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Powder "Biolan": its types and features
Powder "Biolan": its types and features

Biolan washing powder is often found in stores that sell household chemicals. We are interested in what kind of washing powder should be according to GOST 25644-96, and whether all types of Biolan powder meet its requirements. Now it is produced according to TU-2381-107-00336562-2007, which makes it easier for the manufacturer to bypass the strict requirements of the state standard.

biolan powder

Commodity expertise of Biolan powder for washing machines

For the examination, which was carried out in 2012, a plastic package weighing 2 kg 400 g was taken. As a result, it was found that the Biolan powder had no visible defects. However, its washing power is only 34.3%, and the norm is 85%. Perhaps by 2017, manufacturers have improved the quality of Biolan.

Standard composition of detergent

The laundry detergent must contain the following ingredients:

  • Surfactants (surfactants): ionic and non-ionic. Combiningthem in different quantities, manufacturers allow the powder to wash out various contaminants.
  • Electrolytes, phosphates and sodium s alts. Electrolytes enhance the effect of surfactants. Phosphates soften water and allow surfactants to penetrate deeper into the dirt. Sodium s alts, replacing phosphates, reduce the cost of powders, but reduce the degree of purification.
  • Enzymes allow you to clean protein and fat contamination.
  • Optical brighteners do not really lighten fabric. She just looks whiter.
  • Chemical bleaches really break down dirt and further disinfect it.
  • Sulfates. They practically do not participate in washing, but only give more weight to the powder. Making it less efficient and cheaper.
  • Foam regulators.
  • washing powder biolan

All these components are included in the washing powder "Biolan". Only we, of course, will not know their exact percentage.

Product range

For hand washing, Biolan Alpine Mountains detergent is produced in small cardboard boxes weighing 350 g and in plastic bags with a large dosage of 2 kg 400 g. Biolan Econom Expert powder can work in washing machines, and can also be used for hand washing. It is packed in boxes and weighs 0.35 kg. In plastic, its weight reaches 900g. Read the details on the packaging. Biolan-Automatic Orange-Lemon, 350 grams, and powder Biolan-Automatic Color are also produced. The latter in plastic weighs 2400 g and 6 kg. 20% free. You can purchase "Biolan" for a washing machine ("White Flowers", systemoptical active whitening). 1/5 part is free.

Hand wash

Powder "Biolan", like all others, it is better to add not by eye, but according to the norm provided by the manufacturer. By this, the hostess kills two birds with one stone: an excessive amount of detergent is not consumed, and hands and respiratory tract are protected from the harmful effects of its components. If the word “bio” is added to the name of the powder, then it is better to wear gloves. Enzymes not only dissolve food and drink stains, but also actively harm the skin.

The foam that forms during washing captures dirt particles during the friction of the product, and anti-resorbents prevent it from re-adhering to the fabric. As a result, with severe pollution, the foam seems to fall off, and the water becomes cloudy. Soak heavily soiled items before washing. Powder "Biolan Economy Expert" is good for processing all fabrics except wool and natural silk.

For washing machine

Mechanical washing uses detergents with reduced foaming. A large amount of foam can lead to depressurization of the machine and its breakdown. Therefore, for the washing machine, you should choose the Biolan-automatic powder. Its additional name is Economy Expert.

biolan powder automatic

If the machine is fully loaded and the laundry is dirty, use a measuring cup. If the tissues are very heavily soiled, then two doses of powder are taken. For high-quality washing, you must choose the right temperature. For white and very dirty items, usehot water, for black and other fabrics of dark colors - cold, and it is good to turn them inside out. The rest is washed in warm water. So the fabric itself will last longer, and the brightness of its color is the general rule for washing in Biolan and other detergents.

Biolan White Flowers

This powder contains bleaching agents that contain oxygen and optical brightener. Recommended exclusively for white fabrics.

Powder "Biolan-automatic Color"

The ingredients that make up the detergent allow you to wash things well, while maintaining their original color after repeated washings. On the back of the package there is a table showing how to use it for various degrees of soiling and water hardness.

biolan powder automatic color

The powder consists of white granules with rare blue blotches. It has a pleasant smell, but does not remain on clothes, which, of course, many buyers will consider it a plus. Because everyone prefers to choose their own fragrance. It cleans stubborn stains well and removes fresh dirt. The color of the fabric does not change.

In general, we have characterized the Biolan powder. In stores, it is in stable demand, in all likelihood, because many buyers have found a sufficient number of positive properties in it.

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