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Lalaloopsy doll and her story

Lalaloopsy doll and her story
Lalaloopsy doll and her story

The history of Lalaloopsy started not so long ago. These dolls first hit the store shelves in the summer of 2010. In just six months, they became the leaders in sales in America and Europe. These charmers captivate with their delicate beauty, cute unpretentiousness, bright cheerful outfits. It is not surprising that among their fans are not only little girls, but also quite adult people.

lalaloopsy doll

Lalaloopsy. External effects

Lalaloopsy doll is made of plastic, although it looks and style is very similar to an antique rag doll. A distinctive feature of this doll is the button eyes, which give her appearance even more immediacy and resemblance to old textile toys.

Adult Lalaloopsy has a height of about 33 cm. And baby Lalaloopsy-mini "grew" to only 7.5 cm. For your favorite doll, you can buy clothes and accessories, shoes and dishes, interior items and any household utensils in the store.

First collections

Each Lalalupsy doll has a bright personality. Dolls from the first collection differed from each other in the presence of hobbies, clothes and hairstyles, but they were still similar, like little sisters. Each of them had a pet to match her image.

New dolls, new looks

Inspired by people's love, manufacturers have expandedassortment of toys. In 2013, a lot of new beautiful characters appeared, each of which, of course, has its own unique legend.

The Lalalupsy Little Red Riding Hood doll, sewn from the cap of an old fairy-tale writer, together with her pet Gray Wolf cub, will introduce her little mistress to the beauty of nature and tell her many wonderful tales. It will also remind you that it's time to visit your beloved granny.

Superhero Lalaloopsy wears a special cape that grants her the ability to fly. Her pet Raccoon helps her. And this doll also has special glasses through which it is easy to recognize a liar and a charlatan. Nothing bad will happen to the owner of such a toy, because Superhero Lalalupsy Doll is always on the alert!

lalaloopsy mini

The Lalalupsy Hostess doll is made from a cook's apron. She will teach the baby to cook, tell about the cuisines of different countries. And her pet will help her in this - doggie Hot Dog.

Lalalupsy's "Funny Springs" series has become a real hit! The hair of these pupae consists of special springs. The owner of the doll will be able to make hairstyles for both her pet and her pet. This series is represented by the magical Flower Fairy and the charming French Susie.

lalaloopsy funny springs

Merry springs appeared in the mini-Lalaloopsy. The set includes as many as 27 parts, thanks to which you can develop the imagination of the child. Yes, yes, Lalaloopsy is also a fascinating designer, completely unusual.


Wonderful Little Mermaid sewnfrom a bathing suit. This is a fantasy girl who can turn into a little mermaid. In all adventures, she is accompanied by a pink Rybka.

Great gift

What makes Lalaloopsy different from the shop counter neighbors? These cuties bring love and kindness, develop imagination in kids and teach creativity. These toys are alien to aggression, vulgarity, bad taste. Therefore, there is hardly a girl over four years old who would not be delighted with such a wonderful gift - a bright and funny Lalaloopsy doll!

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