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Is it possible to acute during pregnancy: benefit or harm, nutritional advice
Is it possible to acute during pregnancy: benefit or harm, nutritional advice

Spicy during pregnancy or tasty too. From the article, you will learn about how difficult it is to give up your gastronomic habits while carrying a child. Let's see: what is more, harm or benefit, from spicy food during this period. How should the expectant mother eat at this crucial time? How to cook tasty and he althy?

Pregnancy is a very interesting, responsible and at the same time dangerous period

There are so many restrictions at this time, but what if the expectant mother suddenly wanted something spicy? Is it possible or still impossible? Will it harm the child? Let's look into this problem together, weigh all the pros and cons.

spicy food

What is the use of spices?

The most important plus of the desire to eat spicy is the feeling of hunger. Many women in an interesting position suffer from nausea and lack of appetite, and spicy food during pregnancy will help “work up” the appetite, increase salivation. For example, anise containsessential oils that promote excellent bowel function. Absolutely everyone knows about the benefits of garlic and ginger, they are excellent antiviral, and increase appetite with a bang, and reduce nausea with early toxicosis. Well, peppers are the most powerful protection and help from all infection! And they help to coagulate blood, and strengthen the skeleton, and they know how to fight cancer cells. And if you really want something spicy in the last stages of pregnancy - eat curry. Add to all types of food, especially if sugar is high. Curry helps a lot in a pre-diabetic condition - it removes excess from the body.

goodies for everyone

Harmful of spicy food during pregnancy: truth or speculation?

Everything is fine, but, of course, in moderation. When can acute during pregnancy? For example, if a pregnant woman has a uterine tone, a threat of miscarriage, then she naturally needs to be careful about her food preferences. If you want to eat spicy during pregnancy - limit yourself to a pinch of curry seasoning with your soup or salad. A couple of times a week will be enough - you do not want to harm yourself and the baby. If a pregnant woman is tormented by swelling, the kidneys do not do their job well, you need to limit the amount of s alt and pepper. Pepper has the ability to cause thirst, and the more a pregnant woman drinks, the harder it is for the kidneys to cope with excess fluid. If you go too far with this seasoning, you will wake up in the morning with swollen eyelids and ankles. When you want acute during pregnancy, but the expectant mother suffers from uterine spasms (tonus), then ginger can help her. But do not spice it with all kinds of food and drinks - sometimesthe indications are such that without medication the tone cannot be removed, and no amount of ginger will help.

pregnancy and acute

Spicy drinks during pregnancy

There are drinks that quench your thirst and the desire to eat pepper at the same time. Consider several options.

  1. Coffee with pepper. Grind fresh roasted coffee beans, pour into a cezve, add water and put on fire. As soon as the coffee has come to a boil, turn off quickly, add ground black pepper on the tip of a knife and vanilla sugar. The taste and smell are exclusive, beyond words. You can drink a couple of times a week without harm to he alth.
  2. Coffee with cardamom. Cardamom is very rich in vitamin B, iron and phosphorus, it improves mood, gives energy and removes excess caffeine - this is only good for pregnant women. If you want something spicy during pregnancy, the recipe is simple: grind the grains, put them in a Turk and pour water over them. Add cardamom to the tip of a teaspoon and put on fire.
  3. Cinnamon kefir. When you don't want to eat anything - a great drink. Cinnamon will give aroma and a pleasant spicy bitterness. A pinch of cinnamon in a glass of yogurt - and a delicious drink for a pregnant woman is ready.

Is it possible to have acute in late pregnancy? The answer is ambiguous, it must be decided on an individual basis. If acute during pregnancy is contraindicated for you, drink these drinks. This is a great alternative to pickles and smoked sausage.

useful spices

He althy goodies "with a twinkle"

Happen during pregnancyperiods of insatiable hunger. And most often you want far from the most useful products. What to do? There is an exit! Let's fool ourselves with spices, add them to he althy food and enjoy the spicy taste.

Sea cocktail gourmet. Seafood itself is very useful during pregnancy, and if you add the "right" spices when cooking, then the taste will also be unforgettable. We will need:

  • 0.5 kg shrimp, the same amount of squid and mussels;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • 1 white onion;
  • 1 tbsp olive oil;
  • seafood spices: fennel, mint and 1 lemon.

Boil the seafood in lightly s alted water for 5 minutes, peel the shrimp. Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan and pour the onion, pre-chopped into half rings, into it. Squeeze lemon juice in the same place and place sea blanks. Add water, simmer for 10 minutes. Add spices at the last minute, before turning off. The cocktail is good both hot and cold.

Curd-garlic paste. This dish is a great example of how easy it is to combine he althy and tasty. Delicious pasta will appeal not only to a pregnant woman, but also to the rest of the household.

  • ground black pepper - to your taste;
  • 250 grams of low-fat homemade cottage cheese;
  • sea s alt (finely ground) - a pinch;
  • fresh dill greens - to your taste;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • two tablespoons of sour cream.

Chop all the ingredients, beat with a blender and spread. Spreadyou can use toasts, pita bread, pancakes - delicious in any performance.

Fruit salad with cinnamon. On weekends, treat yourself to dessert. The recipe is simple:

  • one apple of your favorite variety;
  • one banana;
  • one kiwi;
  • cup of vanilla ice cream;
  • cinnamon to taste.

Chop fruit into small cubes, mix with ice cream and sprinkle with cinnamon on top.

jar of garlic

Spices are also medicine

Spicy spices are not only tasty, but also he althy (in reasonable quantities, especially for ladies in position). With attacks of fear and insomnia, fennel is very useful. Substances contained in nutmeg nourish the cells of the brain, blood and reproductive organs. Black pepper increases blood circulation, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ginger contains many amino acids, thins the blood, due to this the brain is supplied with oxygen even better, the functions of the senses, intellect and perception are activated. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic, in the form of masks and ointments, it helps with eczema and furunculosis. And the smell of cloves in the evening will help the expectant mother relax after a hard day.

he althy food

So is it possible to spicy during pregnancy? Let's conclude

Some will say: "If it gets into your mouth, then it will be useful," but pregnancy is not the case! As the ancient wisdom says: "Everything is good in moderation." This is especially true for women in an interesting position - they are responsible not only for their he alth, but also forchild's he alth. Seasonings, spicy foods are useful even during pregnancy, but in strictly limited quantities, without passion, in minimal portions. Follow the advice, think with your head, listen to your body - and you and your children will be happy!

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