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Simplicity products: a cradle for a happy childhood

Simplicity products: a cradle for a happy childhood
Simplicity products: a cradle for a happy childhood

With the birth of a child, cardinal changes are planned in the family. Now everything that is brought into the house is connected precisely with the baby, with his convenience. A few decades ago, no one even thought about buying a cradle for their baby. Modern children's stores offer such a wide selection of different products that eyes widen. For example, Simplicity products have earned a lot of good reviews. The cradle, high chairs and many other products of this brand have become popular due to their high quality and affordable price.

Simplicity Cradle

Many mothers know that a he althy and peaceful sleep of a child is the key to its harmonious development. Today, along with cribs, you can buy more advanced and modified products. Thus, the cradle produced by Simplicity is a universal device that operates on the basis of an electronic motion sickness system. Yes, yes, in the age of modern technology, even this is possible! Probably, many parents have encountered this problem: the child does not sleep well at night, refuses to lie in the crib at all, and smart parents use … a stroller as a cradle! Heryou can roll it half-asleep with one hand or foot - as it turns out - so that the baby falls asleep from the monotonous movement.

The cradle offered by Simplicity is a more modern solution, because now parents do not have to rock their child, the cradle will do it itself. In addition, motion sickness is accompanied by gentle music (lullabies), so the baby will fall asleep without problems. A distinctive feature of the device is the presence of a removable electronic carousel, on which toys and flickering lights are suspended. It can be removed during sleep, and during wakefulness, such a carousel will interest your little one for a long time.

Cradle Simplicity Reviews

Cradle "Simplicity" received positive reviews, because the manufacturer took into account every little thing, so that it would be convenient and easy for parents to manage such a device. So, in the kit there is a remote control, thanks to which you can adjust the level of vibration and music from a distance. At night, you can turn on the soft backlight, which will not disturb the child's sleep. For greater convenience, a comfortable mattress and a sheet are placed in the cradle, if necessary, all parts of the fabric can be easily removed, for example, for washing.

wicker cradle

Manufacturers have not forgotten about storing things and toys - for this, the cradle is equipped with a large basket. If you are interested in multifunctional products for children, pay attention to Simplicity products. The cradle, for example, has five height levels that can be adjusted. In addition, she is abletransform into either a rocking chair or a changing table. Thus, with just one device, several problems can be solved at once. Moreover, the cradle has a compact size and only 8 kg of weight, which makes it easy to move it around the room.

A wicker cradle looks no less cozy and cute, which will meet all the requirements of safety and environmental friendliness. In such a cozy cradle, the baby will be pleased to fall asleep surrounded by beautiful hanging toys and gently flowing music. And the mother will be able to do household chores in a relaxed atmosphere, while the child will rock in the cradle. The stylish design of the device will allow it to become a harmonious addition to any room. This cradle is powered by batteries, they will need to be purchased separately.

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