Nicknames for dogs of girls of large breeds: popular, beautiful and rare

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Nicknames for dogs of girls of large breeds: popular, beautiful and rare
Nicknames for dogs of girls of large breeds: popular, beautiful and rare

Video: Nicknames for dogs of girls of large breeds: popular, beautiful and rare

Video: Nicknames for dogs of girls of large breeds: popular, beautiful and rare
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New acquisition in the face of a little puppy is a great joy, but at the same time a headache. A pet needs to be fed, walked, educated, and, no less important, to choose a suitable name for it. Moreover, the nickname should not be an empty sound. Here it is important to take into account many factors, including the gender and dimensions of the animal. That is, the nickname for a dog-girl of a large breed should reflect her character, demeanor, and also take into account her appearance. This task requires a thoughtful approach. All this is further in detail.

Simple rules

Professional cynologists recommend choosing a name for your pet not at random. And don't stop at the first option that comes to mind. This issue should be approached competently.

Nicknames for girls' dogs
Nicknames for girls' dogs

To do this, you should be guided by simplerules.

  • The nickname should be short - no more than three syllables.
  • There should not be deaf consonants in the middle or beginning of the name - the sonorous version is appropriate.
  • Optimal use of growling and whistling sounds - s, z, sh, h, r. Dogs hear them better and get used to them faster.
  • The nickname should please all the inhabitants of the family.
  • Don't use a nickname to shock the people around you, putting them in a difficult position. It is worth observing the norms of decency.
  • Flippy names for big breed girl dogs just don't suit them. Having named your pet Malva, you should not count on complete obedience.
  • The nickname should not indicate the team or be consonant with it.

The right name for a dog is the very first command that an animal must learn. Therefore, you should not give a nickname on the very day that the pet was taken. It is advisable to observe the behavior of the animal for several days, and perhaps the correct name will be found.

Important Criteria

The nickname of a pet is not just a set of letters or a means of communication with your pet. By means of the chosen nickname for a dog-girl of a large breed, the attitude of the pet owner towards his animal is expressed. In addition, unlike males, female individuals are distinguished by a pronounced individuality. They do not need to be courageous, although they do not mind showing their character. All this should not be overlooked when choosing a name for your dog.

Perfect name for a dog
Perfect name for a dog

And so that the pet's name isaccording to taste and the animal itself, a number of important factors should be considered.


This is the very first thing to consider in your pet when choosing his nickname. That is, to begin with, you should look at the animal in order to determine its habits. This, in fact, is what character is made of. No wonder there is one folk wisdom: you choose a name - you determine your destiny.

This can be confirmed not only by experienced cynologists and owners, but also by experts in the field of animal psychology. In this regard, you should carefully consider the choice of a nickname for a dog of a large breed girl.

Storm, Spark, Coquette, Sonya, Rogue - all these are suitable names that can reflect the character of the pet. Just do not call a playful and sweet girl the name of the heroine from the series of works by Uspensky about Cheburashka and Gena. The nickname Shapoklyak clearly does not suit this animal.


If you bought a puppy with a good pedigree, then the name for the dog-girl of a large breed has already been chosen. And that means one less problem. In this case, the name is chosen for the animal, starting with a certain letter, it depends on the name of the parents of the tsenka. This is to avoid confusion within ancestral lines.

Unique female name
Unique female name

At the same time, the official nickname, as a rule, is inconvenient in pronunciation due to the fact that it can be long and even consist of several words. As a rule, the nickname of dogs received in the kennel consists of its own name and the name of the place where it is kept for the time being. ToFor example, Gertrude of the Constellation of Fortune.

There are both simple options - Empire, and more difficult - Magical Jennifer. But it is known that dogs should be given short and easy to pronounce nicknames. What to do then?

In this case, the formal name is modified or abbreviated as it is convenient for the owner. Moreover, such a nickname must be entered in the passport in a separate line.

Consider the breed or not

Many dogs don't need proper names because everything is already done in advance. Such representatives have nicknames that have become traditional for them. That is, the breed itself suggests ready-made options. For example, shepherd dogs are often called Gerda.

In addition, most of them are found in some works of the last century. At the same time, the names are not at all outdated even today. But why not call your "girl" some unusual overseas nickname that will become her calling card?!

Before choosing one or another name among the variety of options, the first thing to do is decide what to give preference to - tradition or exotic.

German Shepherd

What name can be given to this breed? Lucky owners have plenty to choose from. If you need to give the name a hidden message, then you should stop at the nicknames for girls' dogs with meaning:

  • Annelis is the epitome of grace.
  • Gretchen - means "pearl".
  • Katherine - "cleanliness", suitable for a neat dog.
  • Leona - the name is relevant in relation to the owners of the lioncharacter.
  • Lorelei - suitable for quiet girls, as it means "whisper of the rock" in translation.
  • Odile - "we alth": such a beauty deserves expensive clothes!
  • Senta - "prosperity".
  • Sophie - wise female dogs should be called that.
  • Hedwig is the name given to militant "girls".
  • Elfrid - "power of the elf", fans of the fantasy genre will appreciate this option.

As you can see, every nickname for a shepherd girl means something. And perhaps an adult dog will be able to confirm the meaning of the name with its character and actions.

german beauty
german beauty

The main thing is that the nickname is fully consistent with her nature. It is for this purpose that it is recommended not to rush into choosing a suitable name.

Nicknames for Alabai-girls

These pets should be given majestic or graceful nicknames, since Alabai is a serious breed of dog. But their ancestors took part in the battles of gladiators, the battles of Alexander the Great. For this reason, dog owners need to be more than responsible in choosing the right name.

Good options can be gleaned from ancient mythology:

  • Aurora - the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn.
  • Hecate is the deity of moonlight, magic and darkness.
  • Rhea is the mother of the gods, she gave birth to Zeus.
  • Ceres is the patroness of fertility and the goddess of the birth of new life.
  • Cybele is the great mother of the gods, a Phrygian deity.

AmongOther options may come up with such nicknames for an Alabai girl - Khiva, Ulba, Mara, Azura, Amu Darya.

Caucasian beauties

Adults of this breed look quite intimidating and have a severe character. That is why they guard many private properties. Usually the name reflects this specificity of the breed. Also, different family members may have their own attitude towards the pet, which is manifested in a variety of nicknames.

Nickname for a Caucasian shepherd girl
Nickname for a Caucasian shepherd girl

These pets are able to pick up the tone of the master's speech. That is, the dog will respond appropriately to the pronounced nickname for the Caucasian shepherd girl. For example, if you call the dog "Varyushenka", the pet responds to this name more readily than to the formidable "Varrrvara".

You can focus on the Caucasian origin of the breed, choose a name associated with the East:

  • Warta, Grazhda - suitable for old-timers dogs.
  • Peri, Gyulli is the right choice for imposing beauties.
  • Bashta is a good name for calm girls.

Typically, the closer the dog's contact with its owner, the more sensitive the animal perceives his emotions. In other words, the first thing a dog perceives is feelings, not what a person is saying.

Beauties of the Laika breed

Girls of this breed are capable of independence, they are reluctant to train. For this reason, in the course of training, obsession is unacceptable, as well as exerting excessive pressure. It is necessary to enter into the dog's trust by finding with a petmutual language. And for this it is worth choosing a suitable and sonorous nickname for the dog-girl Laika.

A good choice is Dina, Dana, Lada, Zara, Alin, Daira. Experienced dog breeders are guided by two principles when choosing a name:

  • The nickname should contain the sounds and syllables that were contained in the nickname of the pet's parents.
  • All members of the same brood are given different names, but starting with the same letter.

Activity and mobility are the main character traits of huskies, so pets will not let their owners get bored. Such puppies are not suitable for lazy homebodies.

Name for like
Name for like

Since Laika belongs to the northern dog breeds, you can choose a name that contains a reference to cold, frost, focusing on what suits the dog's character the most. Good options are Taiga, Blizzard, Snowstorm, Storm, Yugra, Winter, Yuma, Alaska, Umka, Yushka. In this case, you can put the emphasis in another place.

Tibetan Mastiff Girl Names

This is another ancient dog breed that was familiar to Aristotle. There is no information about who exactly their ancestors were. Is that known about their homeland - Tibet. Nevertheless, some sources believe that Tibetan Great Danes and Chinese dogs participated in the breeding of the breed. Difficult tasks were entrusted to these animals, including assistance to a person in the protection of his home, and they also grazed sheep.

Dogs are highly intelligent, and their appearance makes a rather impressive impression. They are willing to train and lovelearn new skills with your master. At the same time, owners should be more restrained with pets and should not treat them roughly. The nature of dogs is capricious, and therefore, with an inappropriate attitude, there is no trace of obedience.

In addition, Tibetan Mastiff dogs are sensitive to human emotions and do not tolerate family quarrels and strife. The pet is bored when it is left alone for a long time. Suitable names for this animal are Xu, Tuyana, Song, Meili, Ceigma, Sharan, Ting, Xiu, Shalma.

Bernese Mountain Dog

There shouldn't be any special problems with choosing a nickname for a girl's mountain dog. The popularity of this breed is largely due to the good nature that is inherent in these animals. One can only envy the character of the dog - it is a peace-loving animal that tries to please its owner in everything. Also, he constantly needs attention from a person. And since the animal is distinguished by an enviable ingenuity, such pets are easy to train.

Nickname for sennenhund girl
Nickname for sennenhund girl

The dog can get along with small children and other animals. For the sake of all these qualities, one should choose a worthy name! Among the worthy options, one should dwell on such names (by the way, such nicknames would be acceptable for a shepherd girl):

  • This.
  • Tally.
  • Abby.
  • Miley.
  • Abigail.
  • Genevieve.
  • Odette.
  • Charlene.

The herding instinct of the sennenhund, which was inherited from distant ancestors, has been preserved toour time. Even when the dog is in an overly playful mood, this does not interfere with keeping the "herd" in sight, that is, everyone whom the watchman considers his own and who needs to be looked after.

At home, these pets tend to dominate other animals, while taking care of them. Apparently, the shepherd's instinct manifests itself here in all its glory.

Universal option

There is one name that can fit almost any female dog and still sound proud, and that is Alma. This nickname is relevant not only in relation to thoroughbred representatives. So you can call the usual large mongrel.

Dogs with this nickname are distinguished by their affectionate nature, unpretentiousness and obedience. Pets willingly make contact with their owner, while strangers are clearly disliked. Of all the numerous large breeds, this nickname is often given to German Shepherds, Laikas, Moscow Guard Dogs.

But what does the dog's name mean? Alma symbolizes affection, friendliness, grace.

Exotic names

Sometimes owners want to give their pet a name that is rarely found among the immediate environment. This is especially true in the case of a rare breed. An unusual color is also a significant reason for looking for a rare name. At the same time, a secret message can be hidden in the nickname, which is addressed to a purely selected pet.

Among the variety of options, you should pay attention to the following names:

  • Harmony.
  • Arabesque.
  • Violanta.
  • Andromeda.
  • Bianca.
  • Bridget.
  • Wanda.
  • Wave.
  • Gioconda.
  • Jessica.
  • Josephine.
  • Cleopatra.
  • Constance.
  • Lucretia.
  • Magnolia.
  • Noldi.
  • Octavia.
  • Pussita.
  • Rosalia.

As you can see, here beautiful and rare names for girl dogs are borrowed from some names of famous people who lived a long time ago. Perhaps not everyone will consider such a decision ethical, but we call the cats Vaska. And bearers of the name Vasily are not offended.

Beautiful and rare names for dogs
Beautiful and rare names for dogs

You can draw inspiration from various works of literature, cinema, show business, and also turn to various fields of science. After all, here, too, you can find your heroes.