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The best Kamasutra poses. The most popular and unusual poses

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The best Kamasutra poses. The most popular and unusual poses
The best Kamasutra poses. The most popular and unusual poses

The art of true love can be mastered quickly enough - for this you need to learn all 100 poses of the Kamasutra. The presence of such knowledge will help not to lose the taste for your partner, as well as diversify routine sex.

So, let's take a look at some of the best Kama Sutra poses that are popular and can be easily repeated in practice. You don't need to have incredible stretching or acrobatic skills to do this - you just need to know some basics.

The best kamasutra poses

Blooming Orchid

This position of the Kama Sutra has a very beautiful name and is a variation of the standard missionary position - in it the man should also be placed above the woman's body.

How to take the "Blossoming Orchid" pose? To do this, make sure that the woman lies on her back, and the manHe knelt down in front of her with his legs apart. After that, the partner should slightly raise her torso, and the man should insert his penis into her vagina. While making movements, a man can hold a woman with his hands, clasping her pelvis from below.

What are the main advantages of this position? First of all, it is ideal for those men who do not have a very long penis. Moreover, if you choose the right angle of penetration, the penis will perfectly stimulate the G-spot, which will also bring a lot of pleasure to both partners. With the right position in the process of friction, the woman's clitoris will undergo successful stimulation, which is also a pleasure.

Some sexologists, in the case of applying this popular Kama Sutra pose in practice, in order to diversify sensations, recommend a woman to hang her head off the bed - in this case, a brighter orgasm can be expected.

The positive features of the position in question is that if it is used, the partner's hands remain free - she has a great opportunity to caress her man with them.


Special attention should be paid to the "Dolphin" position, however, it should be borne in mind that in order to use it in practice, a woman must have at least a little flexibility.

To use this complex Kama Sutra pose, a woman should sit as comfortably as possible on her back on a bed or any other surface, and then, focusing on her elbows, she should rise and resthead to the same surface. As for the man, he should stand in front of her on slightly bent legs and lift the woman's torso so that her vagina is at the level of the penis. After that, friction should begin.

It should be noted that in this position all movements should be carried out as smoothly as possible so that the partner does not lose balance. In order to avoid any embarrassment with falls, it is advisable for a man to hold his partner behind his back.

You need to understand that the use of the position in question can be short-term, since in this position a rush of blood will be carried out to the woman's head, which can make the sensations of orgasm more vivid, but cannot last long due to the rapid retreat of the feeling of comfort. "Dolphin" is a position that can deliver maximum pleasure for two partners, since it provides the closest contact with the most sensual erogenous zones in the genital area.


Considering the best of the 100 poses of the Kama Sutra, you should definitely pay attention to the classic position, which is called the missionary. It should be noted that in practice it is used quite often, and many people find it very convenient. The advantage of this position is that you do not need to have any special skills or superpowers in acrobatics to use it.

Speaking about the history of the missionary position, you need to know that this is the only position that the Orthodox Church approves of.Its authors are missionaries - it was they, unlike all the other savages who had sex exclusively like dogs, who turned the woman towards them in front of them.

To use the missionary position in practice, a woman needs to sit on the chosen surface and lie on her back. After that, she needs to spread her legs. As for the man, he should position himself above her, leaning on bent elbows.

As for the missionary position, it allows you to enjoy each other as much as possible, being in it, partners can kiss each other and make eye contact, which causes sensuality, which is so valuable in the process of intercourse. In the event that the partner is correctly located on top, then with his groin area he can gently stimulate the woman's clitoris, which will give her additional pleasure.

This beloved position from the Kama Sutra may not be entirely comfortable for those women whose man has an impressive dick. In order to ensure complete comfort for herself, a woman can move her legs slightly, so that she will be able to independently control the ongoing process and the depth of penetration. It also happens that the member of the partner, on the contrary, is not large enough. In this case, to sharpen the sensations, the woman can bend her knees and rest her feet on the man's chest - the sensations will immediately become more vivid.

In some cases, the position in question is not entirely comfortable for a woman due to the fact that for some time she feels the weight of her man. In this case, the situation cancorrect with a pillow placed under the back - in this case, with a change in the angle of inclination, the sensations will also become slightly different.

Kama Sutra poses and names


Considering the best poses of the Kama Sutra, attention should be paid to another very common position, which is called the "Spoon". In practice, many say that it is perfect for those couples in which the woman is pregnant. Also, it is advisable to start the process of sex with her in the case when the partners are in a sleepy state (after waking up) or, for example, if a man or woman is overweight. In the process of using in practice just such a position, the hands of both partners remain free and can caress the erogenous zones. In particular, a man using the Spoon position with his woman can calmly stimulate her clitoris and also caress her nipples.

It's pretty easy to take the "Spoon" position. To do this, a woman needs to lie on her side and push her buttocks back. As for the man, he should lie close to her from behind, hug her and penetrate.

Despite the simplicity of this position, some couples do not always find it suitable for their intimacy. This is due to the fact that, while in the position of a spoon, a man does not have the opportunity to enter his partner deeply enough. However, this position is ideal for sexual intercourse in a couple where the man has a large penis. This position is also very successful if the girl in the couple lost her virginity not so long ago - thistime, excessively deep penetration can cause very painful sensations.


A very beautiful position in the Kama Sutra, which will help to properly diversify the sexual life of partners - this is the "Trap". In order to accept it, the man must lie on his back, and the woman should sit on top of him. In order to make the position more comfortable, the girl needs to spread her legs as wide as possible and grab her partner's legs with her hands. The introduction of a member in such a position must be carried out very smoothly, the same applies to the commission of frictions.

It should be noted that this position of the rider is ideal in cases where the man is tired during sex, and the woman wants to continue. This is how she will be able to get enough pleasure for herself and deliver it to her partner.

In the process of putting into practice this kind of cowgirl position, a woman may not count on a great depth of penetration, but in this case, partners can look into each other's eyes. Men, on the other hand, note that they are very fond of such positions when a woman is on top - in this case, they can visually enjoy all the beauty of their partner's body. Moreover, in this position, a woman has the opportunity to independently stimulate her clitoris with her hand, giving herself additional pleasure.

Kama Sutra poses and names

Doggy Pose

Among the most popular positions presented in the Kama Sutra is the dog pose. Many couples who practice itnote that thanks to it, you can provide for yourself the most sensual pleasure, because it is in it that the penis of a man has the opportunity to most actively influence one of the most sensual points of the female body - G.

In order to take the position of the dog, the woman must get on all fours and lean her forearms well on the bed. As for the man, he needs to sit behind, after kneeling. In this position, the partner inserts his penis into the vagina and begins to move. In order for the adopted position to be as stable as possible, a man needs to hold his partner from behind by the hips or waist.

100 postures of Kamasutra

In practice, you can try another position, which is essentially a kind of dog posture. To accept it, a man does not need to kneel - on even legs, he just needs to stand tightly behind his partner. It is very convenient to do this when the woman is lying on the edge of a bed or a table of a suitable level, and the man is standing on the floor. It should be noted that in practice this version of the best pose of the Kamasutra is more convenient for the stronger sex, since in this case the partner does not experience strong tension in the knee joint, as in the case when his legs are bent.

Sexologists recommend using this position not only for classic, but also for anal sex - it is very convenient. The doggy position is ideal for conceiving a child, as well as in cases wherewhen the partner is pregnant.

As for the disadvantages of the position in question, the main one is that in the case of its use, the partners do not have eye contact with each other. Some women experience some discomfort in the uterine area while in the doggy position, which is due to the intensity of the tremors that are most clearly felt with it.

Popular poses of the Kama Sutra

Magic slide

Considering the most popular Kamasutra poses and names, one cannot help but pay attention to the "Magic Hill" - a position in which both partners can get great pleasure. It is also often used by those couples who are planning to conceive a child, as the pose is great for this. This position is also great for anal sex.

"Magic slide" looks somewhat like the pose of a dog, which was discussed above, however, in practice its use is more convenient. In order to take the position in question, it is necessary to make some preparation - to stack several pillows in a pile. After that, the partner should kneel down and lie on her stomach on the formed hill. The height of the structure should be such that, having placed on it, the woman stood on her legs bent at an angle of 90 degrees. As for the man, he should sit behind, tightly pressed against the buttocks of the partner and clasping her legs with his legs.

It should be noted that the use of such a position does not require any special physicalcosts. Moreover, a woman, staying in this position, can completely relax and get maximum pleasure from the whole process.

In the event that a couple plans to conceive, sexologists recommend not to impose a large number of pillows - this way the cervix will be in a better location.


For the process of conception, "Butterfly" can also be ideal. Consider further this pose of the Kamasutra with a description.

In order to take the position in question, the woman needs to sit on the edge of the surface (sofa, bed, table, chair, etc.). Next, the partner should be placed on top of her, leaning on her elbows and pushing her legs apart. At this stage, you should also lift the partner's torso, grabbing it by the hips.

During sex in the butterfly position, the partner's hands are free - so she can caress herself or her partner. Moreover, in such a position of love (Kama Sutra), a man has the ability to make very rhythmic movements, giving his woman the greatest pleasure.

The position under consideration can always be diversified. Alternatively, a woman can grab onto her partner's neck and hang along his body. However, it should be noted that in order to continue high-quality sexual intercourse in this position, you will have to make a considerable amount of effort.

The considered position is excellent not only for conception, but also for those couples in which the woman is already in a state of pregnancy.

Kamasutra difficult poses


Considering the names of the Kama Sutra positions, which are recognized as the most successful for sexual intercourse, it is imperative to pay attention to this one. The Big Dipper is a position that is fantastic for both partners and is also ideal for conceiving a baby.

In order to take the described position, a woman needs to lie down on the surface and lean on her hands so that her body is suspended in the air. At this time, the man should position himself as tightly as possible behind and penetrate the vagina.

This position is great for those couples in which the man is the owner of the dignity of modest size.

Kamasutra unusual poses

Morning Star

Couples who want to get maximum eye contact with each other should definitely try the unusual pose of the Kama Sutra, which is called the "Morning Star".

In order to accept it, a woman needs to sit on her partner's lap and sit on the penis. Being in the position of this comfortable Kama Sutra pose, partners can admire the view of each other, plunging into mutual caresses. In this position, both a woman and a man can caress each other with tongues, lips and hands, which can also bring special pleasure.

"Morning Star" is the best Kama Sutra pose for women, since in it it is the partner who has the opportunity to set the necessary rhythm of movements, as well as the depth and angledipping the penis into the vagina.

It should be noted that the position in question is not the most successful for the procedure for conceiving a child, which is why it is considered indispensable by those couples who do not plan to replenish in the near future.

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