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Why does the right side hurt during pregnancy: reasons for what to do
Why does the right side hurt during pregnancy: reasons for what to do

Pregnancy is the best time in every woman's life. But it comes with many inconveniences. The expectant mother may experience discomfort or pain in the abdominal cavity. And if the first is a completely common manifestation, then the second should be given increased attention, because spasms can be messengers of various problems that can pose a threat to the life of a baby or his mother. If you are faced with such problems, then you should not panic, because there will not be much use from unnecessary worries. The most important thing is to figure out why the right side hurts during pregnancy.

Why do abdominal cramps occur?

pain in right side

During pregnancy, you need to pay attention to all changes in the body. Cramps in the right side of the abdomen can be caused by many things.

The most common among them are:

  1. Appendicitis: as they saymany doctors, during the gestation of the fetus in women, it becomes inflamed. If at the same time colic does not go away for a very long time, and an elevated body temperature also keeps, then you do not need to self-medicate. It is better to seek help from a specialized specialist.
  2. Ovarian cyst: if such a disease manifested itself even before pregnancy, then during the bearing of the fetus, it is necessary to pay great attention to your he alth, since very often an exacerbation occurs when a baby grows in the woman's stomach. At the first sign, you should immediately contact a specialist.
  3. Pancreatitis: if this ailment worsens, then in women during pregnancy, the right side of the lower abdomen hurts. Other common symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.

The abdominal cavity is the location of a huge number of internal organs (liver, kidneys and parts of the intestine) that can respond to pregnancy. It doesn't matter if you've had problems with them before. Therefore, in order to determine the cause of pain and take the necessary measures, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the symptoms that can occur with certain problems.

Clinical manifestations

pain during pregnancy

If your right side hurts during pregnancy, it is very important to determine the nature of the spasms. To do this, try to understand what sensations causes attacks of pain in you. It is also very important to determine the place in which they appear. It will not be difficult to do this, since each organ gives signals to a specific area. Conditionally the abdominal cavity can bedivided into two parts - left and right, each of which in turn consists of an upper and lower region. In this way, you can determine the approximate location where pain occurs.

What to do if it hurts in the upper abdomen

What should I pay attention to? If the right side of the abdomen hurts during pregnancy in the upper part, then this may be due to the following organs:

  • liver;
  • gall bladder;
  • intestines;
  • upper diaphragm.

If you have cramps in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, then most likely the problem is related to these organs. If the pain is of a aching nature, then most likely the liver or the upper part of the intestine makes itself felt. Most often, such manifestations occur with hepatitis, which is also accompanied by a change in the color of the skin and urine. This disease practically does not affect the bearing of the fetus, and the only symptom is pain.

If the spasms are very strong, and they come on suddenly and do not let go for a long time, then the problem may be related to the pancreas. If it is inflamed, then you may vomit and sweat more.

Pain in the lower abdomen

If the right side hurts during pregnancy in the lower part, then this may be due to the following organs:

  • bladder;
  • kidneys;
  • appendicitis.

If the spasms are pulling, it is recommended to pay attention to the genitourinary system. This is especially worth doing at the first sign.cystitis. If the pain is unbearable and lasts at least 30 minutes or longer, then most likely the inflammatory process of the appendix has gone and an immediate operation is necessary. The second common case is the rupture of the cyst. It also requires surgical intervention, which should not be delayed, since it is accompanied by internal bleeding.

Pain during the first trimester

discomfort in the stomach

Many women often have pain in their right side in early pregnancy. What could be causing this?

The most common reasons are:

  1. Ectopic pregnancy. It can be determined at the earliest possible time with the help of ultrasound.
  2. Failures in the digestive system. Such problems are associated with hormonal imbalance, due to which many chronic diseases that were previously dormant emerge in the body.
  3. Toxicosis. Every woman who has a child faces this problem. It is accompanied by frequent nausea, and the expectant mother often has pain in her right side. This is quite common during pregnancy, so do not panic.

Pain during the second trimester

Throughout pregnancy, the fetus grows and develops, so the walls of the uterus are stretched in a woman, as a result of which pressure is created on neighboring organs. As a result, periodic pain may occur in the abdominal cavity.

A very common problem duringpregnancy that almost every woman faces is constipation. This is due to the fact that the uterus presses on the intestines, as a result of which the removal of feces from the body is difficult. Of course, the expectant mother will experience not only discomfort, but also cramps in the abdomen. It is worth noting that such manifestations are considered normal, and you do not have to worry about the presence of any he alth problems.

Third trimester discomfort

pain in the side

Many expectant mothers have pain in their right side during pregnancy. This is especially true for later dates. The thing is that in the third trimester the baby is already quite large, and he can also move in the womb, which, of course, is accompanied by discomfort and pain. Also during this period there may be various problems with the digestive system and pancreas. The strong pressure on the internal organs created by the baby makes it difficult for blood circulation, so the girls feel as if their side is being stretched.

What to do with stomach cramps?

So, your right side of your abdomen hurts during pregnancy. What should the expectant mother do in this situation? First of all, you need to focus on your own feelings. If spasms do not occur very often and do not last long, then there is no particular cause for concern, since there are no he alth problems. Discomfort is most likely associated with the internal restructuring of the body, which is common. But if the painmanifest often and in an acute form, and are also accompanied by fever, loose stools and vomiting, then in this case you cannot do without the help of a doctor. However, do not assume that the problem will go away on its own. It is better to immediately be examined by a specialized specialist.

When are abdominal cramps normal during pregnancy?

woman holding her side

During the discomfort, do not immediately panic. If during pregnancy the right side under the ribs hurts, this does not mean that you have any he alth problems. In some cases, spasms are quite a common manifestation that are associated with gestation. As mentioned earlier, if the pains are periodic and short-term in nature, and there are no symptoms, then there are no obvious reasons for worrying. In this case, pain is caused by the restructuring of the body, which adapts to the bearing of the fetus. It is important to understand that the higher the term, the more often you will experience discomfort.

But there are a number of cases when you should call a doctor or go to the hospital. Chief among these are frequent and acute spasms that last more than half an hour. The situation is aggravated if you feel unwell, you have a fever, and various dyspeptic disorders also appear. With such symptoms, it is not recommended to postpone a visit to the doctor, since a great threat can be created for both the child and his mother.

How to relieve pain?

If you regularlythe right side hurts during pregnancy, then in order to improve your well-being, you need to know the basic ways that will alleviate spasmodic attacks. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to take any pain medications, as this will make it difficult to establish a diagnosis. Lie on your back and try to relax. This will reduce the load on the abdominal muscles. Warming up the stomach is not recommended, since this will not only not give any positive effect, but can only aggravate the situation. Another good way to relieve pain is to lie on either side and tuck your legs under you. Such a position will not only reduce the severity of spasms, but also reduce their duration.

pregnant woman holding her belly

If the right side hurts during pregnancy, then even after calling the doctor at home, you need to be examined by an obstetrician-gynecologist or therapist. The thing is that it is very important not to overcome spasms, but to establish their cause, so that if treatment is necessary, the necessary measures can be taken in a timely manner, because this is the only way to minimize the likelihood of various undesirable consequences that may pose a threat to the he alth of the baby and his mother.

It is worth noting that even if spasms are not associated with any disease, but are caused by the normal restructuring of the body, it is recommended to monitor your diet, eliminating all harmful foods from the diet, and also try to rest as much as possible.

Prevention measures

If the right side hurts during early pregnancy,then following some tips and tricks, you can reduce the intensity and duration of spasms.

Preventive measures are as follows:

  1. Adjust your daily diet. You should eat regularly and only eat fresh and he althy foods. This is very important, because during pregnancy a woman's digestive system suffers greatly.
  2. Have a good rest. Quality sleep is just as important as proper diet.
  3. Do not overload your body. Cut down on daily chores or do them in small doses so you don't get too tired.
  4. Watch your emotional state and try not to take everything too personally.
pregnant on the couch

Following the above tips, you will not have any he alth problems throughout the gestation of the fetus. But if any alarm signals from your body appear, do not try to solve the problem yourself. Remember that you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the baby, so do not neglect your he alth.

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