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Stainless steel teapots - elegant tableware

Stainless steel teapots - elegant tableware
Stainless steel teapots - elegant tableware

Modern cuisine without a kettle is very difficult to imagine. Stainless steel teapots will last much longer than glass or aluminum teapots.


Electric kettles are made of ecological heat-resistant glass and stainless steel. As for the design, in principle they can fit into any kitchen interior. The words "wireless power" means an electric wire that is not connected to the body of the kettle, but to a stand that has a connector in the center. Depending on the model, stainless steel teapots can be rotated 360 degrees or the wire can be hidden in the stand, which is equipped with a special hole for this. The electric kettle has an automatic water shutoff, but if it is a simple device, then there is a whistle. But there are also negative sides, for example, unlike plastic, stainless steel teapots heat up quickly, in case of not very effective thermal insulation, there is a risk of getting burned.

stainless steel teapots

Heating element

As for the heating element, the devices can be both spiral and disk. Disk ones are much better, their plus is in the speed of heatingwater, it is much more convenient to remove scale from them, they work much quieter. But there is a significant difference in price. Stainless steel disc electric kettle is more expensive than spiral devices.


Recently, electric kettles have been fitted with filters that can be changed after a while. They are made from a special nylon or metal mesh. This mesh protects the kettle from debris and other unnecessary particles, but, unfortunately, it will not purify the water 100 percent. So it is better to pass water through a special cleaning filter before boiling water.

stainless steel kettle


Undoubtedly, it is the long service life that is the main positive feature of stainless steel teapots. The same glass version, taking into account all its advantages, may not survive just one hit on the corner of the table, for example. Plastic, although stronger, can also be damaged if it falls. And a stainless steel kettle, even if it survives a strong blow, will not change its operation in any way, the only thing is that its appearance may deteriorate, but the functionality will remain the same.

stainless steel electric kettle

Good tasting drink

Water that boils in a metal kettle will remain as tasty as it was, and will not acquire a taste of plastic, as happens when using plastic appliances. Therefore, if you want to enjoy delicious drinks, it is better to buy stainless steel teapots.

So, toThe main advantages of a stainless steel electric kettle include the following: beautiful appearance, easy to use, durable, does not change the taste of water, heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly, resistant to deformations, acids, and has high thermal stability. So a good stainless steel metal kettle will serve you for many years.

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