Haircut during pregnancy: signs, the opinion of doctors, all the pros and cons
Haircut during pregnancy: signs, the opinion of doctors, all the pros and cons

Video: Haircut during pregnancy: signs, the opinion of doctors, all the pros and cons

Video: Haircut during pregnancy: signs, the opinion of doctors, all the pros and cons
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It's hard to admit it, but a woman during pregnancy feels not only the joy of an approaching meeting with a baby. Often she is overcome by anxiety for seemingly trifling reasons. Therefore, even a regular haircut during pregnancy can be a serious topic for reflection - is it worth it?

Where does the haircut doubt come from?

Even in the last millennium, women passed on all the knowledge about pregnancy and parenting from the older generation to the younger. Therefore, young girls blindly believed the recommendations of their mothers and grandmothers.

Most often, cutting hair during pregnancy and coloring cause indignation among the interlocutors of a pregnant woman. Apparently there are some very bad omens about this. If you are not a superstitious and not particularly impressionable person, then it is unlikely that the opinions of others can stop you from changing your hairstyle. Well, if not, we advise you to read about signs about a haircut during pregnancy.

haircut during pregnancy
haircut during pregnancy

The meaning of hair in Ancient Russia

For many centuries people have been collecting anddisseminated information about all important areas of life. Moreover, some phenomena, seemingly completely unrelated, were combined into signs. Like, for example, bad luck from a cat running across the road and poverty from a coin picked up from the ground.

In Ancient Russia, hair was considered an organ of perception and accumulation of subtle energies. The woman defended them:

  • happiness;
  • he alth;
  • welfare of the whole family.

Curls to the heart chakra - the minimum length of hair that a woman who takes care of herself and her family could afford. It was even believed that after the girl cut the ends of her hair, the whole family would certainly have to overtake a series of troubles.

To prevent this from happening, a woman was allowed to cut her hair once every 6 months, a man - once a month. And to purify the subtle energy accumulated in women's curls, henna was used. They smeared her head and did not wash it off for about 5 minutes.

Hair beliefs

As it turned out, the long braids of the girls were not an attribute of beauty, but a kind of amulet against all kinds of misfortunes. In addition, several more beliefs were associated with hair:

  • Loose hair was perceived as a sexual appeal, as well as a sign of promiscuity and demonism. Therefore, women, especially married women, had to hide their braids under scarves and hats from the eyes of strangers.
  • Before a young girl was given in marriage, she braided one braid, symbolizing loneliness. Married ladies could braid two.
  • It was believed that hair couldabsorb and accumulate negative energy (envy, damage, evil eye). But it was easy to get rid of it. According to legend, it was enough to wash your hair for the water to take it away.
  • Also, in order to avoid inducing damage and the evil eye, it was impossible to throw away cut hair. They had to be burned in the oven.

These beliefs were strictly observed by all women. There was a special attitude towards pregnant women, as they were responsible not only for themselves, but also for the future generation of the family.

Signs during pregnancy

Women in position were forbidden absolutely all manipulations with their hair. All signs related to a haircut during pregnancy are associated with the course of pregnancy and / or the he alth of the baby in the womb. There is an opinion that the nature of the occurrence of such signs is associated with a high percentage of child and maternal mortality in those days.

Common signs about cutting hair during pregnancy:

  • It is believed that cutting even the ends of the hair shortens the life of the baby in the womb.
  • Cutting hair during pregnancy can also cause a premature baby. Or even dead.
  • According to other legends, a haircut can literally change the sex of a child. That is, if a pregnant woman bears a boy, then after cutting her hair, a girl will be born to her.
  • In addition to cutting hair during pregnancy, it was forbidden to comb on Fridays. For it foretold a difficult birth.
haircut during pregnancy opinion
haircut during pregnancy opinion

Haircut during pregnancy: pros and cons

Decide whatsuch signs - prejudices or a true phenomenon - each woman must determine for herself. Science, of course, has not found a link between cutting hair and the process of pregnancy. They are also skeptical about such signs in medicine.

Doubt about whether you can have a haircut during pregnancy or not, is supported by a colossal difference in signs among different peoples. So, for example, in ancient China, pregnant girls, on the contrary, undertook to cut their hair short as soon as they found out about their situation. And judging by the fertility of peoples, here the Chinese sign is the leader in its persuasiveness.

haircut during pregnancy pros and cons
haircut during pregnancy pros and cons

Haircut during pregnancy: doctors' opinion

21st century medicine has no reason to forbid pregnant girls from cutting their locks. Physically, the length of the hair cannot affect the condition and development of the fetus in the womb. But the endless prohibitions that accompany pregnancy and motherhood can negatively affect the emotional state of a woman. Therefore, the opinion of doctors about a haircut during pregnancy is that if a new hairstyle can bring positive emotions, then experts are only in favor.

It is also worth considering that after pregnancy, a young mother has a lot of worries related to caring for a newborn. Therefore, with the thoughts that a haircut can be postponed for the postpartum period, it is worth being more careful. Perhaps there will be no time or energy left for her.

Professional view

In addition to the medical opinion about a haircut during pregnancy, you should also pay attention to the opinion of professional masters in the field of cutting and styling hair for pregnant women. The fact is that hormonal changes in the body can significantly affect the result of the work of the master.

What happens to hair during pregnancy:

  • The structure changes - the hair can become stiffer or thinner.
  • The hair growth phase lengthens - they fall out less, and the hairstyle becomes more magnificent.
  • The work of the sebaceous glands is changing. Hair can become oily or, conversely, drier.

Because of such a restructuring of the body, masters do not recommend drastically changing the hairstyle. Otherwise, the result obtained may not meet your expectations. And, instead of joy, it will only bring disappointment. Especially if, in addition to a haircut, a woman planned to color or perm her hair.

If you are still not afraid, experts recommend trying to use only natural compounds based on henna or basma for coloring. Mild chemical and component paints with a low ammonia content are also acceptable. Or without it at all.

Reviews from mothers

Perhaps, in order to draw a final conclusion, it is also worth considering what most women think who decide to change their image while bearing a child. They leave a variety of reviews about a haircut during pregnancy. Their view is not as unambiguous as that of specialists.

Some proudly tellabout her experience of regular visits to beauty salons. Haircut, fashionable coloring, waving and lamination - nothing stopped them from all the procedures. And the result did not disappoint. Girls note that pregnancy is not a reason to refuse to take care of yourself. Especially when it brings pleasure and pleases the eye of the beloved man.

cutting hair during pregnancy
cutting hair during pregnancy

In other reviews of a haircut during pregnancy, on the contrary, they categorically oppose drastic changes in appearance. However, this categoricalness has nothing to do with the signs and influence of a haircut on a baby in the womb. The main argument is hormonal changes in the body. In some cases, this was reflected in the shade of the hair during dyeing or in the shape of the haircut. However, here it must be taken into account that the level of professionalism of salon masters could cause frustration, and not hormones, which are used to blaming all troubles.

Hair care for pregnant women

There are no specific hair care recommendations for pregnant women. But at the same time, you need to carefully look at their condition. After all, phenomena unusual before pregnancy may appear - excessive dryness or oily hair. Because of this, you will have to adjust the frequency of washing your hair, as well as choose the appropriate care products.

There is no clear regimen for washing hair, in fact, as well as opinions about a haircut during pregnancy. Everything is purely individual. Therefore, the main rule here is to wash your hair as it gets dirty. Daily water procedures are acceptable. But only on the condition thatuse a mild shampoo that will not dry out the hair.

Some rules to follow when washing your hair:

  • Shampoo should only be applied once, lathering thoroughly throughout the hair.
  • The optimal amount of shampoo for medium length hair is a small portion, no larger than a hazelnut.
  • The conditioner should be applied very carefully and evenly, avoiding a large concentration of the product in one part of the head.
  • At the end of the procedure, it is recommended to douse with cool water to improve the blood circulation of the scalp.

Properly washed hair can be distinguished by its characteristic squeak. Leave-in sprays and oils can also be used to help detangle.

Speaking of brushing. You need to brush your hair every day. In the morning and in the evening. And before going to bed, this should be given 4-5 minutes and comb your hair alternately in different directions. Experts recommend using combs made of natural materials for this: bone or wood.

haircut during pregnancy opinion
haircut during pregnancy opinion

Care products: how to choose?

The main sign that care products are right for you is a he althy shine and elasticity of the hair. Therefore, such signs as brittleness, dryness or weakening of the hair indicate that you need to change the shampoo and balm. When choosing, you should pay attention to the composition of care products.

Most Common Components:

  • Keratin heals and restores the hair structure.
  • Glucosil or protein helps to strengthen them.
  • Ceramides prevent harmful effects on the hair from the outside.
  • Lipids make hair soft and supple.

In addition to the main components, manufacturers of hair care products improve the composition of shampoos with various useful additives. Therefore, when studying the inscriptions on the labels, you should pay attention:

  • Vitamin A (aka retinol) stimulates the metabolic processes of the scalp. This has a beneficial effect on hair nutrition.
  • B vitamins reduce the risk of allergic reactions in the body, and also regulate the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • Vitamin C strengthens hair structure.
  • Vitamin E slows down cell aging.

Girls with oily hair should pay attention to shampoos, which include tannin and quinine. These components actively normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

If your hair is too dry, it is better to choose products containing moisturizers and oils. They have a "gluing" property, which makes the hair smooth and elastic.

If during pregnancy the quality of the hair has not changed, and you have already found products that are right for you, you should not change them just because of the imaginary presence of chemistry in the composition. All components used for the production of hygiene products are completely safe. Therefore, it does not make sense to change cosmetics that are suitable for natural ones, as manufacturers convince us of this. The emphasis on the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the composition is a common marketingmove.

haircut during pregnancy reviews
haircut during pregnancy reviews

Folk recipes for masks for hair care during pregnancy

To deal with problematic hair, you can use proven folk recipes for masks. Their preparation does not require special ingredients and time. And besides, making the product yourself, you will not have to doubt the naturalness of its composition.

Yolk mask for dry hair

Egg yolk contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that moisturize and strengthen dry, weakened hair. These are vitamins A, E, D, as well as B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, and, most importantly, lecithin.

To make a mask you will need:

  • 1-2 egg yolks;
  • 1 tbsp a spoonful of castor oil (in the common people - castor oil).

The amount of these ingredients is enough for a single application on medium length hair. The mask should be prepared immediately before use, as the egg yolk is a perishable product.

Apply the egg mask evenly over the entire length of the hair. Application time - 1-2 hours. After that, the composition should be washed off with neutral soap or mild shampoo.

Decoctions for oily hair

For the treatment of oily hair, various decoctions and fees should be used. Since masks can only worsen the condition of the hair, and medicinal plants can regulate the work of the sebaceous glands.

Suitable for making decoctions:

  • Nettle.
  • Cat-and-stepmother.
  • Burdock.
  • Hop cones.
  • Horsetail.
  • Yarrow.

You can also prepare a complex medicinal collection from several medicinal plants. The recipe is simple: 1-2 tablespoons of dried herbs are brewed with hot (not boiling) water. The decoction should be infused for about 1 hour, after which it can be used.

haircut during pregnancy reviews
haircut during pregnancy reviews

Unlike masks, decoctions can be prepared for multiple uses. But it is worth remembering that during pregnancy there is a risk of allergic reactions. Therefore, before using masks and decoctions, it is imperative to apply a small amount of funds on the inside of the wrist and observe. If redness, itching or burning occurs, it is absolutely impossible to use it.