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Expensive wedding venues are out of fashion now

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Expensive wedding venues are out of fashion now
Expensive wedding venues are out of fashion now

Any celebration should be held at the highest level, especially when it comes to weddings. The couple is faced with the question - what are the best places for a wedding? You will have to choose from a huge list exactly what will meet all expectations.

Save or overpay

It is necessary to plan a family budget from the moment of preparation for the wedding. Often, newlyweds overpay for organizing an event, while not getting much pleasure from it. The following rules will help you save money:

  1. You should choose from several options, so you can find the best one.
  2. Find out if there are specialists among your friends who could take care of some organizational issues: toastmaster, DJ, bartender, photographer, video operator, confectioner, stylist, make-up artist and others.
  3. Buy your own groceries and liquor if discounted.

You can choose a wedding venue based on the following tips, and book where the conditions that suit you can be met. It's important to decide where you arewant to celebrate your holiday:

  • in a restaurant or cafe;
  • city park;
  • on the banks of a river or lake;
  • in the mountains or in the forest;
  • at a recreation center or hotel.

If in the old days it was popular to make expensive weddings, now the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe celebration matters.

On the river bank

Beautiful places for a wedding can be considered open landscapes. The atmosphere of unity with the environment will add lightness and sincerity to the event. You can decorate the coast like in Hollywood movies: folding tables and chairs, balloons, flowers, candles. Feel free to add sun loungers or picnic blankets.

Beach wedding

This option is ideal for the summer period. You can spend the night right in tents, make fires in the evening, cook barbecue and fried marshmallows. It will not be difficult to find such a place, because almost every settlement has either a lake or a river. By choosing this option, you can significantly save money and get unforgettable emotions. Guests can arrive by car along with the necessary equipment, such as campfire or fishing. This is the perfect solution for active people.

Young people chill in bars

Increasingly, nightclubs are chosen as wedding venues. This idea will appeal to real lovers to light all night. Basically, the costs in this case will be directed to alcoholic products, since the bars do not have a large selection of dishes, mostly only snacks.

Wedding in the club

The fun can go on until morning. Alcohol, dancing and songs are all that is required. Popular entertainment has become such as visiting the largest number of bars in one night, so you can do it when organizing a wedding.

Double room

Some people don't want noisy parties, but want to be alone with their loved one. It is for such couples that the best place for a wedding will be a hotel or hotel, where you can hold a small solemn part in the banquet hall (or refuse it too), and then retire to a double room.

wedding for two

The undoubted advantage is that the entire organization of the event is taken over by the hotel itself, and the young people can only enjoy the holiday and each other. The choice of location can be approached creatively, for example, choose a house with a history, an unusual interior, a variant of antiquity, and so on, at the discretion of the spouses. In this case, you won’t have to spend special entertainment, the newlyweds devote most of their time to each other. A separate celebration option is possible, when family and friends stay to celebrate in the banquet hall.

Not a second in place

In the pursuit of finding beautiful places for a wedding, it is difficult to decide and choose one. In this case, you can combine several at once. Many, without even thinking, choose this option.

Traditionally, the celebration is built in this way: a wedding ceremony, a trip to nature or to certain attractions for a photo shoot, a banquet with a total mass of guests, a celebration in the country with friends. Precisely according toWith this principle, you can build your own wedding, but at the same time choose the most suitable locations. Possible wedding venues:

  • a river where you can go hiking by boat or boat;
  • a park or other place for renting horses, carriages, bicycles;
  • sanatorium, recreation center;
  • hotel, hotel, club, bar, cafe, restaurant;
  • thematic quests, locations for photo shoots;
  • zoo, water park, circus, cinema, attractions;
  • bowling, billiards and other places of entertainment.
couple cutting cake

By visiting several places in one night, you can not only not get tired of the monotony, but also recharge with positive emotions. For such a celebration, the circle of people should be limited, since a large group of people will not be able to move between locations. It is appropriate to create such an event with friends.

Cottage for family and friends

The continuation of the banquet or the main part of the celebration can be a holiday outside the city. In this case, as a place for a wedding, it is reasonable to rent a large cottage, which has enough space for all guests. Treats can be served both indoors and in the yard, for example, in the gazebo. The undoubted advantage is the greater freedom of action. Here you can:

  • hold contests;
  • listen to music and dance;
  • cook outdoors;
  • if possible, then swim in the river, pool, lake;
  • split into companies: family, relatives, friends;
  • stop the fun at any convenient time and right therestart to rest.
Wedding with family and friends

This option is most suitable for those who gather loved ones at the celebration. You can also save a lot by serving home-cooked meals. As such a place, you can use a summer house or your own house.

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