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Shirogorov's knives are a reliable brand

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Shirogorov's knives are a reliable brand
Shirogorov's knives are a reliable brand

Shirogorov's knives are very popular among hunters and lovers of extreme recreation. Original design features, high-quality assembly, reliability, attractive appearance - all this attracts knife lovers. A diverse range of products designed for a wide range of consumers.


Shirogorov's knives appeared on the market by the end of the 2000s. The organizer and ideological inspirer of the creation of the “Shirogorov Brothers Workshop” was Igor Shirogorov, who unfortunately passed away untimely in June 2015. It was with his filing that the production of knives became a family business.

Shirogorov's knives

Uncommon design, the use of modern technologies and materials used in production, made it possible to find buyers outside of Russia. Not only hunters and tourists, but also collectors have noticed a new recognizable brand.

The Shirogorov Brothers Knives Company has repeatedly taken part in hunting exhibitions and has consistently attracted the attention of visitors.


Knives of Shirogorovsmeet the highest requirements both in terms of functionality and build quality. Here are some samples with a brief technical description:

"Flipper-95 "T":

- total length 248 mm;

- blade: length 103mm, thickness 3.9mm, width 26mm;

- handle: length 140mm, thickness 16mm;

- blade material - Elmax, handle - Titanium;

Shirogorov brothers' knives

"Dolphin 100":

- total length 230 mm;

- blade: length 100mm, thickness 4mm, width 25mm;

- handle: length 140mm, thickness 16mm;

- blade material - 95x18, handle - wood;

"Tabagan 100":

- total length 225 mm;

- blade: length 100mm, thickness 4mm, width 27mm;

- handle: length 140mm, thickness 16mm;

- blade material - steel 95x18, handle - wood;


- total length 223 mm;

- blade: length 95mm, thickness 4mm, width 27mm;

- handle: length 140mm, thickness 16mm;

- blade material - Vanax 35 steel, handle - G10/Titanium.

All of the above models represent Shirogorov folding knives. Frame locks and axis locks are used, they are reliable and practical. There is a clip on the handle. The blades of "Dolphin" and "Tabagan" are processed using the "Stonewash" technology (washing with stones). It ensures the long-term preservation of the presentation of the blade.

Of course, such products cannot be used for rough work and they cannot chop firewoodsucceed. But they fully fulfill their functions of cutting a small game carcass or like a knife on a camping table of a tourist.


Shirogorov's knives are made in such a way that they are easy to use. Ergonomic handle, sharp blade, secure clip, choice of external handle design. The use of ultra-modern technologies significantly improves the quality of products.

wide-horse folding knives

For handles, only expensive varieties of wood are used, such as rosewood, ebony. Increasingly, carbon fiber (carbon fiber) and G10 are used with a wide choice of colors. This is due to the fact that wood requires a long processing time, complicating the manufacturing process.

New machines with program control allowed the company to master a new type of overlays for the handle - 3D-relief. These three-dimensional overlays add volume to the handle and allow almost any designer's fantasy to come true.

Along with 95X18 and X12MF, imported material S30V, S90V, Cronidur 30 is also used for blades.

The design of the handle is open, which makes it easy to clean the product from possible contamination. The knives of the Shirogorov brothers are equipped with washers, they are located between the handle frame and the blade. This design ensures smooth movement of the blade. Hardened stops and axles provide additional strength to the products.

Shirogorov's knives price

High-tech equipment is used for the production of parts. The high quality of products is ensured by manual assembly.

LeatherThe sheath allows you to carry the knife on your belt in a horizontal position. There are also gift cases that emphasize the beauty of edged weapons.


It is not at all surprising that with such clear advantages, Shirogorov's knives are highly valued in the markets. The price of individual exclusive copies can reach several hundred dollars. Even basic models have a decent price - from $150. However, according to customer reviews, they fully justify their price.

It is not so easy to buy such a product. There are few of them available for sale. The workshop works mainly under the order of clients. All knives are supplied with certificates confirming that they are not edged weapons. The brand's trademark, a graphic image of a bear's head, adorns every product of the company.

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