliway is enough for about a month of active use.Its impact area is approximately 50-70 square meters.

How it works

The Feliway Cat Diffuser is a great alternative to a similar spray. It is in no way inferior to the latter in its effectiveness. In addition, it is just as safe, and its operation does not take much time and effort. With its help, you can quickly normalize the behavior of the cat and improve her well-being.

This is possible due to the fact that Feliway contains analogues of pheromones of the facial cat glands. It is they who “inform” the cat that there is no reason to worry and worry. Substances contained in the preparation suppress the desire of the animal to mark the corners of the room, furniture, door jambs, etc. with urine.

Feliway collar for cats

It is recommended to use a diffuser in the following cases:

- when changing the situation in the house or place of residence;

- when weaning kittens from a cat;

- after visiting the vet;

- if there are several cats;

- when a new family member arrives in the house.

If any of the above has happened or should happen, it is recommended to use the Feliway diffuser for cats. He can help avoid negative consequences.

How to apply

Using this diffuser is very easy. Even a child can handle it. First, you should remove the cap from the bottle, insert it into the diffuser and twist until you feel a slight resistance. After that, it should simply be inserted intosocket. That's all. See how simple it is. But note: you should not insert the diffuser into those sockets that are in hard-to-reach places.

Feliway for cats analogues

This fixture must be on for 4 weeks. Vials should be replaced if necessary.

During the operation of the diffuser, you should carefully observe the behavior of your pet. If your cat shows signs of anxiety, does not eat well, or her behavior becomes unusual, you should definitely contact your veterinarian for advice.


According to reviews, Feliway is effective, completely safe and easy to use. It allows you to quickly normalize the behavior of your pet. Many pet owners are happy that they purchased Feliway for cats. Analogues of it, of course, exist. In particular, you can call Help cat. But it is not as efficient. Thanks to Feliway, many cat owners breathed a sigh of relief. After all, their pets stopped leaving marks, their he alth returned to normal.

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