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When will baby start holding his head? Let's find out

When will baby start holding his head? Let's find out
When will baby start holding his head? Let's find out

Many mothers wonder when the baby will start holding his head. There is no need to worry about this, as each child is different. You need to patiently and carefully observe the baby and not rush things.

Often, young mothers look for answers in the literature about what time babies hold their heads. There are a lot of opinions on this matter, which of them is the most correct - it is difficult to understand.

When does the baby start holding his head?

When will baby start holding his head?

After the birth of a child, close people surround with care, affection and attention. Yes, this is understandable. On the handles, the mother always carefully holds the baby by the head so as not to damage his vertebrae. Watching the child during sleep, wakefulness, walking on the street, mothers often analyze the behavior of their crumbs. And they understand that each child is individual, which means that all processes occur at different times in children. Only a pediatrician can accurately determine how a child develops. He can assess psychomotor development, which is directly related to the spinal cord.

And yet, when does the baby hold his head?Confidently, he begins to hold her at about three months. An attentive mommy will immediately notice how her baby, lying on her tummy, raises her head and shoulders. If at the same time lift it by the handles (for a short while), then the neck and head will be at the level of the body. True, he won't last long. At three months old, in the hands of the parents, the baby in an upright position will already be able to hold his head.

At four months, the baby raises his head and torso in a prone position even higher. At six months, some of the children sit confidently and turn their heads in all directions. You should not miss this important moment when the baby begins to hold his head.

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Some mothers notice that a child by age should already hold his head, but he still cannot. In this case, you need to contact your pediatrician with your complaints. It is better to make an appointment with a neurologist. There are children who hold their heads to one side. For them, the doctor will advise you to buy an orthopedic pillow. It is possible that you will need to undergo a massage course due to reduced muscle tone. In any case, do not hesitate if there is a real problem or developmental deviation.

The ability to hold the head is the first independent skill of the baby. If a child had an injury at birth or was born prematurely, it is necessary to constantly be observed by doctors. Mom needs to spread the baby on the tummy more often to help him learn to hold his head. Another way that will help the baby to master this skill faster is physical contact with the mother. After all, when she is around, nothingscary.

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When the baby begins to hold his head confidently, parents can stop worrying - he is developing as expected. If the child was born prematurely and has torticollis, then the doctor will prescribe a special massage for him. It is necessary to shift the toys to different corners of the room so that the baby turns his head and carefully examines various objects. Moms need to keep a close eye on their baby's development for signs of problems.

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