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How to make a vampire makeup for Halloween. Practical Tips

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How to make a vampire makeup for Halloween. Practical Tips
How to make a vampire makeup for Halloween. Practical Tips

Halloween is famous for its traditions of dressing up as fairy tale characters, evil spirits and other characters. Here you only need to decide on the image, choose the right outfit, do makeup, hair and manicure.

On Halloween, you can not be afraid to go too far with the image. If you choose a bloodsucker costume, then vampire makeup will require a lot of colors or interesting styling options. The field for experiments is quite large. And at the same time there is an opportunity to fulfill your childhood dream.

Halloween and its traditions

Halloween Vampire Makeup Photo

Halloween is about a thousand years old. He absorbed the Celtic traditions of worshiping evil spirits at the same time as the Christian rites of veneration of all saints. It is believed that people, dressing up as evil spirits, such as witches, vampires, ghosts, thereby put barriers to real creatures so that they cannot recognize them and cause harm.

Vampire makeup for Halloween has become quite popular lately. A photo of a similar image is shown in the article. Demand is growing due to the release of many films and series on the mystical theme.

Beginprepare for the holiday from the twentieth of October. During this time, an image is invented, the appropriate props, clothes are selected, and, most importantly, a believable make-up.

Vampire makeup features

Vampire makeup

So what should a vampire makeup look like? Everyone knows that this type of evil spirit refers to night creatures that are afraid of the sun. So the main feature of this character is the deathly-pale skin of the face, against which the eyes and blood-red lips stand out in black.

The image can be given different shades, it all depends on the imagination and desire. For example, gothic, romantic, creepy, charming, funny. Whatever it is, anyway, the vampire will not be deprived of attention and will not stand aside. We can say that this is a win-win option.

How to do makeup at home

Vampire makeup at home begins to induce with a pale face. This effect is achieved with the help of paint, which needs to be shaded well. Then, to consolidate the result, apply powder of the same shade. Do not forget about blush, they will give an awesome look. They should be applied to the cheekbones and, most importantly, do not overdo it.

Vampire makeup is complete without eyeshadow base. On top of it, draw arrows with a black or dark purple eyeliner. Moreover, the eyelids are emphasized from below and above to get the effect of "cat's eyes".

The inner corner of the eye and the crease above the eye are painted over with pink shadows. Plum, red ora brown shade is applied to the upper and lower eyelids. Don't forget the highlighter.

Blood-stained lips are created with ruby ​​pearlescent lipstick, in the center of which you can put a little bit of wet gloss.

Vampire makeup at home

Addition of the image of a vampire

Vampire makeup is not complete without special attributes. For example, you can purchase pale colored contact lenses with a large pupil (yellow or blue tint).

Don't forget about the fangs, they should be attached to two teeth. Blood flowing down the chin or splashed across the face will make the image even more convincing, it can be painted with paints.

Any well-done vampire makeup will look wrong without the matching costume. There is an abyss of options: both evening, and ball, and modern dress. The classic look implies a long black robe with a stand-up collar, if it concerns a woman. For a man, a dark three-piece suit with a white shirt, gloves, and a long, blood-red-lined cape will do.

A character like this would look stunning anyway!

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