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Children's inertial scooter
Children's inertial scooter

Time sweeps away the traces of the past and opens up scope for creating more and more new methods to improve human life. Some technical creations are quite easy to use, and simplicity in this case is a huge plus. Such creations include an inertial scooter. There are several types of this transport. The inertial scooter is an innovative vehicle that develops the child's skills and trains the muscles. There are types of scooters for both children and adults. But first, let's define the concept of what is a scooter?

inertial scooter

Scooter - vehicle

Essentially, it's a foot pad mounted on wheels and equipped with a steering wheel. The device begins to move by pushing the rider's foot off the ground. In a modern scooter, the foot platform has a non-slip coating and is mounted on two wheels. The rudder rack is attached vertically to the front platform. It has rubber coated handles and is height adjustable. While riding, the driver with one footstands on the site, the other pushes off the road, while holding the steering wheel with both hands.

Types of scooters

Since the first scooter appeared, a lot of time has passed, modern devices are lightweight and compact enough to use. Another advantage of these structures is the ability to fold them, which makes it possible to conveniently store and transport them in public transport. You will forget about the inconvenience, even if you wish to go to the subway or shop. To store the scooter, you do not need a special garage, as for a car, or wall mounts, as for a bicycle. A small corner for a scooter will be enough. The inertial scooter is also a compact mode of transport.

All types of scooters:

  • Urban scooter. The most common type of scooters, because it is very compact and easy to move. The cost of such devices is more affordable than other types. It consists of a platform for the foot, two wheels: one in front and one behind, and a steering wheel with rubberized handles.
  • Sports scooter - the device is designed to perform tricks and jumps on the ramp, it is also possible to ride at a high speed for a scooter. Built with small wheels and light in mind.
  • Off-road scooter. A fairly large scooter with massive wheels with inflatable tires that create additional cushioning. Of the minuses, we note: it weighs a lot, but its dimensions require more extended storage space than previous models.
  • Electric scooter. There is both children's and adult transport. ATIts movement is driven by an engine that runs on battery power. At the same time, it is possible to increase the speed twice as much as on a conventional scooter, up to 30 km per hour, the battery will last for an hour of riding at an average speed.
  • Inertial scooter. It has a special design and is unique in that you can ride it without pushing off the ground. It is noted that after prolonged use of the inertial scooter, children show a sharp jump in development and, importantly, the scooter contributes to the rehabilitation of injuries, and in an easy and fun way.
  • children's inertial scooter

Inertial scooter

The vehicle has three wheels and two separate movable platforms for both legs. The three-wheeled inertial scooter moves by moving the weight from foot to foot and rotating the lower body. On such a device, you do not need to constantly push off the ground, because it gradually picks up speed. The unique design provides a comfortable, enjoyable ride as well as physical development.

children's inertial scooter

The structure of inertial scooters

An inertial scooter has a front rack to which a wheel is attached, with a diameter larger than the rear ones. The platform at the back is divided into two platforms with wheels - for each leg. There are models with additional wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees for even more ease of handling and making the transport more manoeuvrable. An inertial scooter for adults and children can pick up a lot of speed. Therefore, manufacturers have supplemented the uniquehand brake design. This type of scooter can reach speeds of up to 25 km per hour.

Riding technique

This type of scooter is not easy to ride. First you need to master the technique of driving. Of course, not all at once, but with experience, the child will deftly cope with driving an inertial scooter. There are some simple tips for quickly and safely learning this technique: you need to put your feet on the edges of the platforms, so you can quickly pick up speed and this is the most stable position; for more safety, a protective kit will not interfere, softening the blows during the inevitable falls at the beginning of training.

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Children's inertial scooter

When buying such a wonderful transport, your child, in addition to having fun, will learn to maintain balance, control the body, reactions, agility and, in addition, pump up the muscles of the legs and abdomen. An inertial scooter for children is an excellent means of transportation that contributes to the development of many functions necessary for the child's physical he alth.

In turn, the inertial scooter has two subspecies:

  • Those that require you to swing your lower body from side to side to ride.
  • Those that move when you bring your legs together and apart, this leads to a he althy strengthening of the hip muscles.

Both types of scooters are designed for children from 6-8 years old and have a weight limit, the weight of the rider cannot exceed 80 kg. The variety of models impresses with functionality and design. The first type of inertial scooter is usually equipped with360 degree swivel wheels. All models have a hand brake, a strong steel frame and the ability to fold the structure without damaging the frame and other parts. The weight of such scooters ranges from five to nine kilograms.

The second type is often called "scissor scooter", because it is necessary to make leg movements similar to scissors. It has a lower weight limit, up to 120 kg, is also equipped with a hand brake and a strong steel base. Scissor scooter activates the gluteal, abdominal and dorsal muscles.

inertial scooter power star

Inertial scooter Power star

This vehicle is designed for children 8 years of age and older and adults. The scooter is equipped with large polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 20 cm. Due to the presence of a hand brake, a reliable ride is ensured. The steering wheel is adjustable at a height of up to 120 cm maximum, the platform has a width of 13 cm, and the total length of the transport is 91 cm. The weight limit for those who want to ride is up to 120 kg. The total weight of the scooter is 8.7 kg. The movement of the device occurs due to the platform. Thanks to the installation of a chain drive on the rear wheel, when you press the platform, the speed increases significantly. This scooter will appeal to both a child and an adult. It is very comfortable and easy to operate, it is easy to ride it.

tricycle inertial scooter

How useful are inertial scooters?

A unique novelty can not only captivate the child, but also teach to concentrate. Riding on inertial scooters allows you to improve your physicaldevelopment and dexterity, since the process leads to an improvement in the child's ability to coordinate their movements and at the same time has a positive effect on the vestibular apparatus. As for physical development, the movements that need to be made in order for the scooter to move help the whole body to develop properly, strengthen the muscles.

tricycle inertial scooter

How to choose a scooter?

It's not as simple as it seems at first glance. Do not focus on the price range and design. For a successful purchase of durable transport, you need to take into account many points, starting with the physiological characteristics of your baby, namely: general development, he alth, reaction rate, and the work of the vestibular apparatus. Also, the main criterion for choosing a scooter should be the opinion of the child, let him participate in the purchase, thanks to which this scooter may become for him the most favorite thing donated by his parents. And, of course, do not forget about the age and weight restrictions of the scooter. If all these nuances are taken into account, then your child will be pleased with the inertial scooter bought for him for more than one year. Reviews about it are mostly positive. Customers have repeatedly spoken enthusiastically about the new technology and recommended the inertial scooter.

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