Fuchsia wedding: hall decoration ideas, clothes, decorations
Fuchsia wedding: hall decoration ideas, clothes, decorations

Video: Fuchsia wedding: hall decoration ideas, clothes, decorations

Video: Fuchsia wedding: hall decoration ideas, clothes, decorations
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Many modern girls note that a fuchsia wedding gives even more color and a sense of celebration to an already joyful and energetic event. Typically, this design is recommended for courageous and determined newlyweds, who are sure of their feelings. The main color that is used in this case is pink, and of the additional ones, the overall picture is complemented by white and black. Experts also advise trying a number of interesting combinations. An example would be the use of rich blues, greys, purples or golds.

Design wedding invitations

It is well known that the image of a future event is formed while reading the invitation from the newlyweds. They need to be created in such a way that guests have an accurate idea of the upcoming banquet. Of course, you need to make the most positive impression possible. A well-chosen combination of fuchsia colors will help to achieve this. You should take a relatively diverse color scheme, and not a monochromatic design. As a bonus, each envelope is allowedinserting a real tiny fuchsia flower in a miniature pot.

The main options for invitations can equally well be listed below:

  • a kind of invitation in the form of a snow-white scroll with a sash of bright pink saturated ribbon and a bead instead of a bow;
  • dark blue envelope with a rectangular card, the top of which will show off a floral print;
  • original postcard in the same shades, but with special embossed paper, decorated with a satin white bow and decor in the form of airy tulle;
  • card in the shape of a snow-white book, made of high-density glossy paper and fastened with a bright ribbon.
Fuchsia color combinations for invitations
Fuchsia color combinations for invitations

Choosing a dress for the bride

This style is perfect for creating colorful images for a girl. At the same time, it should be noted that the so-called crumpled cut and style must be kept in a simple, concise and as uncomplicated way as possible. The idea is that the color fuchsia in clothes plays a decisive role, relegating the elements of the outfit to the background.

One of the best-looking options for a bride can be an airy multi-layer dress with pronounced splendor and multiple frills in a complex cut. However, it will be necessary to first agree on the observance of the line between excessive flashiness and the simple beauty of shapes and shades. In this case, it is allowed to make a compromise, namely, to choose a dress with an ombre effect for a fuchsia wedding, whererich hot pink with dark tints will turn into snow-white. Other acceptable colors include turquoise and mint.

Fuchsia wedding dress
Fuchsia wedding dress

Choosing a bouquet for the bride

Flower arrangement is made taking into account which dress was chosen by the girl for the celebration. It is conditionally possible to divide the choice into two categories. In the first, white is the main color of the wedding dress. In this case, it is allowed to select a bouquet of purple and pink flowers, as well as some greenery like heather or eucalyptus.

Also, the bride may prefer a dress in bright colors, which will go with one of the following options:

  • juicy dahlias and gerberas;
  • golden lilies;
  • white tulips;
  • bluish hydrangeas;
  • white or purple asters with fluffiness;
  • cream tea roses;
  • graceful orchids.

For a fuchsia wedding, you can tie a similar arrangement at its very base. As a material, it is best to use one or more pastel-colored ribbons.

Bouquet for a wedding in fuchsia color
Bouquet for a wedding in fuchsia color

Selection of suitable accessories

You need to make a list of accessories with tact and moderation. It is very easy to turn a bright idea into an overly accented farce, and therefore one should be quite careful in choosing seemingly insignificant things.

A bride in a classic snow-white dress at a fuchsia wedding can usethe following set:

  • lace shawl;
  • pink shoes;
  • colorful hair clip;
  • satin belt of sufficient width in bright colors;
  • openwork bolero;

It is also allowed to wear various jewelry inlaid with multi-colored stones in moderation.

Fuchsia wedding decorations
Fuchsia wedding decorations

Fuchsia hall decoration

The palette in this style is quite bright and extraordinary, so working with the room is a very responsible process. There are several standard and proven options for decorating a fuchsia wedding.

  1. Paper garlands. They consist of carved flowers of large and small sizes in various proportions to taste. In this way, you can make a winter style for the ceiling in the room, giving out paper for real snowflakes. A similar decor is often used to decorate the backdrop for the photo area or the wall behind the newlyweds.
  2. Satin or silk ribbons. In this decoration, it is better to use several primary colors at once, each of which should be bright and noticeable enough. Chairs and decorative curtains are ennobled with such wedding decorations.
  3. Balloons. A chain of several balls with a matte shade is perfect in this case. They should be tied with very long ribbons all the way to the registration arch. In addition, it is allowed to mount such balls to structures under the ceiling.
  4. Contrasting trim on napkins andother textiles at the festival using a special braid.

It is also allowed to put bright snow-white covers on the chairs in combination with sufficiently saturated colors in the fuchsia style.

fuchsia wedding decor
fuchsia wedding decor

Fuchsia table decoration

This style allows the use of various baskets with fresh berries on the table. This will emphasize the liveliness of the celebration and add a certain flavor to it. From berries, you should choose blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. The tables themselves are often decorated with snow-white linen or cotton tablecloths in combination with evenly distributed bouquets of small sizes. Floral arrangements should be brighter in order to emphasize the contrast.

Also, on a white background of tablecloths, pink rose petals are often scattered, wooden candlesticks with decorative candles are placed, as well as purple wine glasses with crystal monograms. One of the most popular traditions is the design of bottles for a wedding. An interesting idea is to create images of the bride and groom from them. Of course, for this you will need to observe the color palette of fuchsia. If you choose a simpler option, then decor from satin ribbons and paper details is allowed.

Fuchsia wedding decoration ideas
Fuchsia wedding decoration ideas

Wedding Cake Decoration

The size and composition of the main dessert may vary, but the decor elements must match the overall style. Thanks to this, the cake will be remembered by the guests of the event not only for its taste, but also for its original appearance,and will also be a decoration for many photos.

From the main ideas for decorating a fuchsia wedding to style the main dessert, the following can be distinguished:

  • two-tiered or three-tiered mastic cake decorated with fresh flowers;
  • white or light dessert with a cream border on the sides, made in the form of a square or rectangle;
  • cake of three tiers in the form of shortcakes on the first and third, combined with white cream or fondant and flower cream in the middle;
  • dessert with an ombre effect - a smooth transition of shades from white to cream and pink.
Fuchsia wedding cake
Fuchsia wedding cake

Clothes for the groom and bridesmaids

The hero of the occasion should not abuse the combination of fuchsia colors, but focus on black and white shades. However, in this style, you can choose a tie, boutonniere or bow tie. You need to be very careful when choosing a shirt in fuchsia color, if such a desire appears. The groom's friends, if they have a sufficient sense of humor, can wear socks and suspenders in the same style.

Bridesmaids are better off using outfits from the same fabric. It is advisable to choose a color design with two shades - bright and neutral. Printed dresses are allowed. The look is completed with matching lipstick, nail polish and a variety of accessories.