Kindergartens in Ramenskoye: daily routine, food, rating

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Kindergartens in Ramenskoye: daily routine, food, rating
Kindergartens in Ramenskoye: daily routine, food, rating

Video: Kindergartens in Ramenskoye: daily routine, food, rating

Video: Kindergartens in Ramenskoye: daily routine, food, rating
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With the advent of a child in the family, many parents and grandparents begin to think about choosing a kindergarten in Ramenskoye. The whole family has a lot of questions in their heads. Will the baby be comfortable, interesting and fun there? Will he sleep? Will he eat? Will he like what they cook there? Will he eat? Where are Ramenskoye's kindergartens located and how can I get through to them? Are there many interesting paid services for the leisure and development of the child?

children draw
children draw

The daily routine in kindergartens in Ramenskoye is the same as in many other educational institutions for preschoolers. Parents bring their children from 7:00 to 8:50 in the morning. For the proper organization of the work of educators, it is important to arrive on time. If the child cannot come due to illness or family circumstances, you need to call the kindergarten or the group teacher personally. A medical certificate must be brought if the child is not attendinginstitution more than 3 days.

Communication between parents and teachers is allowed in the morning before charging, when the child comes to kindergarten. At other times, it is undesirable to distract educators, as this distracts from the work process. The rule works not only among Ramensky kindergartens, but also in all other gardens in Russia.

Many parents are interested in the menu. In Ramenskoye kindergartens, food is fully compliant with dietary requirements. All meals for preschoolers are prepared taking into account the development of children's organisms. They contain everything necessary for development and growth. The daily menu necessarily contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and lipids in the amount necessary for the child. The calorie content of meals is enough for a preschooler to get a lot of energy.

If everything is clear with the daily routine and meals, the family faces the choice of an educational institution, which means you can proceed to the next point - correspondence acquaintance with kindergartens.

Below is a list of the most popular kindergartens in Ramenskoye based on parent feedback.

child with soap bubbles
child with soap bubbles

Municipal kindergarten 42 (combined)


Gold medal in the ranking of "100 best preschool educational institutions in Russia" - 31st place. Children receive awards for participating in competitions and contests.

Additional paid services - circles organized for children (at the request of parents):

  • "He althy".
  • Chess.
  • General physical training for boys with an emphasis on sportsfight.
  • Dance rhythm.
four children
four children

Municipal kindergarten 54 (combined)


Diplomas for participation in competitions of readers and drawings, vocal competitions "Nightingale", sports competitions.

Kindergarten provides a wide range of paid services for the development of preschoolers:

  • Recreational physical education "Krepysh" and "Hatha Yoga".
  • Speech development - "Okay".
  • Working with hands - "Plasticine crow".
  • Theatrical activity "Ovation".
  • Painting lessons "Watercolor".
  • Cognitive club "Entertaining mathematics"
woman and girl
woman and girl

Municipal Kindergarten 20 "New Generation"

The garden has its own computer class, art studio, sports and music room.

In 2018, Kindergarten No. 20 was included in the list of "100 Best Children's Educational Institutions in Russia". Children participate in competitions, competitions, fun starts, receive diplomas for participating in the All-Russian Olympiad "Soon to School", organized specifically for preschoolers, as well as other awards.

Additionally (at the request of parents) Kindergarten No. 20 provides paid educational services in the following areas:

  • Chess.
  • Football.
  • Creativity.
  • English.

Private kindergarten "Alyonushka"

Private kindergarten in Ramenskoye offers three visit options:

  • Part-day group (morning or evening) - 15,000 rubles/month.
  • Full day group - 20,000 rubles/month.
  • Classes "Smart Baby" are held on Saturdays and Sundays, 350 rubles per hour. The program consists of 2 modules: main and additional. You can visit several at once.

Main module - from 11:00 to 12:00 (reading, math, handwriting).

Additional module - from 12:00 to 13:00 (logic, memory development, puzzles and more).

woman with a book
woman with a book

Private kindergarten "Andryushka"

In all groups from the smallest to the oldest - classes in fine arts, English, arithmetic, speech development with a speech therapist. These classes are included in the price. Conducted in subgroups, in which no more than 10 people.

Children receive diplomas for participating in the competitions "Interbrig" and "City of the Future" for preschoolers.

Additionally (at the request of parents) children attend the following classes:

  • taekwondo;
  • home theater;
  • logarithmics;
  • choreography;
  • chess.

Cost of visit:

  • Part-time - 13,000 rubles/month; 07:00 - 12:30; meals 200 rubles/day.
  • Full day - 19,000 rubles/month; 07:00 - 19:00; meals 350 rubles/day.


  • Kindergarten No. 42 - Novostroyki Street, 7.
  • Kindergarten №54 - Guryev street, 54.
  • Kindergarten №20 - Molodezhnaya street, 17.
  • Private kindergarten "Alyonushka" - Svobody Street, 6a.
  • Private kindergarten "Andryushka" - streetCrimean, 5.

Many kindergartens organize open days and excursions for parents. This will help you make a choice. It is also worth studying reviews from moms and dads (both from the network and real ones) and ask them any questions that arise.